‘Mousa’ Ending, Explained: Does Yehia Give Away Mousa’s Design To Faris?

“Mousa” is an Arabic science fiction movie that stars Kareem Mahmoud Abdel Aziz as Yehia. The creators of the movie have experimented with a lot of CGI, and it’s safe to say that the movie was trying to build a superhero storyline. However, “Mousa” fails to give the audience the feel of a superhero movie. The movie follows a young guy named Yehia. He is bullied and beaten up by others for being weak. He is very close to his dad. Yehia is an engineering student and is smart in his studies, so we see a lot of clichés in the movie as well. A typical storyline with a nerd who is bullied is something we have seen repeatedly. Anyway, Yehia builds a robot one day for a purpose. What is his motive behind building a robot? Read on.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Mousa’ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

The story revolves around Yehia, who is a super-intelligent engineering student. At the movie’s beginning, he is seen attending college, where he outsmarts his professor. He solves an equation using a method that was not taught in the classroom, and because of this, his professor gets irritated with him and asks him to get out of the classroom. We see that he gets bullied outside his class after he accidentally runs into a man. Now, Yehia is a guy who is shy and introverted. Additionally, he also has some mental disorder (which was not specified in the movie), so he struggles with communicating properly. He has one friend called Rika, who protects him from bullies. 


Yehia likes a girl named Mariam but does not dare tell her about his feelings. He secretly cares about her and stays quiet in her presence. We see that Yehia is very close to his father, who is a watchmaker. Yehia helps his dad with his work and talks to him about Mariam. One night, a man named Nasser comes to Yehia’s place and asks where his wife is. Apparently, Nasser’s wife was Yehia’s maid, but since Nasser used to harass her, Yehia’s father refuses to tell him where she is. He stands up for Nasser’s wife and protects her. This enrages Nasser, and he later comes back with his men. Nasser attacks Yehia’s father and sets his entire house on fire. Yehia could not save his father and silently watched him die, which we found to be weird. Wouldn’t one go to save their parent from dying? Well, not Yehia. He decides to hide and wait.

What Happens After Yehia’s Father Dies?

After Yehia’s father dies, he gets depressed. He gets very upset and feels guilty about not saving his father. He even tries to kill himself but does not act upon his impulsive decision. Yehia then starts hallucinating and sees his father talking to him. Yehia’s father tells him that he needs to avenge his death, to which he replies by saying he is scared. However, his father gives him the courage to use his gifted mind and build a robot. He works day and night to build a super-powerful robot. 


Before his father’s death, we see a scene where Yehia recalls that before he was born, his father had a stillborn baby. His father had a name in his mind: “Mousa.” Yehia decides to name the robot he built Mousa because he has no other friends, and the robot becomes his only friend. Yehia is upset with the world and wants to take revenge, but before that, he wants to avenge his father’s death. Yehia tracks down the location of his father’s killers and takes Mousa with him. Mousa attacks the goons, and they die. However, someone takes a video of the whole killing and uploads it online. Soon, everyone gets scared because a murderous robot is on the loose. The Ministry of Interior gives the case to the police, but along with that, they hire a mechatronics professor named Faris for the case. They hired a professor to understand the robot and its technicalities better. The police start investigating the case.

Meanwhile, back at Yehia’s place, he finds a letter. The unknown person who wrote the letter knew Yehia had built Mousa. Along with the unknown person, Rika knew about Mousa too. She comes to Yehia’s place and confronts him. She tells him that she is there to help him out. He tells her that a friend of his sent the letter from the dark web, and he is asking him to kill criminals who sell drugs and guns and are involved in child trafficking. Rika and Yehia become a team and start hunting down various criminals. While they kill these criminals, Mousa starts getting famous. We later find out that Professor Faris’ son is suffering from a terminal illness, and he believes that Mousa can save him. We see that Mousa’s popularity increases day by day. 


Along with the police, a rich businessman, Samir al-Ashqar, is also after Mousa. He gets information from a policeman and reaches everywhere before the police. Professor Faris finds out about it and goes to Samir al-Ashqar with an offer. He says he knows Yehia has made the robot, and if they work together, he will give Mousa’s design to him. When Samir al-Ashqar asks him why he would help him out, he says he wants to save his son from dying. Faris sends some men onto a train and hijacks it. One of his men streams the whole hijacking online, and soon the news starts spreading. Yehia finds out about it and takes Mousa and Rika with him. While Mousa was trying to save the passengers on board, Mariam got kidnapped by Faris’ men.

Mousa successfully saves the passengers, but his parts become damaged in the process. When Yehia reaches home, he finds out that Mariam has been kidnapped. To save her, he goes to Faris himself. Mariam had told him that she did not need Mousa to be a hero, and he followed her advice. When he reaches Faris’ location, his men start looking for Mousa back at his place. He had set a timer on Mousa, and Mousa exploded. The news goes to Faris, who then asks Yehia to draw blueprints for Mousa’s design.


Does Yehia Give Away Mousa’s Design To Faris?

Yehia first asks Faris to let Mariam go. He agrees to it and asks Yehia to start drawing Mousa’s design. Yehia gets up and starts drawing, but we see him hiding his face. Soon, a car comes. Yehia’s friend from the dark web helps him. He gasses the entire location, and Faris’ men start fainting. Yehia’s friend also plant bombs at the location. Yehia hides and calls Rika from his phone, asking her to leave the location immediately. She gives a letter to Mariam in which Yehia confesses his feelings for her. We are under the pretense that Yehia dies; however, in the final moments of the movie, Yehia’s friend finds him alive. We then see a mystery man coming to the location where Yehia and Faris meet. This mystery man picks up one of Mousa’s parts, and the movie ends there.

Final Words

What happens when you copy the Hollywood industry and add a lot of CGI? You get “Mousa.” “Mousa” ended on a cliffhanger, and we might be getting a second part of it. However, it fails to impress the audience with its bad storyline and weak acting. The story is fast-paced, and a lot of things happened at the same time. The robot, Mousa, was created to serve justice; however, we don’t get to see the robot in depth. The whole story circles Yehia’s revenge, but he does not clarify why he was so mad at the whole world either. The movie leaves us confused halfway, and we are left to wonder what its message is.


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