‘Moon In The Day’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Han Joon-Oh Kill Young Hwa?

Moon in the Day is a South Korean drama that has just released its first two episodes. Starring Kim Young-dae, Pyo Ye-jin, On Joo-wan, and Jung Woong-in, this series is a romantic tale of two lovers who were distanced from each other by their tragic fate. Moon in the Day is a story of reincarnation and two lovers finding their way to each other. Let’s see how Young Hwa and Joon Oh could cross paths and realize that they were brought together by destiny to fulfill their unrequited destiny.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Kang Young Hwa?

Moon in the Day Episode 1 opens with Young Hwa having a horrific nightmare in which she sees herself as the lover of an ancient warrior who killed her entire family in the War of Gaya. Therefore, to take revenge on her lover, she stabbed him from behind. As the warrior’s spirit left his body and confronted Young Hwa, she began to run away. She came closer to a cliff, and having no way to go, she jumped into the river. Young Hwa woke up from the nightmare but couldn’t remember it properly. We see Young Hwa is a firefighter who was taking a nap in the middle of her work hours. However, as she woke up, she began to contemplate the nightmares she had been having recently. Suddenly, an emergency alert led all of the firefighters to rush to the spot to rescue the people from within a burning building. As they all searched inside the building, Young Hwa found a middle-aged man who was stuck inside his room with his dog. Both of them were in very bad condition. As soon as the firefighters reached them, the middle-aged man’s health was restored. But Young Hwa didn’t give up on the dog. She kept giving it CPR and finally managed to save its life. Young Hwa became a heroic figure for her bravery and kindness. Soon, she became a viral figure for her heroism.


The next day, on the metro, Young Hwa accidentally fell asleep and left her phone on her metro seat. A passenger from the metro followed her and gave her her phone back. This passenger must have been aware of Young Hwa’s reincarnation, as he could see a spirit surrounding Young Hwa that no one else could see. As Young Hwa slept at night, we saw the spirit of the warrior guarding her. Young Hwa, who could feel the presence of the spirit, had another dream in which she was spending some romantic time with her warrior lover under a tree.

Who Was Han Joon Oh?

The warrior seen in Young Hwa’s dreams was now reincarnated as a young and handsome celebrity named Han Joon Oh, who was featured in a tribute video to the firefighters. Han Joon Oh, often dubbed the “nation’s boyfriend,” became a popular star even though he was a talentless and lazy individual. Even though he was a successful actor, he didn’t like to work hard on his craft, leaving everything up to the directors and editors. Both his manager and his brother became wary of his carelessness. During this time, Han Joon Oh was dating another celebrity actress, Yie Seol, who didn’t quite like his company. As Joon Oh was deeply in love with Seol, he wanted to take part in every drama she was in, but his managers found it too hard to make his wish come true. One day, when Joon Oh and Seol spent some time together to celebrate their 300th day of togetherness, Joon Oh told her that he wanted to perform with her in the historical drama that she was part of. As a result, in the morning, Seol broke up with him while he was asleep, leaving a note wishing him goodbye. However, when Joon Oh’s manager came to take him to the film set, he found Joon Oh was not only asleep but also drugged, rendering him unconscious. His manager saw the note and hid it, as he didn’t want him to get devastated in the middle of a shoot. Han Joon Oh was soon routed towards the hospital, where he regained his senses. He wasn’t yet aware that Seol had broken up with him, so he was pretty much happy reminiscing about the previous night he spent with her.


In the meantime, we get to see Joon Oh’s brother having a serious conversation with the doctor, who revealed that Joon Oh had a brain tumor that was cancerous. His brother was heartbroken and found it very difficult to trust his diagnosis. So he decided to see other doctors for his brother’s check-up.

Did Han Joon Oh Kill Young Hwa?

Han Joon Oh was quickly brought back from the hospital, as he had a very urgent event on the firefighting program. In that event, he shared the stage with Kang Young Hwa, who felt awkward in front of the cameras. They were tasked with demonstrating a resuscitation process on a dummy. As Young Hwa started teaching Han Joon Oh about the CPR technique, in the middle of the demonstration, the paparazzi were asked to stop the shooting. Young Hwa thought Han Joon Oh would seriously be learning the technique, but he was not interested in any of what was going on. Rather, he was busy calling Seol, who didn’t pick up his calls. Young Hwa felt very humiliated by this behavior, so she grabbed his phone and walked out of the room. As Joon Oh tried to get his phone back, Young Hwa pulled his hand behind his back, spraining his hand. Han Joon Oh got his phone back and told his manager everything about Young Hwa. His manager found it too offensive, so he started looking for Young Hwa.


Meanwhile, Joon Oh got into his manager’s car and called Seol, who probably told him the truth—that she had broken up with him. As soon as he heard this, Joon Oh felt a strange feeling in his body. He felt dizzy and tipped over the steering wheel. The vehicle started moving towards the river. Spotting this, Young Hwa ran towards the vehicle to save him. But he was drowned in the river. Young Hwa leaped into the water and rescued him, but she wasn’t certain if he was alive or not. Joon Oh was rushed to the hospital, where doctors tried their best to save his life, but he remained unresponsive. The doctors pronounced him dead. Seeing this, Young Hwa felt devastated and fell to the ground, unconscious.

At the end of Moon in the Day episode 1, we see Joon Oh’s dead body absorbing a mysterious force in the morgue. He was brought back to life, but it seemed like he was not Han Joon Oh anymore; rather, he was the warrior lover of Young Hwa. While Joon Oh’s death news was broadcast on the TV, we saw him walking around the hospital. No one could see him except for a kid. As we follow Joon Oh, we see him entering the hospital room where Young Hwa was admitted. He woke her up and hugged her, saying that he had waited to see her for a long time. Young Hwa couldn’t understand anything and felt stunned by Joon Oh’s behavior.


Meanwhile, we find Joon Oh grabbing a knife from the fruit bowl and taking aim to stab Young Hwa. Some flashbacks of the historical era were shown, portraying the warrior’s death at the hands of Young Hwa. Probably, in this life, that warrior had taken over Joon Oh’s body to take revenge on Young Hwa. Let’s unravel the rest of the mystery in the upcoming episodes.

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