‘Monica’ (2023) Ending, Explained: What Happened Between Monica And Eugenia?

Life can be considered a tapestry that is woven with countless threads of unexpected events. These surprises often carry the power to transport us back in time, enabling us to relive moments we thought were lost forever. Like a gust of wind carrying forgotten melodies, these chance encounters with the past have an uncanny ability to find their way back to us. Monica revolves around the same notion, as it takes us on the extraordinary journey of Monica, a transwoman who must confront the most agonizing chapter of her life, reawakening buried emotions and scars. As the days unfold, Monica’s bitterness begins to fade, paving the way for happiness, and we are drawn into Monica’s world—a world filled with challenges and internal conflicts. We witness the raw emotions, the heartache, and the longing that permeate her being as she struggles to heal the wounds inflicted by society’s prejudice and her own family.


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Why Did Monica Distance Herself From Her Family?

Monica’s decision to distance herself from her family stemmed from a combination of factors, including the struggles she faced in fulfilling her basic needs, her experiences of homelessness, and the rejection she encountered from her loved ones. It all began when Monica underwent a gender-affirming surgery to embrace her true identity as a transwoman. But her mother, Eugenia, couldn’t accept this new aspect of Monica’s identity and made the painful decision to kick her out. This rejection by her own mother left Monica deeply wounded and feeling abandoned. It shattered her trust, leading her to question whether anyone in her life would truly accept her for who she was.


These circumstances had left her emotionally fragile and vulnerable, leading her to constantly reach out to her ex-boyfriend Jimmy in search of emotional connection and stability. However, Jimmy’s inability or unwillingness to continue their relationship added to Monica’s feelings of isolation. In a surprising turn of events, Monica received an unexpected call from her sister-in-law, Laura, informing her about Eugenia’s deteriorating health. Despite the painful memories and past conflicts, Monica found herself at a crossroads, contemplating whether to seize the opportunity for reconciliation or simply the chance to see her family once again. Though hesitant, Monica recognized the significance of the situation, faced with the possibility of her mother’s imminent passing.

As the disease continued to take a toll on Eugenia’s mental stability, she no longer recognized Monica as her daughter due to the debilitating effects of the brain tumor. Initially, Eugenia might have shown resistance to Monica’s presence, not wanting anyone to bear the burden of her care. However, as the days went by, an unanticipated shift occurred, leading to a deepening bond between the two women. But to heal their fractured bond, Monica courageously took it upon herself to mend the wounds of the past. She understood that the present moment was fleeting, and she refused to let it slip away before she could fix what was broken. Monica believed that repairing their relationship was more important than holding onto grievances or seeking validation from a mother who could no longer provide it in the traditional sense.


‘Monica’ Ending Explained – What Happened Between Monica And Eugenia?

After years of separation, Monica and her brother Paul finally engaged in heartfelt conversations. In the course of their interactions, she uncovered the undeniable truth that Paul’s relationship with Laura, his wife, was teetering on the edge of collapse. Monica discovered that Paul, too, had endured his own share of problems and, at one point, had thoughts of escaping from the confines of the tumultuous family dynamic with Eugenia. Amidst the bittersweet circumstances, Monica found solace in witnessing Eugenia’s metamorphosis as a doting grandmother, radiating affection and tenderness towards her grandchildren and those entrusted with her care. Monica couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of sorrow as she observed her mother enduring relentless nightmares. So, she reached out to comfort her during those tormented nights.

Despite the heartrending nature of these moments, they presented Monica with an invaluable chance to delve into the uncharted depths of her bond with Paul and his family. Though Paul’s reaction may not have been overtly exuberant, Monica discerned an unmistakable undercurrent of elation upon their reunion. This rekindled connection between Monica, Paul, and her family propelled her towards unexplored realms within her relationships, breathing life into forgotten memories and creating new, indelible experiences. Even though Eugenia no longer recognized her as her daughter, Monica managed to forge a beautiful bond with her mother. It was a bond that transcended the limitations of memory and relied on the deeper connection they shared as a family.


For Monica, being able to connect with Eugenia despite her illness became a source of healing and closure. In the end, it provided her with a sense of validation and acceptance that she had long yearned for. Through their interactions, Monica discovered the power of unconditional love, saw beyond the limitations of Eugenia’s condition, and embraced the moments of tenderness that they shared. In some ways, the absence of recognition from Eugenia allowed Monica to let go of past grievances, and she found solace in the simple acts of caring for Eugenia and being present in her life, regardless of anything that happened between them.

Even though Monica had her share of painful memories, she found herself repeatedly choosing to stay with Eugenia, as it was a complex decision fueled by a multitude of emotions. Throughout her life, Monica had learned that her life could change in unexpected ways. She witnessed how seemingly small moments or chance encounters impacted her life. With this understanding, Monica remained open to the idea that the future might hold surprises and opportunities she could never have predicted.

Monica is an extraordinary film that masterfully weaves together a compelling narrative with exemplary characters, creating a cinematic experience that is both thought-provoking and emotionally resonant. What sets this movie apart is its unique approach to addressing sensitive issues, employing a subtle and calm tone that leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Overall, the performances in Monica are nothing short of outstanding. The actors have tried their best to bring authenticity to their respective roles enabling the audience to relate with the characters emotions and experiences and we believe that it works in favor of the film.

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