‘Muted’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: How Does The Series End?

As I reflect on the final episode of Muted, only one lingering question arises in my mind: why the series leaves numerous unanswered questions and concludes abruptly without providing a satisfying resolution. In the previous episode, Sergio obtained a lot of information about his sister, including her address and phone number. He texted at the given number, which happened to be Ana’s. Ana, driven by her impulses, unexpectedly arrived at Sergio’s doorstep to lead him to his missing sister, Noa. However, Ana neglected to inform her team of her intentions, leaving them bewildered throughout her time with Sergio. Now, let’s discover if Ana manages to escape Sergio’s clutches and coax him into revealing the truth about what truly occurred that night when he killed his parents.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Informed Sergio About The Hidden Cameras?

After entering Sergio’s room, Ana revealed the truth about his sister, Noa. Sergio initially struggled to believe that Noa had been adopted by Ana, but to make him believe, Ana called her husband and requested to speak with Noa. Her husband adamantly refused, denying Noa a chance to talk to her brother. However, Noa, suspicious of her father’s conversation, demanded her phone back and ended up speaking with Ana. Ana urged Noa to meet with Sergio, which brought a smile to her face. Meanwhile, as Ana and Sergio grew closer, they were interrupted by a knock on the door. Sergio opened the door to find Marta standing there. Enraged, Sergio refused to let Marta enter. However, upon seeing Ana, Marta lost control and began screaming, revealing that Sergio’s house was filled with cameras and that Ana had been watching him all along. Sergio, consumed by anger, started destroying the cameras, but one fell to the ground, capturing a glitchy video of the scene. The microphone remained intact, recording everything Sergio said to Ana.


In the midst of the chaos caused by Marta’s outburst, Eneko arrived, following her. Sergio’s anger escalated, and he began to harm Marta, but Eneko intervened, protecting Marta from Sergio’s assault. However, when Sergio attempted to kill both Marta and Eneko, Ana stepped in and prevented him from doing so, demonstrating that she had the potential to be an ideal partner for Sergio. The intense and unhinged energy between Sergio and Ana began to draw them towards each other in a short period of time.

Who Killed Sergio’s Parents That Night?

Finally, Noa and Benat arrived at Ana’s office building, where they were able to overhear Sergio and Ana’s conversation with the help of an unbroken mic. Ana shared her heartbreaking story of losing her own child, which drove her to adopt Noa. Sergio also opened up and concocted a fabricated tale about his parents’ deaths. He placed all the blame on his father, claiming that his father was the one who had thrown his mother off the balcony before taking his own life. The story resonated deeply with Ana, further fueling her sympathy and attraction towards Sergio. However, there was a twist waiting to unfold. Noa, who was present during the tragic event, could no longer remain silent upon realizing that her adoptive mother, Ana, was in grave danger by being in close proximity to a psychopath—unaware of the fact that Ana herself was a psychopath. Noa rushed to Sergio’s building and confronted him in an effort to reveal the truth. She confronted Ana, informing her that Sergio’s account of their parents’ deaths was false. In reality, it was Sergio who killed their parents that night.


The revelation shattered Ana’s perception of Sergio, and she learned that Blanca, Sergio’s mother, had not been experimenting on him but rather medicating him to control his erratic  behavior. Sergio’s failure to take his prescribed medication worsened his condition, ultimately leading him to commit the heinous act of killing their parents. While Sergio wanted to have his sister back, Noa refused, instead pleading for Ana to come back with her. Shockingly, Ana made an unexpected decision. She chose to stay at Sergio’s place, rejecting the opportunity to reunite with her daughter. The plotline reached a point where nothing seemed to make sense anymore, leaving viewers perplexed and unsatisfied by the unpredictable turn of events.

How Did The Series End?

In the climactic and perplexing finale of the utterly illogical series Muted, Ana and Sergio advanced towards the balcony. The series concluded with camera footage that captured one of them remaining on the balcony while the other one jumped off. Speculation arose regarding the outcome: it could be interpreted that Sergio hurled Ana off the balcony, leaving her potentially dead, or Ana could have been the one to survive, as it would make some semblance of sense. Maybe Sergio had chosen to end his own life by jumping off the balcony. The ambiguous ending left viewers contemplating the fate of the characters.


Final Words

Now that I have finished watching all six episodes of Muted, I want to make a plea to Netflix to refrain from renewing the show for another season. If a second season were to be produced, there might be a chance we’d discover who actually survived and who jumped off the balcony. However, it has been revealed that Natanael is dead, and the main suspect is Sergio, making it highly likely that Sergio took his own life to evade imprisonment once again. Nevertheless, I am glad to be done with the series as a whole because, in my opinion, it continues to be a waste of time. Overall, the series did not meet my expectations, and I am satisfied to move on from it.

Poulami Nanda
Poulami Nanda
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