‘Moonhaven’ Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained – What Is The Intent Of Maite Voss?

At the end of “Moonhaven” episode 2, we saw Bella and Paul see the message from Chill who reveals that the Bridge is a trap. Episode 3 shows Indira Mare’s childhood. Meanwhile, in the present, Bella and Paul dig deeper into IO and the Singer based on Strego Nall’s last words.


An Envoy Child

Young Indira arrives at a Moonhaven institution where kids of her age are taught to build technologies that IO conceives for the survival of humanity. She starts learning how to use an IO simulator. She makes friends with another girl, Basta. One day, their batch is taken to a poison pool (a pool with some kind of poisoned water), where they are shown the power of IO technology that turns the dirty water crystal clear and drinkable. But Basta doubts that the rich will take all the technology and that those who cannot afford it will perish. Soon, the institution is attacked by a group of soldiers. However, to Indira’s surprise, Basta is “one of them.”

A New Ship and an Old Pelican

Paul tells Arlo that he believes what Bella is saying. Chill’s message felt like a warning. And the reason why Strego killed Chill, despite loving her so, is that she may have decided to go against whatever she, Strego, and perhaps others of their group were planning to do, knowing that the Bridge is a lie. Arlo reassures Paul that they will find the truth. After Paul comes out of Arlo’s home, he notices a boy. It is his newly appointed apprentice, Blu.


Bella is still at Paul’s place. As she goes through all the stuff in her mother’s box, she finds a holographic message, words of love, from her mother addressed to her sister, Chill. A few moments later, Elna, one of Paul’s kids, comes to her and tells her that she has found her ship. At this very moment, Bella hears twigs crunch behind her. There is someone or some people who are keeping a watch on her.

Later, Bella tells Paul that she thinks that Chill and Strego were working for Tomm. And the reason Strego pulled out his mark could be to go off-grid before putting some adverse plan into effect. She has to meet Envoy Indira and tell her the truth about what happened on her ship. As they walk while talking, they both notice a handprint formed of some kind of yellow dust on a tree. Paul is visibly intrigued, much more than Bella.


Bella arrives at Indira’s office, where Tomm is still healing. She tells Indira that Tomm is a double agent, something that Indira is not willing to believe in any way, apparently. However, Bella reassures her that what she is saying is the truth, and Indira either doesn’t know or is lying about it. Bella then leaves.

Elna brings Bella to her ship, where she finds the Singer case. She shows it to Paul and tells him that if Tomm was involved in recruiting locals to resist Earth, it could be that one of these people was trying to help by smuggling Moonhaven drugs over to Earth so that they could be put to use there as well. She tells Paul how a Pelican dissolved in water and left the container afloat, inside which she found the Singer. Paul takes Bella to the place where such boxes and machinery are made. As they look around, Bella observes a frame of a Pelican kept on a table, just like the one that dissolved. As she calls for Paul to show it to him, the guy who was near the table starts to run. Bella runs behind him and ends up in what Paul later reveals is the Mirrorwell. It has multiple mirrors, which apparently show things that affect a person the most. They also find the guy there, sitting and weeping by a mirror. His name is Sirl.


A Chaotic Atmosphere

Sirl is brought in for questioning. Bella tries to provoke him by stating what seems to be the plan of the likes of him, i.e., to send drugs to Earth and wait for humanity to burn itself away while they live their lives in peace on the Moon. But Sirl doesn’t say anything and leaves. Paul sends his apprentice, Blu, to follow him discreetly. Paul then takes Bella to Maite Voss, who is equally saddened due to the robbery of the Singer. It is at her headquarters where Singer is manufactured. However, she believes that no Mooner can steal it.

Meanwhile, both Bella and Paul observe the same yellow dust (similar to what they saw on the tree earlier) on the hands of a student as a handful of them stood around a plant (the dust belonged to the plant, it seemed). They were being taught about it by Voss before Paul and Bella arrived. Both Bella and Paul usher doubts as it can only mean one thing. Voss has administered people to keep a watch on Paul and Bella. As much as Bella doubts that some Mooners don’t want to leave Moonhaven and go to Earth, for Paul, Earth is the purpose of Moonhaven.

Indira Mare and Maite Voss are in front of the IO matrix that needs their consent before it can allow the transport ships from Earth to enter the Moon’s atmosphere. It must receive unanimous consent. But this doesn’t happen as while Indira inputs her consent, Maite denies it, and leaves without giving Indira any reason. The Earth Council is positively worried about this, as if the First Wave (first batch of Mooners) is prevented from leaving on time, all Earth will anticipate that something is wrong. This will lead to chaos.

‘Moonhaven’ Episode 3 Ending Explained- Who Are The Masked People?

Back at Paul’s place, he gives Bella some new parts for her ship. But as she is about to go to her ship, Elna arrives. She clearly wants to be on the ship with Bella. Bella fixes her ship as Elna watches in excitement, even assisting her a bit. Then Bella takes her for a ride to space and returns.


As Paul and Bella talk about their mother, Elna also with them, Paul receives a notification from Blu. After arriving at the location from where Paul received the notification, they find him down and hurt among the bushes. He tells them that Sirl tried to kill him after realizing that he was following him. They begin to look for Sirl and eventually find corpse. Apparently, Blu “fought back.” They then find a hole filled with lots of IO markers. This means that there are others like Strego Nall and Sirl, too, who have gone off-grid. Bella realizes that Tomm’s life could be in danger as he knows something about the plan of the people with whom Sirl is working. These people will not risk compromising their plan and will come to kill Tomm as soon as possible. They rush to Indira Mare’s office, and Bella tells Indira about all that has happened. Sometime later, as all are asleep except for Bella, Tomm begins to regain his consciousness. Meanwhile, a masked mob approaches the building.

We do not know who these masked people are. Have they been sent by Maite Voss? And how does Tomm know about her plan, if at all? Or do these people belong to some sacred cult that is inclined towards preventing Moonhaven from achieving its purpose of sending Mooners back to Earth? Also, it waits to be seen who Basta is, the mysterious girl from Indira’s childhood, and how she is connected to all that’s happening, because she definitely is.


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