‘Muted’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending, Explained: How Did Ana Use Marta In The Operation?

Muted, a new Netflix series that manages to provide the viewers with a shocking twist in the very first episode: despite its misleading title, our protagonist, Sergio, can actually speak! Yep, he talks like a regular person, but only when it suits him and with certain people. This psychological thriller takes us into the twisted world of Sergio, who did something truly awful by throwing his parents off a balcony. As a result, he was locked up in a juvenile detention center, where he conveniently kept his mouth shut for a solid six years. However, after getting out of prison, his newfound freedom coincides with a covert operation orchestrated by the psychiatrist Ana Dussul, who closely monitors Sergio’s every move. The question arises: What could Sergio possibly be capable of that warrants an entire secret operation dedicated to monitoring him? Let’s find that out.


Spoilers Ahead

What Is The Purpose Of The Secret Operation?

In Muted Episode 1, nightmarish events unfolded as Sergio attacked his parents, throwing them off the balcony. Miraculously, his sister survived as she stayed hidden in her room, escaping her brother’s violent rampage. However, Sergio didn’t injure his sister; instead, he gave her comfort by staying by her side. Following the incident, Sergio remained silent during interrogation, leaving the police unable to extract a confession or any information from him. It became clear that Sergio was mentally unstable and severely traumatized by the consequences of his actions. Consequently, he was sent to a juvenile detention center, where he remained mute for six long years. Eventually, Sergio was released from prison but had to wear an ankle monitor for investigators to monitor his movements. As he walked the streets, he became aware of someone tailing him. Using his cunning, Sergio managed to evade his pursuer. He returned to his house where the murders took place, and we saw the entire building was under covert surveillance, with cameras installed in every room, lift, and entrance. This secret monitoring operation was orchestrated by Ana Dussul, a psychiatrist, who believed it might shed light on Sergio’s motivations for killing his parents. As Sergio had not spoken a word in six years, the hope was that careful observation of his actions would provide answers.


The reason behind Ana’s strong investment in this operation and what she hoped to achieve from it remained unclear. Cabrera, a sub-commissioner, arrived at Ana’s secret operations department to keep an eye on her and her actions. As soon as Sergio arrived home, he was greeted by his tutor, Pastor Natanael, who was more reminiscent of a gangster than a pastor. Natanael claimed to be a man of God, recommended by a judge to guide and mentor Sergio after his release. Specializing in counseling ex-convicts and criminals, Natanael became the unexpected person that Sergio chose to speak to, surprising not only the audience but also Cabrera and Ana. Taking Sergio for a walk, Natanael provided him with a new cellphone, which went unnoticed by Ana. He then brought Sergio to a church, where he was assigned labor work in a polytunnel. However, Sergio, being a convicted killer of his parents, faced hostility from the other workers in the church. When one of the workers attempted to attack him, Sergio defended himself, injuring the assailant. The injured worker was promptly taken to the hospital, while Sergio was dropped off at his place. Cabrera, who was also monitoring Sergio’s every move alongside Ana, began to suspect that Sergio had committed another crime. However, Ana, consumed by her obsession with Sergio, refuses to believe it. Her behavior indicated that her monitoring of Sergio was not solely focused on preventing disastrous actions but rather on proving his innocence.

How Did Ana Use Marta In The Op?

Sergio encountered a girl named Marta at his doorstep, who turned out to be a superfan of his. She used to send him letters during his time in prison, suggesting that she might be just as mentally damaged as Sergio and Ana. It appeared that nearly every character in this series was mentally distorted and morally ambiguous. Ana, noticing Marta handing Sergio a note with a phone number on it, became intrigued. Her assistant zoomed in on the number, revealing that it belonged to Marta herself. Ana began gathering information about Marta, abruptly questioning her assistant about Marta’s relationship with Sergio. It seemed like Ana was either jealous of seeing Marta with Sergio or plotting a scheme to use Marta as a means to get closer to Sergio and learn more about him. She visited Marta at the shopping mall where she worked and interrogated her about Sergio. Somehow, Ana managed to bring Marta to their office, where she delved into Marta’s love life. Marta made it clear that she was in love with her boyfriend, Eneku but admitted to feeling a strange attraction to Sergio. Ana labeled it “hybristophilia, a sexual interest in individuals who have committed crimes. Although Marta acknowledged her interest in Sergio, she didn’t want to jeopardize her relationship with Eneku. Nevertheless, Ana urged her to do exactly that. Ana asked Marta to get intimate with Sergio, gather information about him up close, and share it with Ana for behavioral analysis. Marta couldn’t make any promises, but as soon as she left the office, she rushed to Sergio’s building, signaling that she would pursue her connection with Sergio just as Ana had told her.


Ana continued to monitor Marta’s actions and discovered that Marta had entered Sergio’s house, presumably to spend the night together. However, Marta’s constant glances at the cameras made it unclear what her true motives were. Would she pursue her feelings for Sergio, leaving behind her boyfriend, Eneku? Or was she merely participating in the operation to assist Ana? The answer remained uncertain.

Final Words

The first episode of Muted fails to impress with its lack of depth, logical inconsistencies, and dull performances. However, one question continues to linger: What is the purpose of the secret operation? It remains puzzling why the investigators haven’t charged Sergio for withholding information regarding the crimes if he is capable of speaking. As the story progresses, the audience eagerly awaits answers regarding Sergio’s motive for killing his parents and his subsequent silence. The burning question remains: What will Ana ultimately uncover about Sergio’s actions and behavior? Furthermore, if Sergio were to pose a significant threat once again, what course of action would the police take? Will Ana continue to strive for his innocence? Upcoming episodes of Muted may provide a clear explanation for these queries.


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