‘Million Dollar Lethal Listing’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did Tom Get Arrested?

The movie Million Dollar Lethal Listing is all about Becca, a woman who’s always dreamed of marrying the perfect man and living in her dream house. She’d do anything for it. Becca thought she found her dream guy, Tom, who’s a lawyer. She imagined living in a big, beautiful house with him. So, after contacting a real estate agent named Samantha Ryan, she took a quick decision and bought a house from a man named Riley King for half a million dollars, all with her own money. She thought she was investing in her future. But, surprise! The house wasn’t Riley King’s, and they weren’t the real owners. It was a million-dollar real estate scam! How did she get out of it? Did she get her money back? Well, Becca had to uncover the truth and find out who were involved in the scam. Let’s dive into this explainer to find out more!


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Becca And Tom Find Out That They Didn’t Own The House? 

Becca is about to tie the knot with her fiancé, Tom, who’s a lawyer about to join a big, prestigious firm. She’s super proud of him and their upcoming marriage, despite her friends’ reservations about Tom being much older. Becca loves their relationship and is willing to do anything to make Tom happy. So, what does she do? Becca starts house hunting for their future together. After a long search, Becca connects with a real estate agent named Samantha Ryan, who shows her this stunningly beautiful house. After spending time there, Becca feels it’s the perfect place for them. But there’s a catch: Samantha mentions that the seller, Riley King, wants all the money in cash, and quickly too, or he’ll sell it to someone else. Becca is determined to make it work, even though her lawyer advised her to get a prenup and put the house in her name to protect her assets. She brushes off the advice, believing in their marriage and trusting Tom to handle all the legal stuff. So, Becca decides to go all-in, using her own money to buy the house in cash.


Tom seems on board with the decision, and they seal the deal with Riley King. Becca is thrilled to start their future together in their dream home. But soon, strange things start happening. Tom and Becca hear noises in the bushes outside the house, and Becca feels like someone is watching them. Then, one morning, Tom and Becca find a stranger in their house—the real owner! It turns out that Riley King wasn’t the true owner of the house. They’ve been caught in a million-dollar real estate scam. They’re in serious trouble now, especially Becca, who invested all her money in buying the house. They realize they’ve been deceived and need to find a way out of this mess before it’s too late.

Who Killed Samantha? 

Becca knew she had to uncover the truth about the situation. She started discussing it with her fiancé, Tom, but he seemed indifferent, which was unsettling. Despite being a lawyer, Tom didn’t seem to care much. He kept saying they should stay out of it because it might ruin his career, especially since he was about to join a prestigious firm. He was worried people would think he was foolish for not recognizing the fake documents. He was only concerned about his career, not Becca, her money, or their future. Becca realized this wasn’t the Tom she thought she was going to marry. After much persuasion, Tom pretended he spoke to the police about the house, who supposedly said they couldn’t get their money back due to a lack of legal documents. However, Becca decided to contact the detective herself and discovered Tom’s lie. The detective assured her they would pursue the case seriously as it was grand larceny, a severe crime. But Becca knew Tom wouldn’t approve of involving the police further, so she decided to investigate on her own. She went to the Lighthouse Realtor’s office to inquire about Samantha Ryan but discovered that Samantha’s real name was Mia Horner, and she had been fired.


After getting this information, Becca confronted Mia at her house. Mia confessed that she did it for money and was being pressured by powerful people. Becca informed the police about Mia and discussed it with Tom when she got home. Instead of supporting her, Tom got angry and started manipulating her. The next day, they got shocking news: the detective found Mia strangled in her home. Becca’s fingerprints were on the back door, leading the police to suspect her. But the real culprit was Tom himself. Actually, Tom wanted the money that Becca used for the house. He manipulated ex-convict Riley King and former real estate agent Mia, promising them money. When Mia was close to exposing their scam, Tom instructed Riley to handle it, and Riley ended up killing Mia. But Tom realized things were getting out of control, especially with Becca investigating. He told Riley to leave, but Riley threatened Tom, saying he’d expose him to the police. Being angry and scared, Tom choked Riley to death.

Did They Arrest Tom? 

After all that happened, Tom tried to manipulate Becca once again, calling her irrational and an overthinker, and saying that they should break off the engagement. Becca felt hurt and betrayed, so she moved in with her friend Annie. But something didn’t feel right. Why did Mia end up dead right after Becca told Tom about her? Becca knew she had to uncover the truth, so she snooped around Tom’s office and found files about Riley King, an ex-convict whom Tom had helped avoid a murder charge. Maybe Riley felt indebted to Tom and helped him with the scam. When they visited Riley’s house, they found him dead, which made Becca contact the detective again. The detective suspected Tom, so she managed to wire Becca’s half a million dollars back to her account, which they’d retrieved from Riley’s account. Finally, Becca felt relieved. But just as they were enjoying their time at Annie’s house, Tom barged in, demanding money and Becca’s account number. Becca remained calm, attacked him with a stun gun, and made him unconscious. When the police arrived, they arrested Tom. Finally, it was over.


At the end of Million Dollar Lethal Listing, we see Becca finally relieved and happy. She finally got her money back; Tom was in jail, and she could begin her life as she wanted. Even though her lawyer said she could keep her money and take Tom’s assets, she didn’t want anything to do with him. For now, she’s content to live independently.

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