‘Miraculous Brothers’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens When Kang San Wakes Up?

In a world where hope remains a distant whisper and life offers no promises, Dong Ju finds himself trapped in a cycle of despair, weighed down by the relentless struggle for a better existence. Each day blurs into the next, with no signs of respite or improvement in sight. However, destiny has a different plan in store. In a chance encounter, Dong Ju’s path collides with that of Kang San, a young man whose arrival seems to breathe new life into the dreary landscape of Dong Ju’s existence.


Kang San’s presence acts as a catalyst, igniting a chain reaction of positive developments in Dong Ju’s life. But Kang San holds a dark secret—a truth that threatens to shatter Dong Ju’s world. As the web of consequences unravels, the course of their intertwined destinies is forever altered. Miraculous Brothers delves into the impact of Dong Ju and Kang San’s unexpected encounters, where the boundaries between fate and choice blur and the cost of change may prove higher than anyone could anticipate.

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What Happens When Dong-Ju Encounters Kang San?

Yuk Dong-Ju aspires to become a renowned writer. Despite possessing a natural talent for storytelling, Dong Ju’s journey to success and winning writing competitions has remained elusive. The lack of financial stability and support has taken a toll on his mental well-being. However, Dong Ju is not one to give up easily. He strives to improve, all while making ends meet through a delivery job that barely sustains him. But when his roommate absconds with his hard-earned money, Dong Ju’s world collapses. Adding to his struggles is his strained relationship with his mother, whose drinking habits have always caused friction between them. Her financial losses caused by the misplaced trust is a recurrent topic of argument between them. When Dong Ju discovers that his mother has gotten into trouble for drinking and driving and has even blindly invested her security deposit money, he reaches his breaking point. All he has ever wanted is his mother’s understanding and for her to take care of herself. Yet she belittles his writing aspirations and blames him for working as a delivery man.

Dong Ju’s already troublesome day is marred by misfortune, culminating in a fateful encounter that will forever alter his life. As he navigates the streets, lost in his thoughts, a sudden impact shakes him to the core—an unfortunate accident unfolding before his eyes. A young man (Kang San) materializes out of thin air, appearing seemingly from nowhere, and collides with Dong Ju’s car. Shock and panic grip Dong Ju’s heart as he frantically rushes to the young man’s aid. Determined to help, he swiftly transports Kang San to the nearest hospital, hoping for a miracle. However, the situation seems grim. Kang San lies motionless, and just when all seems lost, a miracle transpires, and Kang San wakes up. The doctors, astounded by this extraordinary recovery, are left speechless. As the police arrive, their inquiries only heighten the mounting tension. The absence of Kang San’s identity and the mysterious circumstances surrounding the accident intensify the complexity of the situation. Dong Ju finds himself entangled in a web of uncertainty, his every move scrutinized, and his own understanding of the events called into question.


How Does Kang San’s Novel Help Dong-Ju?

As Dong Ju’s thoughts race, he suddenly remembers that Kang San’s belongings were left with him, and it compels Dong Ju to go through the young man’s bag, hoping to find some clue about his mysterious identity. As he rummages through the items, he stumbles upon a collection of peculiar objects, piquing his interest further. Among them, he discovers a novel titled ‘The Almighty Is Dead,’ lacking the author’s name. Driven by curiosity, Dong Ju decides to read the novel. With each turn of the meticulously crafted sentences, Dong-Ju is intrigued, and he is immediately captivated by the narrative’s unique perspective and thought-provoking ideas. Eager to know more about this extraordinary work, Dong Ju looks up the novel’s name to find any references or information online, but there is no trace of the novel or its author. But then Dong Ju realizes that Kang San is the genius behind the novel.

Desperate to save his mother from a potential prison sentence, Dong Ju seeks help from Lee Myung-Seok, the owner of a publishing company. Acting swiftly upon his friend’s suggestion, Dong Ju musters the courage to approach Myung-Seok. However, their encounter takes an unexpected turn. Myung-Seok, unrelenting in his condescension, belittles Dong Ju for his writing and mocks his meager earnings. Fueled by anger and frustration, Dong Ju impulsively hands over Kang San’s novel, deceitfully claiming it as his own work. To his astonishment, Myung-Seok falls head over heels for the book, declaring his desire to publish it immediately. Dong Ju initially hesitates, knowing that he has stolen Kang San’s credit. Yet, the allure of finally living his dream life makes Dong Ju reluctantly agree to Myung-Seok’s proposition. Months fly by, and Dong Ju finds himself relishing a life he never thought possible. But just as Dong Ju begins to settle into his altered reality, Kang San emerges from his coma, and now the truth, once concealed, threatens to unravel everything Dong Ju has built.


What Makes Kang San Such A Mysterious Character?

Kang San’s enigmatic nature adds an intriguing layer to his character. His silent demeanor, accompanied by a perpetually expressionless face and intense gaze, creates an aura of mystery for those around him. The episode begins with Kang San being pursued by unknown individuals, and an intriguing element further deepens the mystery when a blue light emanates from Kang San’s bag, only to vanish mysteriously. This light seems to be connected to a peculiar stone that Dong Ju discovers inside the bag. While the exact nature of the stone and its purpose remain unexplained, it is hinted that it may function as a portal or possess hidden powers sought by someone who wants destruction.

As Kang San awakens, the episode also unveils a connection between him and a mysterious man distinguished by peculiar burned or embedded marks on his hand, who has already killed a famous director named Shin Kyung Chul. This man appears to be intertwined with Kang San’s fate. Kang San exhibits an additional extraordinary ability—he has the power to read people’s minds and glimpse into their future, although he may not fully comprehend the extent of this gift yet. When Dong Ju encounters Kang San, he is captivated by the young man’s behavior. However, the most significant revelation comes when Kang San asks for his bag.

What Happens When Kang San Wakes Up?

As the episode comes to an end, Kang San’s extraordinary abilities and potential for helping others are revealed. Prior to his full recovery, Kang San had inexplicably appeared in the room of an elderly comatose patient who was nearing the sunset of her life. Sensing that her daughter, Sun Hye, had arrived, Kang San vanished from his own room and teleported to the patient’s ward. He not only hears the thoughts of those around him but also has the ability to channel the voice of the patient. As he speaks to Sun Hye, she hears her mother’s voice instead of his own, providing solace and reassurance. Sun Hye’s mother encourages her not to blame herself for her declining health and gives her peace of mind. Witnessing this extraordinary encounter, Dong Ju becomes a firsthand observer of Kang San’s unique abilities.

Moreover, Dong Ju is surprised by the doctor’s revelation that Kang San has a larger right brain than his left, which can occur in some individuals, but doesn’t fully explain his superhuman powers. Dong Ju is left bewildered, realizing that Kang San is indeed different from anyone he has ever encountered. In the first episode of Miraculous Brothers, these intriguing details provide a glimpse into the mysterious journey that lies ahead for Dong Ju and Kang San. There is a huge chance that with each event, their bond might strengthen, and the strange occurrences surrounding Kang San will bring new information about him, as it sets the stage for the wondrous adventures that await them on their shared path.


What To Expect In The Next Episode?

The ending of the first episode of Miraculous Brothers leaves viewers craving answers. A significant cliffhanger emerges when Kang San expresses deep concern about his backpack, hinting that it holds crucial importance. Dong Ju, perceptive as ever, realizes that the book Kang San wrote should not be published as it may pose a danger that is yet to be revealed. This revelation strongly suggests that Dong Ju has become entangled in a web of events far beyond his imagination. The connection between the mysterious villain and the murders that have taken place becomes apparent, hinting at a possible link to the novel written by Kang San. With Kang San’s ability to see the future and read minds, the stakes are raised, and the anticipation grows for how these supernatural powers will intersect with the unfolding mystery.

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