‘Mrs. Davis’ Episodes 3 And 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Is The Redhead Simone Is Looking For?

Episodes 3 and 4 of “Mrs. Davis” choose to dial up the looney and have our leading lady travel Europe. While the first two episodes of the show showed promise, the next couple look a bit too corny in comparison. We learned in the first two episodes that Simone is a nun because she chose to marry Jesus, who now goes by the name Jay and has a falafel restaurant. She is opposed to the new AI algorithm that has taken over the world and grants them wings in order to fulfill “Her” quest. She has eradicated wars and famines, and the world is peaceful (supposedly). Wiley, on the other hand, Simone’s childhood friend and presumed ex-lover, is on a mission of his own that we aren’t quite clear about. Let’s find out if he works for Mrs. Davis or if he was just trying to get Simone on his side in whatever way possible.


Spoilers Ahead

7 Years Ago

So, our presumptions were right, and Wiley and Lizzie (back then) used to be in love and almost had a happily ever after, were it not for Wiley’s male ego. Wiley and Lizzie had plans to move to a cabin in Alaska after Wiley inherited his grandfather’s entire estate. Wiley chose to donate most of the estate money and keep a small amount to help him and his girl have a decent life (oh, and by the way, they’re supposed to be 25 years old, but with that facial hair and the same long hair, nobody is going to believe Wiley is below 30, but we digress). Unfortunately, Wiley is met by a man named Bo, who shatters his dreams in a second. You see, Bo told him that his entire life had been a fabrication, and he was never the cowboy that fit the boot. Wiley is taken aback by the news, and now he wants to prove to an unaware Lizzie that he’s, well, a “man.” Wiley chose to do a bullfight for real this time, but Lizzie had other plans. For the first time in her life, she lifted her hands and put them together in, you guessed it, prayer. Unlike what usually happens, Lizzie’s special prayer takes her into the messiah’s falafel restaurant. Jesus answered Lizzie’s prayers to save Wiley, but she also fell madly, deeply, and fully in love with the Savior. On the other hand, Wiley thought it was all because he was a coward (the poor chap).



The sword of Arthur—who will be able to pull it out? Or rather, in this case, keep their hand on the gigantic piece of steel the longest. Okay, let’s rewind a little. In the present day, Sister Simone and Wiley find themselves on a train from London to somewhere in Scotland in pursuit of the “Apron Man,” the guy that Simone had called earlier. Her mother, too, happens to be on that train, and she believes Lizzie’s father is still alive. Now that she’s a nun, she’s using it as a disguise to hide her father. Long story short, this man, just like Wiley, was in love with the mysterious redhead Clara, who now goes by Mathilde, and she had broken his heart too. Now, while Wiley and Apron Man try to prove their manhood, Simone attempts to find Clara and, in turn, the Holy Grail. She finds out that Mathilde is part of a cult-like group of women (perhaps the Knights Templar). Simone tries to tackle Mathilde but ends up knocking her out while Wiley continues to keep his hand on the sword (literally). Through all of this, Simone finally realizes that JQ and Wiley tricked her into believing them with the fake Germans because she sees that Wiley has wings. Wiley also has a timestamp, and he has only eight more days to live. Simone tells him the whole story about Jesus, and in his jealousy, the cowboy is unable to hold his tongue, so he lights the sword, making him unconscious. Simone thinks he’s been taken in by an ambulance, but it’s a fake one, and Wiley meets Father Hans Ziegler.

Hans Ziegler And The Pope

As Wiley is kidnapped, Simone is drafted by Jay to go on another mission. Simone can’t understand why he would put her on another task when the one at hand is still very much unfinished. Jay reminds her that if she refuses the task, she’s forfeiting her vows. Simone comes to realize that the whole time she was avoiding Mrs. Davis for the lack of freedom, she was becoming the errand girl of Jesus. We go right back to the start as Simone realizes “force” is being used on her by everyone around her. She’s never actually made a choice for herself. So, the question arises: is Mrs. Davis equivalent to Jesus?


Father Hans has taken Wiley to a dungeon where he has the Pope for company. The Pope, who refers to Mrs. Davis as Madonna (of course, she has different names in different countries), is also in the same plight as Simone. He found himself steering towards “Madonna” because Jesus (as in Jay) left him hanging for a woman (who happens to be Clara). While Simone understood that being married to Jesus meant also sharing him with other people, she didn’t intend to be his errand girl. But what does Hans Ziegler have to do with all of this? He, too, has a little secret. He kidnapped Wiley because of a pair of sneakers he was wearing. These “magic” sneakers were given to him by Simone, who got them from Mrs. Davis. So what’s so special about this pair of sneakers except for their trendy style and silver and white color?

What Did Simone And Jay Find In The Videotape?

Everything Jay makes Simone do happens for a reason, of course. While Simone tries to hand deliver a cake for the Pope because Jay made her do it, Wiley and the Pope try to escape the dungeons of Hans. At the same time, JQ and the team arrive at a location to save Wiley; instead, they find themselves in a different dungeon filled with the infamous BK sneakers. Simone refuses to give the cake to the Pope and ends up stuffing her face with it. She chokes on the cake and arrives at the restaurant, where Jay tries to save her. She spits out everything that Jay had handed her, meaning she choked on all the tasks he put her to. She finally understands that all he needed was for her to be one of the thousands of people who do Jesus’ little errands. When she wakes up, she’s at a hospital in the Vatican with Wiley and the Pope, who successfully escaped. The Pope’s fake doppelganger was removed without any investigation too.


Now comes the moment Wiley has been waiting for: he shows Simone the tape that will give her answers to the Holy Grail. In the tape, we’re taken back to the beginning of the series, where we saw Paris in 1307. The girl had stolen greaves out of the burnt ashes of the men that were burned at the stake. Now she runs with the grail and the greaves. As she reaches the body of water (which she needs to cross), she puts the armor down and breaks it open to reveal the sneaker. As the soldiers arrive, she puts on the sneakers and runs onto the water. Wow! Magic. It’s a commercial for the BK shoes, the same ones Wiley was wearing and the ones JQ found in the dungeon.

Now the same woman in the video, who is Clara, is in modern clothing, breaking the fourth wall. She addresses Hans directly and tells him that she has the thing he has been looking for his entire life—yes, it is the Holy Grail. We can only presume that Father Hans created the commercial using the actual Holy Grail. She then threatens him, saying if he comes anywhere near her, she will release this tape to the world. Of course, to prove her point, she shows off the Holy Grail, but there’s something else behind her. Or rather, someone else. It’s Schroedinger’s cat, Apollo! But we think Schroedinger has already been working with Mrs. Davis, so why would she need Simone to get her the Holy Grail? Is it just so that Simone gets her “wings” and becomes an angel? We can only know in the next episode of “Mrs. Davis.”

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