How Did Craig Cope Up With Mr. Harrigan’s Death In The Film ‘Mr Harrigan’s Phone’?

Some friendships never end. “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” is a 2022 Netflix mystery film that highlights the beautiful bond between John Harrigan and Craig. Adapted from the stories of the infamous author, Stephen King, this movie will grab your attention till the very end. Ultimately, there are multiple lessons to learn from this film as it depicts the importance of managing relationships for the upcoming generation. John was deeply engraved in his strong sense of character since his age never defined his work. Even though he is sick and old, the powerful aura around his personality doesn’t wear off. Every little detail about Mr. Harrigan was intriguing to young Craig. He lost his mother at a very young age, and since then, he had completely cut himself off from the outside world. But during one of his readings at the church, Mr. Harrigan was quite impressed by his calm and poised nature. As days passed by, Mr. Harrigan was losing his ability to read and write. But Craig’s readings impressed him, and John Harrigan offered him a job. At first, Craig was skeptical about his decision, but he adjusted to John’s world after some time. With all the little pieces, Craig finally learned to pick himself up, and it was Mr. Harrigan who enabled him to let out his hidden affection.


With each passing day, Craig’s love and respect grew for him, and with John’s expertise, Craig learned the act of survival to prevent any future downfalls. At first, Craig had multiple doubts in his mind, and John’s house was pretty captivating for the young guy. Mr. Harrigan had a huge closet in his room, and all these years, Craig couldn’t figure out the secret behind the hidden door. Well, once Craig had asked about the closet, but Mr. Harrigan denied it and shrugged off the conversation by sharing an ambiguous response with Craig. According to him, the closet had his terrible secrets, and this was a confusing phenomenon for the little guy. Craig’s affection didn’t change for him, and even after joining college, he continued to provide readings to Mr. Harrigan. It was pretty clear that Craig loved him more than anyone else, and Mr. Harrigan filled in the terrible void in his heart. There are several similarities between the two main characters in this film, but Stephen King managed to pull out these differences in the most beautiful manner.

John and Craig equally reassured each other as their lives were subjected to the same amount of loneliness and sorrow. These are the main factors responsible for their strong bond. John never disclosed the hostile part of his personality while showering Craig with love and care. But a part of him was merciless and unforgiving. Over these years, John was responsible for the deaths of many people working under him. His way of dealing with arrogant and ungrateful people was unimaginable. Meanwhile, every year, Craig received gifts from Mr. Harrigan, and these gifts also included lottery tickets. Surprisingly, Craig won a $3000 lottery and gifted an iPhone to Mr. Harrigan. Mr. Harrigan was delighted by his gesture, and the two of them quickly delved into the world of smartphones. Craig taught him the benefits of new technology, whereas Mr. Harrigan clearly stated his thoughts about the future of mobile phones. Within a month, Mr. Harrigan knew that the World Wide Web was like a broken water main, but instead of water, it was spewing information in every way.


On that day, Mr. Harrigan predicted the future of fake news and spam. He always wanted Craig to face his enemies without any guilt in his mind, but everything turned upside down for Craig after Mr. Harrigan’s death. This unexpected news suddenly broke open the void in his heart again. Mr. Harrigan was a very generous man; he had included Craig’s name in his will as well. John left around $800,000 for his future studies and opportunities. But Craig couldn’t move on from this revelation. He continued to try to contact Mr. Harrigan. Well, he managed to sneak in his phone while his body was ready for burial. But for some reason, strange occurrences began to take place, as Mr. Harrigan’s phone didn’t lose its charge, and he responded to Craig’s text messages too. Craig was dumbfounded by this, and he wanted to dig deeper into the supernatural world. Craig was brutally bullied by one of his college mates, Kenny Yankovich, but he refrained from sharing any information with his father or his friends.

Instead, Craig left a voicemail on Mr. Harrigan’s phone. But mysteriously, Kenny was found dead the next day. Call it fate or coincidence, his death spooked Craig to the core. He knew that Mr. Harrigan had some sort of connection with his death. But every time he asked for help, Craig received weird messages from John’s phone. These messages were simple initials, but Craig knew that they had some kind of meaning behind them. To avoid any mishaps, Craig discarded his previous phone and got a new one. Days passed by, and Craig finally got a hold of his future. But some things never leave your side, as Craig was devastated by the loss of his favorite teacher, Victoria Hart. She supported him through thick and thin, but she was struck down by a drunk driver, Deane Whitmore. Craig was disappointed as Deane hadn’t received any serious punishment, and he was enjoying his life at the rehabilitation center. Out of curiosity and pain, Craig contacted Mr. Harrigan again, and this time, he wanted the driver to be dead. A few days passed, and Craig was guilty of his actions, but mysteriously, Deane was found dead in the bathroom of the rehabilitation center. The fact that Deane was found dead with soap crammed down his throat was very merciless.


At that instant, Craig was sure that this was Mr. Harrigan’s doing. Craig discarded the phone without any second thoughts since he understood that Mr Harrigan was trying to protect him. Maybe Mr. Harrigan didn’t want Craig to suffer or feel guilty for his actions. But a part of him believed that John wanted Craig to let him go since communicating from the other world requires massive effort. “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” is a classic movie that denotes the importance of accepting certain factors that will negatively impact a person’s mind. Since death is a part of the human cycle, nobody can avoid it, and people don’t leave you as they’re always present in your life through all the little things. Craig finally accepted his life and decided to live it on his own terms since Mr. Harrigan had to rest. The movie provides several lessons, and these lessons highlight the importance of forgiveness and love. Apart from this, smartphones can be a boon or a curse, but they provide a sense of security to Craig as he can contact the person that he has loved all his life.

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