‘Ms. Marvel’ Ending And Easter Eggs, Explained- Is Kamala Able To Save Kamran?

At the end of Episode 5, Najma passes on her powers to her son, Kamran, before dying in Karachi. Back in Jersey City, Kamran and Bruno are attacked by DODC drones. “Ms. Marvel” Episode 6, the Season Finale, shows Kamala accessing the full potential of her powers. But there’s more to the bangle than we, as well as Kamala, know.


‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 6: Recap and Ending – Does DODC Capture Kamala?

After the night of Bruno and Kamran’s confrontation with the drones, the DODC’s agent, Deever, arrives with her team at Circle Q, Bruno’s shop, to find out about the incident. She orders a lock down of the city and wants to get their hands on the “kids” as soon as possible so that they can find out about their powers. Bruno and Kamran have managed to get away from the DODC for the time being. They are planning to travel upstate using the metro, but unfortunately, come across DODC agents inside the train too.

Back at home, Kamala opens up about her powers to her family, including her father Yusuf, brother Aamir, and sister-in-law Tyesha. However, she finds out that her mother, Muneeba, has already told them about it. But contrary to expectations, all are glad about it. While Aamir and Tyesha delight her with questions about her powers, her father mentions how proud he is of her. Just then, she receives a video call from Nakia, who tells her that Bruno is missing. Kamala tries to contact Bruno, but to no avail. She decides to leave to look for him. But before she can leave, Muneeba enters her room and gives Kamala her new superhero costume. And we, the viewers, get to see Kamala Khan don her true-to-form suit (the traditional Ms. Marvel suit from the teaser and trailer) for the first time.


Bruno and Kamran arrive at the town mosque, where they meet Nakia. She tells them that as soon as the coast is clear, they will have to go to high school, which is empty as it is Saturday, while she will contact Kamala. They cannot remain inside the mosque as it is under surveillance. The DODC arrives at the mosque in a matter of minutes. Deever comes across Sheikh Abdullah, who tries to stall her to let Kamran and Bruno escape. Once out of the mosque, Bruno and Kamran meet Kamala. Approximately two to three seconds later, huge energy waves start emanating from Kamran, who is in a lot of pain. The sun sets by the time the three somehow manage to get to the school. Kamala calls Kareem and asks for help to get Kamran out of there. Kareem tells her to get Kamran to the harbor before midnight.

At the school, they find Nakia, along with Kamala’s brother Aamir, as well as Zoe. Together they chalk out a plan to stall the DODC, who have just arrived at the school. Meanwhile, Deever receives a call from her senior Agent Cleary, who tells her to stand down as the press is already at the location, and the last thing they want is for all this to go public. But Deever goes ahead and green-lights it. As the DODC agents put on their gear outside, Kamala and her friends put their plan into effect inside. Kamala also tells Bruno about everything that happened in Karachi and that Kamran’s mother, Najma, is dead. Bruno tells her to not reveal this to Kamran until they are all safe. As the agents make their way inside the school with their non-lethal guns, Zoe goes live on social media and tells the world about what is happening with them and asks all those watching to “come to Coles [the school]. Spread the word. Help us.”


While trying to run away from the guards, Kamran ends up asking Kamala about her mother and if she is alive. Kamala, not willing to lie to him, stays quiet. This gives Kamran the confirmation of the fact that his mother is dead. In a rage, he leaves her side and comes out of the school in front of the DODC and all the people, including Kamala’s family, who have gathered there thanks to Zoe’s live feed.

As Kamran tries to destroy everything and risk the lives of so many innocent people, Kamala intervenes and forms a force field around her and Kamran. Then she tells him that his mother chose him over their home and sent her powers to him only to protect him. Kamran realizes what he has done. Kamala punches a hole in the ground to let Kamran escape (probably through the sewers). After he escapes, Kamala brings down the force field, and the DODC starts approaching her. This is when the people, as well as the local police, surround and guard her so that the DODC cannot reach her. As Deever tries to make her way in, Kamala escapes, using her powers. Deever then receives a call from Leary, who is not happy with what she has done by going against his orders. She is relieved from duty and told to evacuate the place “now.”


Kamala Khan became an internet sensation, with people of all ages talking about her. At home, Kamala stares at herself in the mirror, her expression proving that she is proud of herself. On the other hand, we see Bruno at Caltech. Nakia has become the new representative of the mosque. And then Kamran met Kareem [in Karachi]. After some time, Kamala’s father joins her and tells her that her name means “wonder” or “marvel.” As much as it excites Kamala to know that she shares her name with her idol, Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel, we, the viewers, finally, and officially, get the official title of the show Ms. Marvel.

‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 6: Easter Eggs Explained

Mutants Are In The MCU: In the mid-credits scene, Bruno reveals to Kamala that after looking into her genes, he has found that it is different, “like a mutation.” And what’s more remarkable is that when he says this, we hear a small snippet of the “X-Men: The Animated Series” theme music in the background. Goosebumps, right? This, more than anything else, proves that the mutants are officially in the MCU. However, Kamala Khan in the comics is not a mutant. She is an Inhuman. However, with MCU’s improvisation skills, we have to wait to see how they connect these dots, the next time we see Kamala in The Marvels. With Marvel rebooting the “X-Men ’97” and us having heard the theme once earlier as well, during Charles Xavier’s entry in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it seems that the MCU will be using the same theme for mutants in the long run.


Sonic Weapons: The sonic weapons that the DODC uses to deal with Kamala and Kamran are reminiscent of those used in 2008’s “The Incredible Hulk,” where Edward Norton played Bruce Banner. It is basically a way to weave the MCU as a single multiverse in a better manner, by showing us things from the past.

A Friendly Neighborhood: It is a fact that the character of Ms. Marvel follows the same patterns as that of Spider-Man. A kid with great powers and great responsibilities. And the scene where Kamala is defended by the people of Jersey City reminds us of the scene in “Spider-Man 2,” where, in the train, people form a shield to defend Peter (unmasked) from Doctor Octopus. Thus, Season 1 of “Ms. Marvel” establishes her as a superhero akin to Spider-Man. Hopefully, she will meet Spider-Man someday too. Let’s pray.


The Lamp Post Scene- One of Kamala Khan’s most celebrated and popular images is where she is sitting atop a lamp post facing Jersey City as it shines bright in the night. It was the cover design for “Ms. Marvel #5” by Matt Wilson and Jamie McKelvie. At the end of “Ms. Marvel” Episode 6, we see her sitting on top of a lamp-post facing Jersey City. This was no doubt a beautiful tribute to the comics.

Carol Danvers: The post-credits scene shows Kamala being body-swapped with Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel. By the way, we do not know where Kamala has gone. The purple flare that the bangle releases, before Kamala is swapped, is similar to the Kree Nega-Bands. In the comics, they are Kree artifacts that allow the wearers to switch places, among other powers like travel through space, teleport, and more. Perhaps, we will eventually find out if we are right after watching “The Marvels.”


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