‘Mayor Of Kingstown’ Season 2, Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Is Delivering The Drugs?

At the end of Episode 6 of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2, DA Lockett is shot dead in a parking lot. This means that assistant DA Evelyn will, in all probability, be the acting DA or the next DA. With Lockett dead, Mike McLusky might find it easier to convince Evelyn to sign Bunny’s release papers. On the other hand, Iris is still missing. Let’s find out what events take place in Episode 7 of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2.


Spoilers Ahead

The Good And Bad Of Progress

Drones hover over the Anchor Bay prison and drop small packages. The guards seem to have taken a few steps back and are overlooking this. The packages are picked up by prisoners, who take them to the kitchen and hand them over. One of the cooks (also prisoners) opens them, grinds the white powder that’s inside, and puts it inside small plastic pouches, ready for delivery. Drugs have found their way into Anchor Bay.


Mike meets Bunny again at the Anchor Bay kennel. Mike is about to ask Bunny about the DA’s murder, but Bunny interrupts him, reminding him that his path is clear and he has to do what he promised. But the murder may have complicated things further. On the way out, Mike tells Carney to keep an eye on Davidson [the guy who beat Bunny]. Carney clearly states that he isn’t involved with the other guards. Mike then tells him to move Bunny and Raphael to a different place. Then, on his way to Evelyn, he notices a group of whites and some of Bunny’s men about to get into a gunfight. It is Bunny’s neighborhood, and Mike can, in no way, afford another shooting if he wants to keep the deal alive. He tells the white men to leave the place immediately. One of Bunny’s men tells Mike that Rhonda [Bunny’s cousin] asked him to come by and meet her at her parlor. Back at Anchor Bay, Carney takes Bunny and Raphael to their new room, one that is larger, has food, clothes, and other amenities, and a place to sleep with an attached bathroom. It’s an upgrade given to them by the mayor himself.

At the Kensington Police Department, the captain tells Kyle that Internal Affairs (IA) will be interrogating him regarding the prison riot (“Mayor of Kingstown” Season 1 ending). Kyle asks him why they are being interrogated and finds out that Robert and his SWAT team will probably have to take the fall for the massacre. This is because the media needs answers, and they will have to be given one.


New Decisions

Mike arrives at Evelyn’s office to talk to her. This will be their first meeting after DA Lockett’s murder. Evelyn is devastated and blames Mike for it. Mike defends himself by saying that the DA didn’t keep his part of the deal even though the gang leaders did. But Evelyn, contrary to her own belief that the war cannot be stopped, is the only person who can stop the war. And the only way she can do it is by signing the treaty.

That night, Mike, Kyle, Ian, and Robert met at a bar. Kyle tells them about the IA thing they have the next day. They need to present the details. This means that they have to all say the same thing if they want to avoid getting into trouble. Ian believes that they all know what happened, so there is nothing to worry about. Robert reveals that he found the guy from his team who was the reason for the “heart attack” letter (“Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2, Episode 6). The guy’s name is Ben Morissey. The others cannot believe it because Ben killed around 20 prisoners himself. Mike tells Robert not to approach Ben. Ben, however, doesn’t need to be at that IA interrogation as he has already spoken to the DA [we do not know if he spoke to Lockett or Evelyn; maybe we will find out]. Mike tells them that he will speak to Ben.


Iris is at the club, where Tatiana (“Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2, Episode 3) informs her that Milo wants to meet her. However, she doesn’t tell Iris when or where. It is clear that there’s more to Tatiana than meets the eye. Also, she seems to be jealous of Iris and how Milo treats her.

Personal Matters

Kyle returns home late at night, drunk, and finds Tracy in the kitchen. She decided to surprise him with homemade food. But Kyle’s behavior of late has changed, and he has distanced himself. Tracy is worried, and her expression makes Kyle think that she is judging him. He tries to explain the state he is in, saying he is under a lot of pressure. Tracy knows that speaking to him will only make things worse between them, so she goes to sleep. Dinner’s ready.


The next day, Ian meets Charlie, who is seemingly a witness in a case, at what a mental institution. A body has been recovered from where Charlie told it would be, and the Ohio police will be speaking to Charlie soon. Ian also offers to take him to the dentist. We do not yet know what the case is in which Charlie is involved and why Ian is rather desperate to talk to him. He clearly wants to take Charlie out so that he can speak to him freely and for a longer period of time. Charlie knows things.

Season 2, Episode 7: Ending Explained – Who Is Delivering The Drugs Inside Anchor Bay?

Bunny and Raphael are having a great time in their new room, cooking and enjoying themselves after a long time. During one such moment, Bunny hears something buzzing outside and looks out of the window. It’s the drones. He then goes and knocks on their door to get his message across. He needs to make a call.


Mike is on his way to Anchor Bay when he gets a call from his mother, Miriam. She wants to know if he has spoken to Jacob, the juvenile kid who wanted to be moved (“Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2, Episode 6). Mike hasn’t had the time and tells her that he’ll look into it. He reaches Anchor Bay and notices a guy near the wall. He seems to be operating the drone overhead. Mike slowly makes his way behind the guy, pins him to the ground, punches him hard in the face, and pulls his gun on him. That’s when the guy’s phone rings. Mike picks it up and finds that it is Gunner (the leader of the Aryans). He has been discreetly bringing drugs into the compound. Mike warns him to stop it immediately, or else Gunner will have to spend the rest of his life in prison.

The same night, Kyle is at a bar drinking when he notices a familiar face at a distance. The woman sees him, too, and walks out of his sight. Kyle sees her again upstairs as she heads into a room, and he recognizes her. He rushes outside and dials Mike, who has left his phone in his office. Kyle leaves a voicemail. He has found Iris.


If Mike brings back Iris, he might just be on track to trace Milo. As for Evelyn and whether she will sign the treaty, we do not have an answer, and neither does Mike. Bunny is quiet for the time being, but Mike will have to push Evelyn if he doesn’t want things to escalate further. Meanwhile, Milo’s whereabouts remain unknown. Hopefully, Episode 8 of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2 will shed light on him.

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