‘MH370: The Plane That Disappeared’ Episode 2: Recap: Has The Debris From MH370 Been Discovered?

In the first episode of “MH370: The Plane That Disappeared,” we learned about the perplexing disappearance of flight MH370, which mysteriously dropped off the radar. The investigation team initially used the plane’s satellite communications in an attempt to locate it, but the last communication showed that MH370 had turned around and was headed straight for the far-off Indian Ocean. Neither the victims’ remains nor any debris had been discovered. The chief pilot, Zaharie Ahmed, was initially implicated in a number of conspiracies as the main villain who may have hijacked the aircraft, but soon after, more suspicious incidents occurred that only served to deepen the mystery.


Spoilers Ahead

Was The Disappearance Of MH370 A Terror Attack?

The wreckage of the MH17, which had crashed in Ukraine close to the Russian border, is seen at the start of Episode 2. Quickly, the idea was developed to consider that the disappearance of MH370 might have been a result of a terror strike. The mourning families of the victims of MH17 were at least able to bury their loved ones after the plane crashed, but in the case of MH370, the families felt a great injustice had been done to them. Many more bizarre and inexplicable conspiracies started to surface on social media, along with the terror attack theory. From a black hole to another Bermuda triangle to an alien invasion and whatnot, but Jeff Wise clarified that any kind of workable idea had to be produced using satellite data.


The Frenchman, Ghyslain Wattrelos, who was also a grieving family member, spoke out about the involvement of Americans in this regard. Ghyslain had been contacted by someone from the intelligence service who informed him that MH370 was being monitored by the American Airborne Warning and Control System. The flight was being monitored by two Boeing planes or the AWACS when it vanished, making it probable that there was some communication data that could be gathered from the AWACS. Ghyslain understood he needed to disseminate the knowledge as soon as possible. He started speaking with various media outlets and groups in an effort to reach out to all the bereaved families who had lost loved ones in the disaster. Ghyslain’s outrage helped make him famous, and the newspaper Le Monde in France interviewed him. Mr. Wattrelos’ counsel pushed him to pursue the inquiries with the government in order for them to complete their investigation using every conceivable communication with the flight, so the families could get closure.

Jeff Wise started looking into the topic after learning that Russia was involved in the tragedy of Flight MH17. The first theory, which had previously painted pilot Zaharie Ahmad as the villain, didn’t exactly fit with his personal life. After researching Zaharie’s profile, it became clear that he seemed to be a very content person who enjoyed talking about airplanes on his YouTube channel. It didn’t appear that he was in any way on the verge of committing suicide. Even his crewmates thought highly of him and referred to him as one of the best pilots.


The satellite data, which Jeff noted had been made public, showed that the electronic connection with the satellite, which served to make the plane visible on the radar, had initially been cut off and was then turned back on. Zaharie wouldn’t have turned the connection off and on again if he had been plotting a mass murder. Jeff suggested that the Russian passengers might have launched a terrorist attack. His curiosity was aroused when he even saw three Russian guys among the passengers. It was discovered that the corridor connecting first class and the cockpit had an electronic bay. This suggests that it is possible that the Russian man occupying the first-class seat was somehow responsible for cutting off the electronic bay’s link to the satellite.

Jeff’s hypothesis was that around 1.15 am, when Zaharie had crossed the Malaysian peninsula, a passenger caused a disturbance in the lobby, prompting the flight crew to look into the matter. The Russian man, meanwhile, crept through the corrosion and descended to the electronic bay. The equipment that made the jet visible on radar was promptly turned off when he connected his laptop to the flight control system. The Russian man may have depressurized the aircraft and turned on an oxygen compressor that was placed against the wall. An oxygen leak would prevent the pilots and the passengers from receiving the oxygen they required, which could cause their deaths. The Russian terrorists may have reconnected the plane with the satellite and marked their way through the south and north corridors after all the pilots and passengers had fallen silent. Yet, it’s possible that the Russians took the northern route instead of the southern one, and the plane landed in the deserts of Kazakhstan, one of Russia’s client states.


Has The Debris From MH370 Been Discovered?

Unfortunately, this notion didn’t gain much traction because aviation professionals completely disproved it, asserting that someone could never assume complete control of a jet just from an electronic bay. Jeff Wise was unable to be persistent in the independent inquiry group due to his hijack theory. After a year, a massive flaperon from flight MH370 was finally discovered and identified as such on the island of La Reunion in the French overseas territory of the Indian Ocean. We shall learn more about many of the conspiracy ideas that were sparked by the enormous piece of debris in the upcoming episodes.

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