‘My Adventures With Superman’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Jimmy Solve The Bigfoot Mystery?

Balancing between his responsibilities as Superman and keeping his superhero identity hidden from friends while working as a journalist himself was always going to be an arduous task for Clark, which eventually led to a misstep. After the previous episode ended with Lois establishing the connection for the first time that Clark Kent might actually be Superman, things were bound to get messy between Clark and her, and it happened in the fifth episode of My Adventures With Superman.


In the previous episode, Clark battled prototype Parasite armor-wearing Amazo tech chief Dr. Ivo, and with the help of Jimmy and Lois, he put an end to the crazed inventor’s threat. Clark and Lois gradually get closer, and as they get busy with their lives, Jimmy feels kind of left out. Both Jimmy’s perspective and Lois’ significant discovery have been addressed in the fifth episode, You Will Believe A Man Can Lie, along with a tease that connects the larger DC universe with the series.

Spoilers Ahead


How Did Lois Plan To Learn The Truth From Clark?

The possibility of shy, meek, thoughtful Clark and confident, courageous, and inspiring Superman being the same person baffles Lois the most, yet she knows that her assumptions are right, and all that she needs to confirm is some details. As she ponders the assumptions, Lois gets increasingly restless.

The day has arrived when, after office hours, Jimmy, Lois, and Clark are going to camp together in the jungle in search of Bigfoot, and Jimmy is all pumped about the event, only to find both Lois and Clark bailing on him initially during the work hours. Clark informs Jimmy that he is finally going to express his feelings to Lois, whereas Lois calls him to corroborate details about Clark’s occasional ‘breaks’ during work hours to confirm his identity. Jimmy can’t assist her in the matter, and he is concerned about a personal problem in the meantime. A certain individual is spamming negative reaction videos countering his conspiracy theory videos on Flamebird, and Jimmy is intrigued about the identity of the person.


After reaching the office, Lois decides to learn the truth from Clark himself by observing his activities all the time. Clark, on the other hand, wants Lois’ help with the story that he is working on, about how Livewire’s tech weapons prototypes, which were distributed among criminals like Intergang and Dr. Ivo, have wreaked havoc since the past few days in Metropolis. The fact also remains that he senses a larger, inexplicable connection with the weapon technology itself. Lois’ mission of observing Clark around the clock just becomes easier when he himself finds out about an old dispatch scanner to intercept the communication between the bad guys, which will let him pinpoint the identity of the perp who is responsible for supplying the weapons. Clark’s daily routine as Superman starts, and Lois chases after him with the scanner to confront him.

Did Superman Find the kidnapper?

Meanwhile, a new bunch of tech-equipped thugs led by a flamethrower-wielding villain known as Heat Wave prepare to hit the streets of Metropolis when they are attacked by a mysterious assailant whose strength and speed almost mimic Superman’s. The assailant kidnaps most of the thugs, but Heat Wave escapes with a couple of her henchmen.


As Clark gets on with his daily routine as Superman, saving the denizens of Metropolis from various troublesome situations, Lois chases him and finally catches up to him. To expose Superman’s identity, Lois handcuffs herself to him, and the duo faces Heat Wave and her thugs. After getting easily taken down, Heat Wave pleads with Superman not to kidnap her, which surprises both him and Lois. Using the distraction to her advantage, Heat Wave escapes, and this time, to ensure Lois’ safety, Superman ditches his handcuffs and goes after her. Lois, who clearly knows Superman to be none other than Clark, is in tears and worried sick for him.

Heat Wave gets attacked by the mysterious assailant and gets easily taken down as the attacker uses the freeze device (Intergang episode). As Superman faces the assailant, he realizes that he is the one who was kidnapping thugs across Metropolis and also recognizes his tech to be that which Livewire had previously stolen. The assailant is revealed to be Slade Wilson in advanced tactical armor, whom Amanda Waller and an unnamed military general are assisting via holographic imagery.


Did Lois Confront Clark Regarding His Secret Identity?

Assisted by the giant robots previously stolen by Livewire (first episode), Slade attacks Superman on his superior’s order, and the technology proves to be deadly even for Clark as it manages to injure him. A confused Clark asks the trio their reason for attacking him and all their previous actions, and the general considers Superman to be putting up and acting for some reason. Previously, while touching the gauntlet of Heat Wave, Clark had seen a vision of a person, and he recognized that the general was the elder version of him.

Superman struggles to simultaneously fight Slade and the robots, and their clash ends up nearly collapsing a bridge. Dismantling the robots, Clark stops the bridge’s imminent destruction and saves numerous lives just in the nick of time. Slade sees a chance to take a clear shot at Clark and awaits the approval of his superiors, and even though Waller repeatedly urges him to knock Superman out while he still has the chance, the general orders him to retreat, as he doesn’t want the completion of his mission at the cost of human lives. Amanda’s opinion gets rejected when the general reminds her of the reason they began their operation in the first place, and Slade vanishes as suddenly as he had appeared. So far, the series has been amazing on every front, with the only gripe being making all the metahumans a tech-based villains, which tends to be repetitive and, most importantly, unimaginative.


An injured Clark returns to Lois and lies to her about his injuries. Fed up with him covering up his secrets, Lois decides to bring out the truth the ‘hard way’ and jumps from the building top where Superman had left her, which forces Clark to save her by flying and catching her mid-air. Lois is infuriated at Clark for hiding an immense secret like this from her, while in Clark’s defense, Lois had threatened to reveal Superman’s secret in public, which obviously scared him. Lois states that she would not have done anything like that if she knew the person in question to be Clark Kent, and aggrieved, she adds that whatever prospect of a relationship there was between her and Clark, it is over for the time being. The incident, although heartbreaking, will teach both of them about the complexities of powers and responsibilities in the long run.

Was Jimmy Able To Solve The Mystery Of Bigfoot?

In the meantime, Jimmy was stuck with the sports journalist of the Daily Planet, Lombard, the whole day, who did nothing but poke at his insecurities about being a third wheel between Clark and Lois. Jimmy also learns that it was Lombard who was making the negative reaction videos countering his conspiracy videos. To make matters worse, both Lois and Clark were busy with their own turbulent situations, and they didn’t respond to Jimmy’s continued efforts to reach them, so at the end of the day, none of them were present to accompany him on the Sasquatch adventure. Crestfallen, Jimmy decides to go alone to search for the elusive cryptid.


The episode ends with Jimmy’s conspiracy theory partially turning out to be true. Even though there is no Bigfoot or Sasquatch, a big gorilla is seen standing beside Jimmy in the jungle, and seeing it, Jimmy gets freaked out. It might be a one-off comedy scene, but there is a chance that the character might be of some importance, as DC has a number of gorilla-based characters like Gorilla Grodd, Monsieur Mallah, Congorilla, etc.

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