‘Mili’ Ending, Explained: How Is Mili Able To Survive The Night Inside The Freezer?

A tale of survival. A tale of determination. A tale of a woman who is determined to beat the odds. How does she make sure she does not die and not allow the worst of the worst to take over her? “Mili” is a survival story of a young girl who has dreams and aspirations which are thwarted by a night of terror. The remake of a Malayalam film “Helen,” by the same director Mathukutty Xavier, Mili, is a simple story but grows on you as the film reaches the climax. The film will be released in theaters on 4th November 2022.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Mili’ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

Mili is a nursing graduate, aiming to head to Canada for higher studies and subsequently to secure a job. For that purpose, she is studying for IELTS to improve her English. She works part-time as an employee with a fast food chain in Dehradun, and she lives with her father, who is an insurance agent. Mili has had a middle-class upbringing, but since her resolution to head to Canada, she aims to have a better life for herself and her father. Mili is a lovely yet timid girl who carries only a few aspirations, and she is determined to fulfill them. She knows for her father’s health, she needs to make a lot of changes and adjustments by moving to another country, but she is also aware that it will be worth it.


Mili is in a relationship with Sameer, and he has been nothing but supportive of her dream. He is moving to Delhi for a job, and Mili is thrilled as now she can discuss her marriage with her father. Her father is unaware of the relationship, but Mili is sure her father won’t object to it. Sameer is the definition of a perfect boyfriend who would go miles to support his girlfriend’s dream. He is initially upset about Mili moving to another country but is aware of the fact that it is for their future that she is taking this step.

On their way back from celebrating Sameer securing a job in Delhi, Sameer and Mili are stopped by the cops at night and are initially fined for not wearing a helmet, but Sameer is soon discovered to be under the influence of alcohol. Both are taken to the nearby station. Mili’s father is called upon, and SI Satish Rawat starts lecturing Mili’s father on how girls should not be let out. SI Satish Rawat is a classic example of a patriarchal man who believes in moral policing more than actual policing, where he is supposed to do his job and not give out sermons on how to live life.


Mili’s father is upset at the events that transpired at the police station. He is shocked to know his daughter has a boyfriend, something she’d never told him about. Mili’s father always considered her to be smart and purpose-driven. Coming to terms with the fact that she might have a boyfriend, her father resolves to give Mili the silent treatment despite her attempt to convey her side of the story.

‘Mili’ Ending Explained- How Is Mili Able To Survive The Night Inside The Freezer? 

Mili has not spoken to Sameer since the previous day’s incident at the police station. Mili is worried about interacting with her father. Sameer, though, shows up at her place of work to talk to her, but Mili refuses to speak with him. Mili is humiliated by the fact that her father was made aware of her relationship with Sameer in this way. Mili is also upset about the fact that he had alcohol in his system and did not bother to inform her about the same, as this arrest might affect his new job, which he is supposed to join in a few days. His careless mistake makes her take a step backward and concentrate on getting fast-tracking the Canada immigration process.


At the end of her shift, Mili is scared to go home, but her colleague and good friend convince her to speak to her dad. Her friend also mentions the situation is not as bad as Mili is making it to be. A simple conversation might resolve the matter. Mili believes she can resolve the matter with her father first before she starts conversing with Sameer. With that fixed mindset, she plans to go home when her colleagues ask her to put away some of the frozen meat boxes for the restaurant inside the freezer. The restaurant manager is unaware of the fact that Mili is inside the freezer as he notices she punched out just a few minutes before he does, closes the restaurant, and locks the freezer. Mili is stuck inside the freezer and is shocked beyond words by her circumstances. Mili initially uses the usual technique of banging the door using heavy metal items, but the soundproof nature of the freezer does not help her. She tears the clothes she has in her bag and uses them as a cover to not let the fingers of her hands and legs freeze. Mili gathers strength to make sure she survives the long night ahead. She tries to close the A/C vent but ends up injuring her ankle. The falling temperatures are not helping her, but she starts finding solutions to keep herself warm. She soon finds her father’s lighter, which helps her burn pages of her IELTS books but soon she realizes it will create a suffocating situation for herself. She finds herself trapped with a tiny mouse who is also looking for warmth in her company. Mili hides the tiny mouse inside her bag, but soon she sees the tiny animal die too. Mini’s skin gets stuck to the frozen floor, which bruises her arm. Mili covers herself with cellophane paper to beat the cold but soon collapses due to exertion and extreme cold.

Mili’s commitment to surviving the night makes her a highly resourceful person. Her presence of mind to kill the cold blast from the freezer makes you realize she has a plan of action, and she doesn’t intend to die inside the cold chamber. Mili is strong-willed and finds makeshift ways to keep herself warm when she realizes she can’t get out of the freezer unless someone miraculously finds out she is there. She tears up cardboard boxes and uses her clothes, cellophane sheets, a lighter to keep herself warm, and sellotape to stick things up. Mili is indeed a smart woman who knows how to survive. Her horrendous ordeal and the fact that she lives to tell the tale of her survival shows how unflinching her will is to stay alive for her father and Sameer.


While Mili is stuck inside her freezer, her father is worried that she hasn’t come home yet. He contacts her colleagues, who inform him, she punched out way before the manager did. They approach the police station only to be faced by SI Satish Rawat, who goes out of his way not to help them. Worried that she might have run off with Sameer, her father and uncle reach Sameer’s home to know he has gone to Delhi. Sameer comes back after he hears the news of Mili’s disappearance. Mili’s father is distraught, and Sameer and his friends volunteer to help locate Mili in the town when they approach the police station again. SI Satish Rawat, instead of helping, starts harassing Sameer. Meanwhile, his boss Inspector Ravi Prasad walks into the situation to help them out, and he assigns SI Satish Rawat to contact the cyber cell to trace the last location of the mobile phone. SI Satish Rawat intentionally withholds that information as morning is about to approach. Mili’s father is outside the mall where she works, while the security guard who joins the morning shift informs Mili’s dad that he did not see their daughter leave the mall. Inspector Ravi Prasad is informed of the last location of her cell phone and is headed toward the mall. Sameer also concludes from her colleagues that Mili is stuck inside the freezer. They all rush to rescue her, only to find her unconscious, wrapped in cellophane sheets. She is moved to a hospital and is treated for hypothermia. The security guard informs Mili’s father that the only reason he is able to recognize her from the sea of people is that she is the only one who greets him with a smile.

The case of a missing girl is mishandled by SI Satish Rawat, who believes himself to be the caretaker of virtue, and he does not help Mili’s father, for he wonders why a woman was out of the home at 12 o’clock at night. Satish Rawat is a prime example of the men working in our system, which is supposed to help people in need, rescue them, to find them a solution. Satish Rawat does the exact opposite. He makes sure the case isn’t registered and goes out of his way to provide unsolicited advice. A government servant is hired to help the people, but he goes out of his way to humiliate Mili’s family and makes sure Mili is not found.


Mili’s father’s unyielding resilience and Sameer’s love for her drive them to rescue Mili from the freezer. Mili’s father is more than happy to have found his daughter. He makes sure he will not stop her from pursuing her dream of moving to Canada. Mr. Naudiyal is a father who would go miles to make sure his daughter is safe, sound, and happy with her life. Sameer’s love for Mili has evolved since the incident, and he promises to be there for her and to be a responsible person going forward. Sameer and Mili’s father finally get along thanks to the quest to find her.


“Mili” is a faithful remake of the original screenplay written by Noble Babu Thomas, Alfred Kurian Joseph, and Mathukutty Xavier. Helen was a thrilling tale, and the director Mathukutty Xavier has remained true to his original film by retaining its innocence of it. The small-town feel of the film helps the audience remain grounded, yet the screenplay makes sure to retain the thriller aspect of the story. Mathukutty Xavier and Riteish Shah, through a simple story such as this one, throw light on the gaze people have on women and things around them and how society is quick to judge them. The direction of the film is brilliant and keeps up with the pacing of the screenplay. It is interesting to watch a Malayalam film being remade with such finesse after “Drishyam.” Performances by Jahnvi Kapoor, Manoj Pahwa, Anurag Arora, and Sunny Kaushal stand out for all the right reasons. “Mili” is a must-watch, for it gives you hope to stay strong-willed always because you never know what life will throw at you when you least expect it.


“Mili” is now running at theaters near you and will be streaming on Netflix soon.

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