‘Moonhaven’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending Explained – What Is The Secret Behind The Synthetic Flower Petal?

At the end of Episode 3, we see a masked mob approaching Indira Mare’s place that has come to either kill Tomm or take him with them. In “Moonhaven” Episode 4, we go deeper into the conspiracy by a group of Mooners as we see Bella and Paul try to uncover the truths that lie deep within Truelune.


The Attack and the Debate

As Tomm regains his consciousness, the masked mob takes out the guards stationed outside, breaks in, and attacks Bella, Paul, Indira, Arlo, and Blu. As they fight the mob, one of the masked men manages to inject Tomm with some kind of sedative that puts him back to sleep. In the middle of all the havoc, the whole place catches fire. Bella, Indira, Paul, and Arlo somehow manage to make it out, but the mob finally manages to take Tomm with them and escape. According to Bella, whatever the Mooners are planning requires Tomm to see it through. And with the First Wavers being celebrated the next day, the group may be planning some kind of attack or bombing during the celebration. But Paul knows that IO will prevent any bombing, but the one thing that it cannot prevent is “doubt” in the minds of the First Wavers regarding the mistake they are making by going to the “Mother” Earth.

As the First Wavers receive intel regarding their journey to Earth, including Paul’s son Wish, one of the wavers begins yelling that “it’s a trap” and that the Earthers will kill them as soon as they land. He is taken away, but Wish has begun to form doubts. Meanwhile, Indira tells Bella that Maite Voss isn’t letting the ships from Earth land on the Moon. And it is imperative that the ships land before anyone else finds out about Maite’s leverage for power by not letting the ships land. Bella offers her help to Indira.


At Paul’s home, a heated debate takes place between Paul and Fritz. Lone (Paul’s wife), Wish, and Elna are also present. Paul is positive about Wish going to Earth, where he will bring about change as well as learn new things. But Fritz doesn’t trust the Earthers and mentions the action that took place at the Envoy’s residence, something that Lone didn’t know about. Paul then reveals to them that the attack was planned by Mooners who have “shed their marks.” Wish is irritated with all this talk and walks out of the house. Paul follows and tells him that he cannot let what’s happening affect him. But Wish seems to believe Fritz. As Wish walks away, a little boy arrives and gives Paul a letter.

A Petal of Doubt

Bella arrives at Maite Voss’s place to talk to her. Voss mentions her fear that there are people on Earth who profit from destruction, and perhaps they are waiting to destroy the mooners as well. She wants to know what trouble IO saw ahead (as mentioned earlier by Envoy Indira in “Moonhaven” Episode 1.) Bella answers that the trouble IO saw was Maite herself and then leaves. Maite then tells Sonda, her second, who has just entered the room, that “something bigger-better” has come to save them all (so Earth is not the answer).


Bella is back at Paul’s, but he isn’t there. Lone tells her that he has gone to see his blood mother, who is breathing her last. Bella then tells her that some Mooners have turned against the bridge, and the Envoy’s guard (Tomm), an Earther, is involved too. Lone reveals that as much as she wants to stop the Bridge, she wants her son Wish to go and make things better for Earth. Bella stares at her for a few seconds before leaving to see Paul.

Paul meets his blood mother. With tears in his eyes, he tells her about the doubts he has garnered of late about Truelune. But her mother, Gnoc, reassures him that he is not alone. After bidding his mother goodbye, he meets Bella, who asks him why one needs to meet one’s blood parents. “It’s a tribute to the old ways,” says Paul.


Sonda arrives at Indira’s new office and tells her that she, too, has been unable to change Maite Voss’s mind and let the ships land. Indira tells her that if Maite doesn’t speak up, then someone else (indicating Sonda) needs to take a stand. Time is running out as the ships are scheduled to leave for the Earth in four days. Later on, we see Sonda meet Tomm in the jungle, who tells her that while he was under, he saw himself and Sonda and their future together on the new Moon.

Bella arrives at the police station and meets Arlo. She shows Arlo the synthetic flower petal that she recovered from the site where Chill was killed. She tells Arlo about what happened on the ship and how Strego mentioned two worlds and that “where one world ends, the next one begins.” After this, she leaves, telling Arlo to “detect” more from the petal while she gets “something” done. As Arlo looks at the video of Strego killing Chill, Paul arrives. Both notice that the flower in Chill’s hand, before Strego caught up to her, was leading her somewhere. And the petal belongs to the flower. They come to the conclusion that Strego left the flower in Bella’s ship after she told him that she was Chill’s sister. And his last words (“where one world ends, the next one begins”) were a clue to the flower’s location on the ship. Arlo takes Paul’s leave and goes to Bella’s ship to find the flower.


‘Moonhaven’ Episode 4 Ending Explained: Where is Bella’s Mother Loa?

As the celebration of the First Wavers continues, with Paul and his family celebrating Wish, Bella arrives at Maite’s place. It is there that Bella saw the painting of a flower, the same flower whose petal she gave to Arlo to analyze. Maite reveals to Bella that it was Bella’s mother, Loa, who painted the flower. The holographic letter that Bella found in her mother’s box was also for Maite. One day she went over the walls of Moonhaven, and when she returned, “she knew” about her daughters. And just like Loa, Maite believes that Bella, too, has a part to play in saving Moonhaven. Bella stresses the fact that the bridge has to happen, and Maite agrees too, “but not this way.” She says that “others have arrived,” and by “others,” she means aliens. Loa was the first one to make contact and told Maite of the passage. The aliens can speak to IO, and it is IO that has brought Bella to Moonhaven. Loa is with the aliens, and it is time for Maite and Bella to find her. Right then, an explosion outside turns Bella towards the window. When she turns back, Maite is gone. Outside, people watch as a fire takes the shape of the letter “M” over Earth. Back at Bella’s ship, Arlo is ultimately able to find the synthetic flower inside a locker. But as he closes the locker door after retrieving the flower, we see Tomm standing. He is also there for the flower.

It waits to be seen what secret the flower holds. Loa also knew about flower, so she is as much involved in whatever is happening as is Tomm. But while Tomm’s intentions are apparently not good, Loa, according to Maite, seems to have established a connection with the “others” and found a new way to bridge with Earthers, unless there is another plan of action. Moreover, Bella’s purpose also waits to be revealed. “Moonhaven” Episode 5 will hopefully throw light on all of these. 


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