‘Mayor Of Kingstown’ Season 2, Episode 10: Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Milo Alive? What Happens To Mike?

Mike McLusky has made a deal with Milo. Robert is beaten to a pulp by some thugs. Iris has killed Joseph. Bunny has declared war on the cops. Kingstown is on the verge of utter chaos. Episode 10 is the “Mayor Of Kingstown” Season 2 finale, and a lot of things will come to an end. But before that, Mike has matters to settle. Will he be successful? Let’s find out.



Robert is on life support. Mike, Kyle, and the others are all present at the hospital. Mike tells Kyle that he has to meet Milo and leaves. It is the night of the exchange (Episode 9 of “Mayor Of Kingstown” Season 2). He has the bonds in his car and is on his way to Milo when he is shot at by thugs at a level crossing. Thankfully, he dodges the bullets and manages to kill the three goons. He checks on their tattoos and realizes that they have been sent by Gunner, the leader of the Aryans. The catch, unbeknownst to him, is that he leaves his car [that has Milo’s bonds in the trunk], now destroyed by bullets, and takes the car that the thugs arrived in behind him. He dials Kareem and informs him about Robert’s condition and the attack on him and asks him for help [probably finding out if it was indeed Gunner who sent the men after him]. But Kareem doesn’t want to be involved in it and disconnects the call. He then calls Ian and tells him to clear the mess at the level crossing.

It is almost midnight. Miriam is at her house when she hears a loud noise outside and is woken from her sleep. She heads outside with a gun and finds Iris.


Ground Zero

Mike arrives at Bunny’s place and holds a gun to his face right in front of his gang members, who pull their guns at him, just waiting for Bunny to give them the order. Instead, Bunny asks them to leave him and Mike alone for some time. Mike asks him why he had to do it [take Robert down]. If something happens to Robert, everything changes between them. But Bunny knows that already. We do not know for sure if it was Bunny who ordered the attack on Robert, but he will “sure as hell” accept the blame because he wanted it to happen. He isn’t even afraid to go against Mike if he has to. For the first time, Mike appears concerned. He knows what’s going to happen and can only pray that it doesn’t. He is about to get inside his vehicle (the car of the Aryans) when he gets a call from his mother [Miriam]. Milo is at her place. That’s where the exchange will take place. To make matters worse, Mike doesn’t have the bonds. He calls Kyle and tells him to reach their mom’s place immediately. Mike, Kyle, and Ian meet outside Miriam’s house. They need to chalk out a plan because Mike doesn’t have the bonds in him. There is a high chance that Milo will kill Miriam, if not Iris too.

Mike enters the house and finds Miriam. He tries to stall as Ian and Kyle take their positions outside. Kyle takes out one of Milo’s guys, as does Ian. Milo realizes that it is a trap and manages to escape with Iris while Mike, Kyle, and Ian are occupied dodging bullets from his other guy. After the dust settles and the guy is dead, Mike and Kyle find Miriam shot and bleeding. One of the bullets that Kyle fired at the guy through the wall hit her. Miriam is rushed to the same hospital as Robert, who is undergoing surgery. Kyle is completely broken. Mike tries to make him understand that he cannot take the fall for shooting their mom because it will affect his badge and thus, his family life. The gun that he used belonged to the Aryans, and they were going to pin it on them as well. No one has to know what really happened other than the three present, i.e., Mike, Kyle, and Ian. Mike then decides to put an end to whatever is happening once and for all.


The Exchange

Mike tells Ian to do whatever he wants to do to make sure that Milo isn’t able to escape. This means tight security at all backroads and highways around Kingstown, and even eyes in the sky. Mike and Ian then arrive at the Cavo Club and meet Tatiana, Milo’s ladylove, and Mike makes her call Milo. On the phone, Milo gives Mike the last chance to carry out the deal. The location is at the harbor. On the way to the level crossing to pick up the bonds, Mike calls Carney and gives him the signal. It is going to be the last night of Gunner’s life. The Aryans will have to fill another void. Mike picks up the bonds, and he and Ian leave for the harbor. At Anchor Bay, in the middle of the night, Carney unlocks the door to Gunner’s cell, and Raphael and three other men from Bunny’s gang stab Gunner to death.

Mike and Ian arrive outside the harbor. Mike tells Ian to set himself up with a sniper rifle on a hill nearby and follow him through the scope. If anything goes wrong, Ian can open fire. Mike arrives at the harbor with a bag full of bonds. Two guys escort Mike into the yacht, where Milo is waiting for him with Iris. Mike hands over the bag to Milo, who opens it. The bonds are there. He hands over Iris to Mike. Mike and Iris get off the yacht. As soon as the yacht departs, the two guys [who escorted Mike] pull their guns at Mike and Iris. As expected, Milo doesn’t want to leave any evidence of what transpired. But before the guys could pull their triggers, the yacht, which is now quite far from land, explodes.


‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Season 2: Ending Explained – Did Milo Really Die in the Explosion?

Using the explosion as the perfect moment of distraction, Ian shoots down one of the guys. Iris picks up his gun and shoots the other guy before he can react, thereby killing him. Mike and Iris are safe. Kareem and his wife are asleep in their bed. Robert, though unconscious, has his wife by his side. Kyle is at the hospital with his mother, Miriam. Bunny is at his place, waiting. Tatiana gets a call from Milo, who tells her that he is on his way back. But we did see his yacht blow up. So how did he survive?

If Mike had placed explosives inside the bag, Milo must have anticipated it and left the yacht by some means (probably a scuba suit or something like that) before the explosion. Or it could also be that the whole explosion was staged by Milo, who just wanted to get away from all the trouble. And if he did make it out alive, does he have the bonds with him? He probably does. There is another suggestion. It can be that Milo spoke to Tatiana just before the explosion. And now she is waiting for him not knowing that he is dead. On the other hand, Mike still has to sort things out with Bunny because the whole Kingstown police force will be coming at him, and he will be waiting for them.


What To Expect In Season 3?

“Mayor Of Kingstown” Season 3, if it happens, will show Mike and Bunny pulling guns at each other. This will be tough for them both because, at the end of the day, no matter what either of them wants to believe, they have been good friends for a long time. If either of them dies, it will be rough for the other. We will also find out whether Robert and Miriam survive. If Robert dies, it will be an all-out war in Kingstown.

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