‘Muted’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: How Was Sergio’s Relationship With His Mother?

In the previous episode of Muted, Sergio had just been let out of jail when he ran across Marta, who had developed feelings for him while he was the infamous Balcony Killer. Despite Marta being in a stable relationship with Eneko, Sergio wanted to pursue a romantic connection with her. However, Ana, the leader of the secret operation investigating Sergio, took advantage of Marta’s involvement to gather more information about Sergio’s emotional state. Marta, driven by her strange attraction to Sergio, decided to assist Ana in her investigation. The situation took a dramatic turn when Eneko discovered Marta’s connection with Sergio. Fueled by jealousy and anger, Eneko attacked Sergio in the middle of the night. Fortunately, Mikel, one of the investigators involved in the operation, arrived at the scene and came to aid Sergio. However, their encounter was cut short as the police arrived at the location.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Sergio Arrested?

Muted Episode 3 begins with Sergio getting arrested by Cabrera for the previous ruckus he made with Eneko outside of his building. It appeared that Cabrera had been planning to apprehend Sergio and seized the opportunity to do so. Sergio was subsequently sent back to prison, but he managed to encounter a jailer who provided him with access to a phone. He attempted to contact Marta, but she did not answer his call. Meanwhile, news of Marta’s connection with Sergio began to spread as Eneko openly disclosed their involvement to others. He even went as far as informing Marta’s mother about their relationship. Marta’s parents attempted to persuade her to end things with Sergio, but she resisted their interference, determined to make her own decisions regarding her personal life. Fortunately, Ana devised a solution to secure Sergio’s release. She sent the footage of the previous night’s altercation to Natanael as evidence that Eneko had initiated the fight. Natanael used this footage to blackmail Eneko, threatening to leak it unless he dropped the charges against Sergio. As a result, Sergio was granted his freedom once again.


Why Did Mikel Meet Cabrera Secretly?

In Muted Episode 3, Cabrera’s active role in sabotaging Ana’s secret operation on Sergio became evident. He was a corrupt police officer who followed the orders of a higher authority, someone who would either exploit him for personal gain or dispose of him if necessary. In a previous episode of Muted, Cabrera met with a girl who had been a devoted admirer of Sergio. However, the situation took a chilling turn when Cabrera revealed pictures of a deceased inmate named Charlie, who was a fellow prisoner of Sergio. Cabrera claimed that the girl he met initially visited her boyfriend Charlie in prison but eventually fell in love with Sergio instead. This angered Charlie, and due to his interference between his girlfriend and Sergio, he was killed by Sergio. Ana, however, remained skeptical of the entire story and began investigating Charlie’s death further. She soon discovered that Charlie was actually murdered by a gang leader to whom he owed a lot of money. Armed with this information, Ana had substantial evidence to prove Sergio’s innocence, and she continued to dig deeper for more clues and revelations. In the meanwhile, Mikel saw Cabrera in private, and it was clear that Cabrera had offered to pay him to delete the footage of Eneko beating Sergio. Mikel agreed to the proposal.

How Was Sergio’s Relationship With His Mother?

In a significant breakthrough, Ana came across a video captured by Noa that shed light on the reasons behind Sergio’s actions in killing his parents. The video revealed that Sergio’s mother, who was a psychiatrist herself, had been altering Sergio’s behavior and administering various medications that ultimately worsened his condition. As Ana watched the footage, she witnessed Sergio collapsing on the floor while his mother seemingly conducted an experiment, checking his pulse rate in a manner that appeared like an inhumane test on her own child. Through this video, Ana gained a deeper understanding of Sergio’s tragic past. It became clear that Sergio had endured a tortured childhood and youth, filled with trauma that had severely affected him and ultimately drove him to commit the unthinkable act of killing his parents. This revelation brought forth a profound understanding of Sergio’s plight and the complexities surrounding his actions.


After getting released, Sergio went to meet Marta, but he found her chatting with and hugging Eneko. Even though Marta was just talking to Eneko, Sergio couldn’t help but feel jealous. He caught up with her later and confronted her, asking why she had lied. Marta couldn’t give a proper answer, so Sergio walked away, hurt by the situation. Later that night, Marta showed up at Sergio’s doorstep, blaming him for everything that had happened. She expressed her frustration, saying that being associated with Sergio had caused people to judge her. Sergio, being mature, didn’t want her to jeopardize her reputation for him, but Marta chose to stay. She comforted Sergio, and as he started opening up about his mother, she confirmed her abusive behavior.  His mother never liked the way Sergio behaved and always tried to change him. She locked him up and provided medication, as we saw in the video. Sergio’s painful revelation touched Marta deeply, and they ended up passionately kissing in the darkness. However, the lead psychiatrist in their operation, Ana Dussul, was quite the voyeur. She invaded their privacy and derived pleasure from monitoring their intimate moments. Not the most professional behavior, to say the least.

Final Words

In the third episode of Muted, if it hadn’t shed light on Sergio’s relationship with his parents, I would have been tempted to turn off the screen. Thankfully, this episode provided some much-needed clarity, although the overall atmosphere remains murky. Two pressing questions arise: Why would Blanca, who was a psychiatrist herself, intentionally harm her own child’s life? And what motivated Cabrera to go against Sergio? It’s possible that Cabrera held some grudge against Sergio’s family, or perhaps the mysterious employer he spoke to at the landfill is the main antagonist. However, the unnecessary intimate scenes detracted from the seriousness and tension of the psychological thriller, which is a major concern for the series. Hopefully, as the narrative progresses, we’ll reach a satisfying conclusion.


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