‘Monsieur Spade’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To Philippe?

In the penultimate episode of Monsieur Spade, the reason why Zyad was so important to everyone was revealed. George and Cynthia were revealed to be two spies working for the British Intelligence, who wanted to bring Zyad to safety as every other secret organization like OAS wanted the kid, since he was gifted with a special ability to crack any kind of code. Sam Spade didn’t want to get involved in this, but Teresa’s life was in jeopardy as she was Philippe’s daughter and was also a target of OAS, who wanted to get to Philippe through her. In the last episode of this miniseries, the entangled web of mystery is unraveled in haste, which ends in a haphazard way. Let’s discuss what happened in the season finale to resolve our quarrels.


Spoilers Ahead

Who was the mysterious biker?

Monsieur Spade Episode 6 opened with Marguerite shedding her tears for her deceased husband, Jean-Pierre, who died by Philippe’s hand. Spade and Patrice came to Marguerite’s house to inform her of the news of her husband’s death, and it seemed like Marguerite wanted answers from Philippe even though she knew that she wouldn’t get any. Because confronting Philippe would be a dangerous decision for her, she couldn’t just sit quietly at home, so she decided to go to Philippe’s house, where she met with his mother, Audrey Saint-Andre. Marguerite came to Philippe’s house to return the gun that took her husband’s life.


Meanwhile, Henri and Teresa had an interesting conversation as Teresa told him that she knew that he was someone from OAS. She also revealed that she had stolen his diary and looked into it. Henri tried to convince her that she didn’t have any idea who her father (Philippe) was and what atrocities he had committed, but in response, Teresa told him that she didn’t believe Philippe was her father. Perhaps, just like Marguerite, Teresa had also concluded that Spade was her actual father, not Philippe. However, it was also revealed that, after all, Henri was that mysterious biker who had tried to attack Teresa and Spade previously. By kidnapping Teresa, Henri and the people he worked for wanted to get a hold of Philippe. Teresa probably realized that Henri wasn’t a good guy, so she cut her ties with him. 

What happened to George?

George and Cynthia, the two spies from British Intelligence agency, MI6, were after Zyad, but in this latest episode, it was revealed that George had different plans. He was secretly meeting Gazala. Both of them had planned to grab all the money from Philippe and leave the country. We saw George sneaking into the hideout where Gazala was and making love to her, but when George was on his way back home, Cynthia spotted him. Cynthia was aware that George had gone rogue, so before he could leave, she decided to put an end to him. Cynthia killed him in cold blood by shooting him to death in the middle of the street. 


Who killed the monk?

The monk, who had previously killed those six nuns in the chapel and intended to kidnap Zyad, had been roaming the streets in search of the boy. When Teresa left Henri and went on her way back home, she was captured by the monk, who asked her to help him get the boy. Spade, in the meantime, was in a dilemma regarding Teresa being his biological daughter. When the maid told Spade that he had always ignored how Teresa wanted him to love her, he realized that Teresa’s love for him was genuine, and it was high time he should really accept her as his own daughter. However, in the meantime, Mr. Kahn approached him and told him that he would like Spade to stay out of Zyad’s case. Mr. Kahn introduced himself as the private detective working for Zyad’s family and claimed that he would take care of the boy and his safety. Actually, Mr. Kahn was the one to whom Philippe was about to sell Zyad in exchange for a large sum of money, but Philippe had something up his sleeve. Knowing that Kahn, who was a member of OAS, could be a dangerous guy, he hatched a plan to grab his money and kill him.

Kahn finally reached the hideout where Philippe was supposed to hand Zyad over to him, but as Kahn showed up in front of Gazala and Zyad, Philippe grabbed his sniper and shot Kahn to death. Henri was also there to back Kahn, but he couldn’t save his life. In the meantime, Gazala managed to grab Kahn’s money and ran away from the place, leaving Zyad behind. Zyad was in the middle of the street when Philippe and Henri started shooting at each other. Finally, the monk with Teresa showed up there, causing a distraction that stopped the gunfire. The monk began to threaten to kill Teresa if he didn’t get Zyad, so the little boy, who realized Teresa’s life was at stake, came forward to save her from the mad monk. But Spade showed up right in time and pointed his gun at the monk; however, before he could do anything, Patrice stepped in and shot the monk to death. 


Who’d take care of Zyad? 

Philippe was about to escape, but he was captured by Cynthia. In the meantime, a woman named Virginia, who worked as the secretary general of the United States’s council was there to take Zyad, as she believed Zyad would only be safe in the United States. Mr. Kahn’s other accomplice, Suchet, interrupted as he was still after Zyad and wanted him, as he believed, being born in Algeria, Zyad belonged to their French Liberation group. However, Virginia didn’t listen to anyone and claimed that Zyad’s birth identity had nothing to do with his safety, as in Europe, he had the most dangerous people after him. Virginia blamed Suchet and Philippe for their atrocities against the innocent people who lost their lives. Therefore, surely Bozouls or anywhere in France, Zyad wouldn’t be safe, and Spade conceded that. He also saw that Virginia was from the United States, and she had no association with secret army groups like OAS, so it would be better if she’d take care of Zyad.

Monsieur Spade episode 6 ended with Spade finally accepting Teresa as his own daughter and finally inheriting all that was left for him by Gabrielle. As Jean-Pierre was also out of the picture, there was no obstacle in Spade’s way to enjoy his property and the vineyard, which reminded him of his deceased love the most. 


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