Amirah And Mansoor Watson Case In ‘Missing: Dead Or Alive?,’ Recap: Who Found Tynesha Brooks?

While Richland County officers were looking for Lorraine Garcia and were finally able to discover her safe and healthy, another missing person case had been brought into their unit. J.P. Smith, who oversees the Missing Juvenile Unit, was informed of the disappearance and promptly notified the police department. In the second episode of Missing: Dead or Alive, the Richland County Missing Person Unit received another missing report of Amirah Watson, a ten-year-old girl who did not return to her caregiver, her father, Mansoor Watson, raising concerns about her safety.


Tynesha Brooks, Amirah’s mother, who had recently lost custody of her daughter, became the primary suspect in the case. Tynesha Brooks had abducted Amirah on the day she was supposed to bring her to Mansoor. Both of their disappearances quickly sparked suspicions and put Tynesha’s motives and mental condition into question. Authorities understood the critical need to protect Amirah from a possibly aggressive and impulsive parent. The investigation’s ultimate goal was to reconnect Amirah with her father while also ensuring the child’s safety and well-being after investigating both of the parents’ concerns. The authorities recognized the need to conduct a comprehensive and painstaking investigation to determine the facts behind Amirah’s disappearance and return her to a safe environment.

Why Did Tynesha Become The Prime Suspect?

At the station, Mansoor made an appearance and described his relationship with his ex-wife, Tynesha. Tynesha became pregnant at the time when they had a falling out, and soon they grew apart. Despite the fact that Mansoor covered all of Tynesha’s child support responsibilities, Tynesha never showed him any favors. She made an effort to keep her child to herself by kidnapping her since she didn’t want Mansoor to take care of their child. In the middle of it all, Tynesha’s aunt Jackie had always defended her, suggesting that she could be aware of where Tynesha and Amirah might be.


JP Smith, the head of the missing juvenile case, and a fellow officer, Molly, continued their investigation. Since Tynesha and her aunt Jackie were the last people to see Amirah, according to Mansoor, Jackie was likely to be aware of where Tynesha had taken her kid. Jackie was questioned several times, but each time she gave evasive responses, typically hiding information that might help the investigation progress.

JP Smith cautioned her not to hide information or lie to the police, but Jackie created the impression that no matter what, she wouldn’t be speaking out. It was evident that she was trying to protect Tynesha. However, she blamed Mansoor, accusing him of child abuse. She claimed that Tynesha had gone to the police several times to file a report against Mansoor for child abuse. Tynesha had actually filed multiple complaints against Mansoor, according to a cursory investigation, but none of these allegations had evidence to support them. Due to a lack of solid proof of abuse, the court ruled that Mansoor should have custody of Amirah. The officers were suspicious of the father at first, but after seeing the court findings and lack of proof in those instances, they trusted Mansoor.


Who Found Amirah And Tynesha?

Tiana, an advocate in the Missing Juvenile Unit, received a lead one day and followed it to find the mother and girl. She made contact with a shelter provider, where Tynesha and Amirah were most likely staying. Molly phoned Mansoor following Tirana’s talk with the shelter provider, who verified that Amirah and Tynesha were staying there. Mansoor was overjoyed to hear the news and was preparing to welcome his daughter. He reached the police station and eagerly waited to hear his daughter’s voice, but ultimately he didn’t get to hear it. The intel on the shelter was inaccurate. Molly had gone to the shelter to find the mother and daughter, but the people she met weren’t Tynesha and Amirah at all. It was an unknown mother with two children, none of whom was named Amirah. Molly understood that the shelter provider had messed up by not providing accurate information to her.

Mansoor again ended up being disappointed, and all his dreams crashed in front of his eyes. The team continued the investigation, and the case began to get national attention. As a result, more and more law enforcement agencies joined the inquiry and searched adjacent counties for Amirah. Eventually, within a few months, in Atlanta, Georgia, the US Marshals were able to find Amirah alongside her mother, Tynesha, in a family member’s house. They informed Mansoor following the discovery. Tynesha was arrested, but Mansoor dropped all charges, knowing that Tynesha needed psychiactric help to get rid of the negativity inside her mind. Mansoor regained custody, and he now lives with his daughter, who is now both physically and mentally safe and healthy. J. P. Smith and his whole unit had not been able to discover Amirah, but at least he was happy that the unfortunate kid, who had undergone such a big trauma watching the conflicts between her parents and her mother’s brainless decision to struggle with her existence, had been returned to her home safe and sound.


Final Words

In the midst of their search for Amirah Watson, Richland County authorities were met with yet another missing person’s case: David Taylor. While they were happy to have found Amirah, the inquiry into David’s disappearance was only getting started. We will be able to see Officer Vicky and Heidi together once again to investigate the disappearance of David, just as they previously did in the case of Lorraine Garcia. In the upcoming episodes, we will get to see whether Richland County investigators will be able to find David safe and sound, as they did with Lorraine and Amirah.

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