‘Muted’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Was Ana Looking For In Sergio’s Room?

In the previous episode of Muted, the audience was taken by surprise as it was revealed that Sergio, the protagonist who had seemingly become mute after killing his parents, was actually intentionally pretending to be mute. It was not a result of any trauma or shock; instead, Sergio was playing mind games with the police throughout his time in prison. Upon his release, Sergio returned to his home and was seen communicating with his tutor, Pastor Natanael, and even speaking like a regular person with Marta, a young girl who had a crush on him. Meanwhile, a secret operation orchestrated by Ana Dussul was underway during Sergio’s probation. The purpose of this operation was to closely monitor Sergio’s every move and gain a clearer understanding of why he had committed the heinous act of killing his parents. Let’s see if we get a clear understanding of why Sergio chose to take the drastic step of killing his parents. Was it just an accident or a pre-planned murder?

Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Eneko And Marta’s Relationship?

In Episode 2, the story takes a detour and focuses on the relationships between Marta, Eneko, and Sergio while shedding light on Ana’s motivations. It becomes evident that Ana’s objective goes beyond merely monitoring Sergio to understand his triggers. She is determined to prove that Sergio is not a psychopath. So, Sergio, the non-psychopathic killer, according to Ana, killed his parents and afterward stayed mute, only to get out of prison and become a murderous threat once again. Sometimes we see him pointing a knife at Marta and abruptly kissing her in front of her boyfriend, just to ruin their stable and secure relationship. But Ana didn’t bother protecting Marta from Sergio because she was confident enough that Sergio had a good heart.

Marta, understandably, had no desire to be with Sergio due to his status as an ex-inmate and the fact that he had killed both of his parents. She was already in a stable relationship with Eneko, a secure and reliable guy. However, Ana pleaded with Marta to sabotage her existing relationship in order to assist her in proving that Sergio wasn’t a psychopath. Surprisingly, Marta consented to Ana’s request, possibly influenced by her hybristophilia, an attraction to individuals who have committed crimes. Marta began lying to her boyfriend, Eneko, about her involvement with Sergio. Eventually, Eneko discovered Marta was with Sergio and mistakenly believed that she had no knowledge of Sergio’s true identity. In a fit of anger, Eneko rushed toward Marta and embraced her, which incited jealousy in Sergio. Unable to control his rage, Sergio burst into Eneko’s house and forcibly kissed Marta in front of her boyfriend, disregarding her consent. Eneko’s anger reached its peak, leading him to confront Sergio at his doorstep, shouting and provoking him to come out. Sergio didn’t back down either and emerged from the building, prepared to engage in a physical confrontation with Eneko. However, instead of emerging victorious, Sergio ended up being severely beaten by Eneko and his associates. Investigator Mikel, who had been tailing Sergio all along, called the police and rushed to Sergio’s aid.

What Was Ana Looking For In Sergio’s Room?

While Marta visited Sergio in his room, he showed her some fan letters he had received. But he also shared videos featuring his sister, Noa, who had now been adopted by another family. Sergio’s heart ached, knowing he might not have the chance to talk to his sister; therefore, watching those videos, he recalled his happy memories with Noa. Ana, recognizing the significance of these videos, met with Marta again and specifically requested her help in obtaining them. Marta listened to her, but she also wanted to reunite with her boyfriend. However, insane Ana refused to let her live a peaceful life. She was unhinged, as demonstrated when we saw her cleaning her armpits while wearing undergarments in front of her colleagues. Besides her erratic behavior, we witnessed her cruel nature as well. When Sergio ventured outside to confront Eneko, Marta was inside his room. Amidst the chaotic commotion, Ana instructed Marta to download the videos of Noa that Sergio had previously shown her. Marta successfully managed to download the entire collection and promptly sent it to Ana. This left the other employees dumbfounded, as they couldn’t comprehend how Marta could solely prioritize those videos while witnessing a violent brawl outside Sergio’s house. She made no effort to intervene or put an end to the fight but rather kept on focusing on the videos.

Meanwhile, Cabrera had embarked on his independent investigation, delving into the lives of other female fans of Sergio. He encountered one of them, possibly with the intention of using them similarly to how Ana had utilized Marta. However, it wasn’t just Marta who surfaced; other women in Sergio’s life started making appearances as well. One of them had a meeting with Sergio in the polytunnel of the church, which drew disapproval from Pastor Natanael, who disliked the idea of Sergio engaging with that particular woman.

Final Words

Muted continues to disappoint with each episode, leaving us with more unanswered questions than ever before. Despite the visually appealing lighting and color grading of the show, there is little else that has captivated me thus far. Regrettably, Sergio’s unmuted version dominates the narrative, overshadowing the show’s initial charm. While the story had the potential to offer an innovative psychological thriller, it instead transformed into yet another drama that lures the audience with promises and delivers something entirely different. As we progress through each episode, we anticipate getting closer to uncovering the truth about the night Sergio murdered his parents, but it remains uncertain whether we will receive a satisfying resolution to this mystery.

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