‘Mummies’ Ending, Explained: Did Thut And Nefer End Up Together?

“Mummies” is an animated comedy set in 2023 and revolves around the lives of three Egyptian mummies who embark on an adventurous journey to London in search of a royal heirloom. Moreover, the combination of past and present is very memorable, as the film combines the culture of ancient Egyptian values with the liveliness of London. The film begins with the story of a popular archaeologist, Lord Sylvester Carnaby, a narcissistic man whose life is controlled by his overbearing mother. He doesn’t like to talk to her and avoids making contact with her. Carnaby is forced into following his mother’s wishes but his interest is in the study of history. Carnaby takes a liking to tracking down ancient artifacts and decides to enter the tomb of Princess Nefer. He wants his colleagues to learn about the Egyptian princess’ mummy but to his surprise, Princess Nefer’s body has disappeared. Apart from his narcissism, Carnaby is a very smart man, and he immediately notices that there is some kind of ancient writing engraved on the tomb. He then finds out that the tomb leads to a bridge that mends the gap between the living and the dead and opens a gateway to the afterlife.

Spoilers Ahead 

The City Of Afterlife

The City of the Afterlife is an underground city created especially for mummies who want to enjoy life. The city is full of majestic architecture and lively people. Everything is staged around the city, even day and night. Since it’s built underground, the sun doesn’t set or rise by itself. The Pharaoh hired various people to fake the sunlight and moonlight. The story introduces our main character, Thut, the charioteer. He’s one of the most popular people in the city and is loved by everyone for his excellent riding skills. However, during one of his tournaments, Thut had an accident in which the wheels of his chariot broke, and he lost his balance, causing him to fall down. Thut doubts his abilities and doesn’t want to risk his life again. Nevertheless, his family and supporters expect him to return soon. Apart from his athletic personality, Thut is very kind-hearted and loving to everyone around him. Meanwhile, life in this city is quite monotonous, and just like Thut, many other people are stuck in this world, wanting to experience something new and different from their daily lives. Most of them are holding on to their traditional values and systems, while people like Thut are waiting for opportunities to change their lives.

The Main Purpose Of The Phoenix Bird

In the story, another main character is introduced, Princess Nefer. While the archaeologist searches for her body, she tries her best to escape this ancient and boring world of the afterlife. To escape her controlling father, the Pharaoh, Nefer sneaks out of her castle and roams the city. Nefer loves to sing and is a great artist, but her father doesn’t appreciate her talent. Moreover, Nefer doesn’t want to stay behind because her father is forcing her to marry. He believes that the Goddess of Love, Hathor, will bless her with a loving husband, while Nefer doesn’t want to marry anyone. However, Nefer’s father wants her to fulfill her duty as a princess and arranges a ceremony where Nefer can choose her future husband. To begin the ceremony, the authorities must invite the phoenix bird, believing that it has been sent by the Goddess Hathor to find the right husband for Nefer.

The Phoenix is summoned through a magical portal, also known as the ‘Stargate.’ The bird flies out of the portal and enters the city to find a partner for the princess. Unfortunately, Sekhem, Thut’s brother, shoots a boomerang into the sky, which eventually hits the bird. He loses consciousness and falls onto Thut’s roof. Pharaoh misunderstands that Thut is the chosen one, and his men take him to the palace.

The Royal Ring

Thut and Nefer are completely different, but one thing they have in common is their hatred of marriage. Both have no intention of marrying sooner, but Thut has no choice, as he will receive cruel punishment for refusing the marriage proposal. Pharaoh offers him a royal ring, which he must protect until the day of the wedding. Thut decides to hide the ring in a secret chamber to protect it from thugs because his whole life depends on it. If he loses the ring, Pharaoh will punish him severely. Meanwhile, Carnaby tries to find a way to locate the city. He uses his devices and finds the exact location. Unfortunately, Carnaby gets into the secret chamber of Thut and discovers the royal ring. Carnaby decides to steal it and uses his devices to bring it to the surface.

After stealing the ring, Carnaby blows up the chamber with dynamite. Now Thut has no choice but to find the ring before Pharaoh finds out. Thut decides to enter the human world and search for the archaeologist to get the ring back. So Sekhem and Thut leave the tomb and discover the dangerous but magical world of humans.

The London Quest

Thut and Sekhem follow the archaeologist and enter a ship. They decide to take back the ring and flee. But Nefer follows them to the human world and accidentally locks them in the ship’s chamber. The next morning, the trio realizes that they are in London. Fortunately, they discover Carnaby’s pickup truck and hide in the luggage rack. Thut, Nefer, and Sekhem follow Carnaby and enter the theater, where they accidentally appear in a musical. Fortunately, the Egyptian theme helped them hide among the people. Nefer notices that the main actors have the ring and decides to take it, but Carnaby notices Nefer and immediately realizes that she does not belong to the human world. As they flee the theater, a music producer named Ed offers a singing contract to Nefer. She decides to accept his offer, but Thut stops her.

Nefer wants to become a singer, and this is her only chance to live the life of her dreams because she does not want to be bound to the afterlife again and live a meaningless life. Fortunately, the ring turns out to be a fake, which allows Nefer to live her dream life. The performers have danced with a fake ring, and it is obvious because Carnaby does not allow the performers to use the real ring.

Thut’s Mission To Save Nefer

Nefer and Thut decide to stay with Ed until they find the ring. With the help of his business card, Nefer finds his address. Ed is an extremely kind man and helps them buy clothes and change their entire lifestyle. Meanwhile, Ed also helps Nefer become a singer and persuades her to perform live. This time, Thut supports Nefer in her decision to become a singer, and she starts her career as a solo singer. Nefer’s voice attracts millions of fans, and she becomes very famous. As the days go by, Nefer receives more than ten million views for her song all over the world. But the fame comes at a high price because Carnaby finds her. That same night, Carnaby kidnaps her from Ed’s house, and Thut decides to save Nefer. Luckily, Ed discovers that the truck belongs to Carnaby’s museum and Thut decides to follow it. Back at the museum, when Nefer regains consciousness, she finds that Carnaby has chained her in the museum.

Although Thut manages to find her, Carnaby locks him in the museum as well. Back at Ed’s, Sekhem and Ed devise a plan to sneak into the museum. He releases them, but Nefer and Thut are heavily sedated. Fortunately, they come to their senses and escape from the museum.

‘Mummies’ Ending Explained – Did Thut And Nefer End Up Together?

Ed helps them board a plane to Egypt, and it’s pretty clear that both Nefer and Thut are in love with each other. They make their way back to the city and continue to live their lives. Even though Nefer and Thut are in love with each other, they decide to live separately. Back at the palace, the Pharaoh welcomes Nefer with open arms, and immediately everything is back to the way it used to be. But things take a different turn when they realize Carnaby is following them to Egypt. Carnaby follows them into the city and uses excavators to tear everything down. Nefer also decides to help her father in the battle, but she cannot defeat Carnaby. He has kidnapped the Pharaoh for his exhibition, but Thut arrives at the right time. Finally, Thut gathers his courage, rides the chariot again, and rescues both Pharaoh and Nefer without fear. As he struggles to protect Nefer from Carnaby, Thut realizes that they have reached a dead end. He pushes the chariot to save Nefer and falls down the cliff with Carnaby.

Nefer thinks he is dead, but Thut is able to cling to the rocks, which is to be expected since he is the main hero. In the end, Nefer and Thut decide to marry, and her father accepts Nefer’s dream of singing. The film ends on a good note, and although Nefer and Thut did not want to get married, fate brought them together. Both of them are extremely headstrong and their power to understand and communicate is one of the best aspects of their relationship. Also, their goofy personalities mix up together which in turn helps them to project their real selves and love each other through thick and thin. Moreover, “Mummies” helps us understand that you can overcome your fears and realize your dreams. No matter what, life offers you many opportunities to succeed, and you have to choose the right path to get what you deserve.

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