Michael And His Powers In ‘Supacell’ Explained

Netflix’s Supacell, created by Rapman, introduces us to five main characters: Michael, Tazer, Sabrina, Andre, and Rodney, each with their own unique superpowers. It’s pretty clear that Michael is the leader and the driving force that brings these characters together. Each of them faces their own struggles, but their similarities lie in the fact that being near each other activates the Supacell in their bodies, which triggers their powers. Interestingly, all of them have family members with sickle cell disease. This is why they inherited Supacell from a gene mutation. But Michael didn’t have any idea about it. He’s just an ordinary black guy going about his daily routine until everything changes when he discovers his powers. What exactly happened to him? What can we expect from him in the future? Let’s dive into that in this article.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Is Michael?

Michael is just an ordinary person like you and me who can easily get lost in a crowd. He’s not one of those superheroes we see in movies or read about in comic books who save the world with their masks on. Why would he be? Michael doesn’t have that kind of power—at least, that’s what he thought at the start. He’s a simple delivery package driver who spends his days going from one place to another, delivering packages. In his spare time, he takes care of his mother, who suffers from sickle cell disease, by making sure she gets treated at a health care unit called Health and Unity, run by a woman named Victoria. His mom’s health is his priority, ensuring she can get relief from the immense pain. And then there’s Dionne, his girlfriend, who means the world to Michael.


What Are Michael’s Superpowers?

Michael’s life took a drastic turn when he found out that he had superpowers. It all started when he was literally reborn from death. He accidentally wandered into the territory of a drug dealer named Tazer to deliver his packages, where no one is allowed without paying money. Michael, being the moral and self-righteous guy he is, didn’t know this and thought it was wrong. He started arguing with Tazer, which led to a physical confrontation. Tazer stabbed him in the chest, and Michael died right there. But then Michael went back in time and relived the moment. This time, instead of fighting, he apologized to Tazer and his gang, and they let him go. He got his life back. This was just the beginning. Michael discovered more powers—teleportation and freezing time. It seems like Michael’s power to control time is borrowed from a popular Marvel superhero, Stephen Strange, who can do similar things as our man Michael.

After Michael proposed to Dionne and they returned home, he accidentally teleported to the future. There, he met his future self and learned that Dionne would die on July 9, 2024. He was scared and devastated. His mind was racing. He couldn’t just lose her like that. In the future, Michael also meets Rodney, Sabrina, Andre, and Tazer. At this juncture, his mission became clear: he needed to gather them all and use their individual superpowers to stop the tragedy and save Dionne. His internal conflict was intense. On one hand, Michael had these incredible powers, but on the other, he was just an ordinary guy who wanted to protect his loved ones. As you watch him on screen, you can surely feel Michael’s struggle, pain, and desperation. Michael never tried to be a hero for the world; he just wanted to be a hero for the people he loved. His powers were just tools to achieve what he believed in: saving Dionne and stopping those responsible for her potential death. You couldn’t help but root for him and feel the weight of his struggles.


How Did Michael Lose Dionne?

Of course, you’re probably wondering if Michael was able to save Dionne. Well, he couldn’t. Michael tried so hard, but in the end, it just wasn’t enough. Throughout the series, we see Michael running from one place to another, desperately searching for these people. He used his delivery service job to track down Sabrina, pretended to need drugs to find Rodney, and even sought out Tazer—the very person who stabbed him in the chest. But it wasn’t just about saving his girlfriend. When Andre, Tazer, and Rodney were attacked by the black-hooded guys who were trying to abduct them, Michael used his power to freeze time and ended up helping them defeat their enemies. It was a tough battle. There were moments when Michael couldn’t control his powers and felt like everything was slipping away. But with the help of his peers, he kept pushing forward. He knew he needed all of them to win this fight. And who were they up against? A secret organization run by Ray and Victoria traps people with superpowers for their own gain. Michael and his group learned about this from Dionne, and together they went to fight against these people in a place called Asington State, or A-Town.

When Krazy, Tazer’s worst enemy, revealed that he wasn’t just an ordinary guy but someone with superpowers, he tried to abduct the group. His intention wasn’t to harm Dionne, but rather the other five. In the end, Dionne lost her life. Krazy tried to kill all of them by stabbing them, but Michael, with his power of rewinding and freezing time, brought them back to life. However, it was too late. Krazy also came back to life and shot Dionne because, as I said, his intention was not to harm her but to make Michael’s mission to save her fail. Yes, Michael couldn’t rewind time to save her. You’d think it was a lost battle because the mission was unsuccessful, and naturally, Michael would be consumed with remorse and unable to move on. Wrong. He had to take his revenge. After all, Ray and that organization weren’t just responsible for Dionne’s death but also many others. Michael learned this from Dionne, who was researching the place. Actually, Dionne found out about the place from Jasmine’s parents. They told her that Jasmine, a young girl who can heal people using her superpower, had been taken away to that place by Ray. 


What To Expect From Michael In Season 2?

So, what’s going to happen in the future? As for my own thoughts, I think Michael’s character will go through a drastic transformation in the future. He’s driven by revenge and a deep sense of justice, not just for Dionne but for all those who have suffered because of Ray and Victoria’s organization. I expect Michael to become even more determined and strategic in his actions. He’s already shown immense growth from an ordinary guy to someone who can harness incredible powers, and I’m excited to see how he’ll use his abilities to bring down the organization and save more lives. I guess, Michael, who has teamed up with the other four superheroes, will bring down Victoria, Ray and the organization by saving those with superpowers from being exploited, tortured, and killed. Michael has another driving force, too: his mother. He has to save her. Because I think he will eventually realize that the Health and Unity organization is not a good place for treatment. It actually uses people with sickle cells to hunt down their family members with Supacell powers to trap them. Michael will maybe save those patients in their care from being used by this awful organization. His driving force is revenge and the desire to save those who are suffering. Michael’s story is rooted in personal loss and a desire to protect those he loves. He knows the suffering firsthand, as Ray caused him and the entire group that torment too. Will Michael be able to do that? We’ll certainly find out if the series gets renewed for a second season.

Sutanuka Banerjee
Sutanuka Banerjee
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