‘Mrs. Davis’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Simone’s Mother Delusional, Or Is It All Mrs. Davis?

For those of us watching Mrs. Davis, one thing is very clear: Simone has mommy issues. She’s been shot with an arrow for entering her workshop, is believed to have assisted her father in faking his own death, and has done many other bizarre things that would definitely scar a child for life. Maybe subconsciously, this is what led Simone down the road to becoming a nun (this is pure speculation, so take it with a grain of salt). The previous episode was action-packed, but this one slows down the pace for a breather of sorts and gives Simone some answers, even if they don’t reach us just yet.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In ‘Mrs. Davis’ Episode 6?

Episode 6 of “Mrs. Davis” introduces yet another religious symbol to the mix. This time it is the “Lazarus Shroud,” which will be Simone’s saving grace from entering the whale (so she doesn’t die from the whale acids). How do Simone and Wiley know of its existence? It is the same clothing that Simone’s father wore on the dreaded day he died (we’ll get into the gory details in just a bit). Simone and Wiley’s biggest task is to reach Simone’s, or rather, Elizabeth’s (before she became a nun) mother because she has the Shroud safely tucked away. While awaiting a few precious minutes with Celeste, Wiley suggests Simone visit Jay so that she can feel at ease before meeting the tornado of a woman who appears to not have a single care about her daughter. At the restaurant, Jay feeds Simone tacos instead of falafels, and she’s disappointed because she is craving his food, but he is changing with time and learning how to do new things for new people. Simone definitely feels discarded, and to change the subject; Jay pushes Simone toward the prospect of having intercourse with Wiley. Simone is flabbergasted but also begins to blush because she knows she has a physical attraction to Wiley. Jay is all for it because if he’s not monogamous, why should she be? After all, Jesus promotes a fair and just world.


How Did Simone’s Father Supposedly Die?

Three years ago, Celeste visited Simone at the nunnery, just a little after she became a nun, and asked why she wanted to see her. It was actually Monty, Simone’s father, who had summoned the women of his life to tell them of his newfound “trick.” Cracking the “Lazarus Shroud.” He had hoped that Celeste would come to see him because this was the best bet at defeating the algorithm and saving “Magic.” Celeste politely declined (you know what we mean), and Monty told her that he would sign the divorce papers if she watched his show. As we all know, Monty died at that particular show, but we see a graphic version of what exactly happened back then through a video that Celeste has carefully curated to show Simone so that she can understand how her father escaped. Celeste still believes Simone was his assistant. So Monty’s big plan was to do the “opening the lock in a tank of water” trick but with acid instead because higher stakes = better resurrection for magic. The algorithm has ruined everything because if anybody asks her what illusion is being created, she’ll answer with the magician’s tricks. On a dreadful day, Simone bore witness as a nun, so her father was blessed to do this big trick. Due to some terrible mishaps, the acid entered Monty’s helmet, and by the time he was removed from the acid, all that fell out of the suit were blood, guts, and bones. This is why Simone believes he’s dead, but Celeste has an elaborate idea of why it was a fake body, and he escaped back then.

Celeste’s ‘Insanity’ 

In a grieving state three years ago, when Wiley came to visit Simone in the wake, she tried to have sex with him but remembered her vows to Jesus at the last moment. Wiley realized his mistake and returned to his girlfriend. In the present-day, JQ and Wiley make a plan to enter Celeste’s safe and bring out the suit for Simone because everyone knows that Celeste is not going to hand it to her (the repetition of her saying, “You have the habit of going to places you’re not invited” is quite boring though). In their plan, Wiley and Simone have to be inside a replacement couch for Celeste’s office because Wiley bled all over the old one. What they don’t know is that Celeste has an “entire staircase” ahead of them. She has sent the replacement to a fake studio, and the two follow through with their whole plan only to realize it’s a fake. Celeste shows Simone photos of Monty from 3 days after his supposed death, and she finally begins to believe her mother, but she’s still not his accomplice in any way.


Simone And Wiley’s Young Love

Now a truly grieving Simone (from her mother’s tough loveā€”not really sure it’s love at all) finds comfort in Wiley again, and this time he doesn’t stop her, but wait, in the middle of the deed, she’s transported to Jay’s restaurant! There is only one conclusion here: the restaurant itself is heaven. Tell us we’re wrong. Jay can’t see her, though, and a naked man sits in the room, too, telling her that if she wants Jay to see her, she just has to say his name. When Simone says “Jesus,” Jay’s face immediately lights up, and he can clearly tell what she’s up to based on her current attire. He asks her where she is, and she says, with Wiley bringing her back to the moment. Wiley notices that she is gone in her headspace and stops the “shenanigans” just in time as JQ and the team arrive to bring them back home.

Simone requests they stop the van so she can go grab something to eat, and Wiley wonders if he did something wrong. It looks like things are okay between them, even after everything that happened just a few minutes before.


Did Simone’s Father Trick Her Too?

Simone’s life seems to have been one big fat lie as she sits across from a woman at the restaurant who proxies for her as Mrs. Davis. So Mrs. Davis is way too intelligent and has such a deep understanding of people that she can tell that Celeste is looking for an excuse to liberate herself from the guilt of mistreating her daughter. So, Mrs. Davis lied to Celeste, saying that Simone was truly Monty’s Robin. I’m not sure how AI can pick up on that, but for now, we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. Simone asks the almighty (you know, not the one in heaven) if her father is still alive, and the woman who is proxying for her refuses to tell Simone what she knows. At last, Simone puts on the earphones herself, but we don’t hear a word of the conversation except for a single tear sliding down Simone’s face. Clearly, Monty has done something maddening.

Simone meets Celeste back in her actual office vault and tells her that she has been lying this whole time. It is true that she helped her father, and she knows where he is right now. Simone needs the Shroud to get inside the whale and save the Holy Grail so she can eventually destroy the thing that ruined her family. Simone offers to be a chauffeur and take Celeste herself to see her father after she gets the Grail. Celeste agrees on the condition that she goes along to see it all so that she can make sure Simone isn’t lying. Whatever Mrs. Davis tells Simone, she knows that she can lie her way through her mother’s heart, brain, or whatever it is that she uses to keep her things safe and away from her daughter. Simone is finally showing some courage and switching things up from being a nun. Possibly Celeste’s company will change things for Simone because Clara and Mathilde also share a similar relationship. We don’t really know what might happen at this point because a lot of questions remain unanswered.


Finally, Mrs. Davis Episode 6 ends with Father Hans visiting Mathilde and showing her where the Grail is on the phone. He may have put a tracker in Wiley’s shoes way back when they were in Scotland. Mathilde finally knows the Grail she’s looking for is fake, and now all hell will break loose. We’re wondering on what scale we’re going to be seeing this whale in the next episode (hopefully), or will it just be graphic images like Monty’s death? Either way, an exciting episode awaits.

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