‘Mayor Of Kingstown’ Season 2, Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: Does Mike Get Bunny Out?

It seems that no matter how hard Mike McLusky tries to keep things together, something bad always turns up. At the end of Episode 4 of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2, Mike arrives at Tent City and finds that there’s not a single soul left there. They all have been shifted to somewhere else. Meanwhile, Joseph kills Horace, who tries to make a deal for Milo’s bonds worth $14 million. In Episode 5 of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2, Mike has to find out where Bunny is if he wants to prevent Kingstown from turning into a war zone. Is he successful? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

Where Is Everyone?

Bunny’s cousin, Rhonda, has come to see Mike, along with the family members of the other inmates who were shifted overnight from Tent City to unknown locations, and they cannot be contacted either. Rhonda warns Mike that he needs to get Bunny out of wherever he is because only Bunny can take care of the neighborhood. Back at Bunny’s prison, wherever that is, a prisoner gets his head smashed and killed. Time is running out, and soon it will be Bunny’s turn, it seems. With no word from Mike, Bunny has to figure something out on his own.


Mike is on his way to meet his friends from the Kingstown police department when he calls Carney, assigned at Anchor Bay prison, to find out what the situation there is. Carney tells him that Dedrick, leader of the Bloods, and Gunner, leader of the Aryans, are present. This makes Mike think that Bunny, and the other leaders, might also have been shifted there and tells Carney to look for him.

Rosanna, Horace’s wife, is about to escape from their house before the men who killed Milo, considering she knows that he has been killed, come find her. Unfortunately, it’s too late, and Joseph and his guys breach the house and grab her. They are looking for bonds. Meanwhile, Mike meets Stevie, Ian, and Kyle at their everyday café and tells them that the only person to come after the bonds is Milo. Knowing how Milo is, Mike knows that the guy won’t stop until he gets his hands on them. He tells Stevie to keep the bonds out of the department’s system so that no intel on them can be found anyhow. Before leaving, Kyle, away from Ian and Stevie, tells Mike to let Milo leave with the bonds. Instead, they should concentrate on finding Bunny, which will be the first step towards setting things back to normal in Kingstown. Mike agrees to it but tells Kyle that Milo probably broke something, and that is why he cannot be allowed to escape. Kyle nods.


How Is Everyone?

At Anchor Bay, after an inmate goes down in the yard, Carney calls for a medical team, and as he scans the area, he finally spots Bunny with Raphael. Raphael tells Bunny that it seems that all four gang leaders are indeed at Anchor Bay. Bunny thinks that Mike is doing this to keep the leaders close so they can strategize better.

Kyle returns home and tells his wife, Tracy, that he has been cleared for duty at the Kensington Police Department. However, he is lost and has no idea what he wants to do. He thinks that he is going to be a bad father and asks Tracy for her suggestions. Tracy tells him that he needs time to heal (Episode 2, killing). She assures him that they will be just fine.


Mike arrives at a crime scene where Ian and Stevie are already present. They recover Rosanna’s heavily bruised body, which was found hanging. Mike tells them that they need to move the bonds as soon as possible because if she talks, Joseph will be coming for them to the police department. Joseph and his men aren’t scared at all, considering how they strung up Rosanna’s body in the middle of the day without any witnesses.

At Anchor Bay, the four gang leaders—Bunny, Gunner, Dedrick, and Luis (the leader of the Mexicans)—are brought together for a meeting not with Mike but Captain Moore. He tells them all that they are the future prisoners of Kingstown Pen, contrary to their thoughts that they would soon be back on the streets. He warns them not to mess with him because Mike isn’t there to help them out anymore. After Moore leaves, Luis declares that he is done with Mike and will do things the way they used to do before they were sent to prison as a part of some deal.

Mike pays Rhonda a visit at her parlor to keep his word about looking out for her. But all that matters to Rhonda is her brother, and she blames him for not doing anything at all. Mike takes it personally this time and reminds Rhonda that when he promises to get something done, he makes sure it is done. He gives Rhonda his number in case she needs it. She asks him why he trusts Bunny. He leaves without answering the question.

Up In Flames

That night, outside Anchor Bay, Carney approaches Moore and speaks of his concern regarding the inmate who had a seizure. The guy was brought in from Tent City and is one of those that Moore beat ruthlessly at Tent City post the riot. If the doctor or the coroner, in case the guy dies, discovers the trauma the guy underwent, word is bound to get out, and things won’t look good for Moore then. Moore is visibly shaken, although Carney assures him that he has his back.


Somewhere else in Kingstown, Milo sends for Joseph, who is brought to a church where Milo is waiting for him. He isn’t happy with how Joseph killed both Horace and Rosanna, both of whom were Milo’s ways to trace his bonds. Joseph asks Milo, who is clearly angry, to allow him to fix the wrong he has done, but Milo isn’t taking any more chances. He has decided to do whatever needs to be done on his own.

Later at night, Carney brings Bunny, who is in his cell at Anchor Bay, a phone. It’s Mike McLusky. Mike tells Bunny that he has figured out a way to get Bunny out, but it will take some time. Meanwhile, Mike will set him up to make some money from the inside so that he can take care of his family outside. Before they could say more, Carney took his phone back after noticing another guard approaching.


The same night, a masked guy breaks into the Kensington Police Department and steals the bonds after a cop deliberately leaves the evidence room unlocked. The next day, Stevie passes this information on to Mike who is frustrated, to say the least. No one else knows about it. Mike tells Stevie to check the CCTV footage and find out who stole the bonds, and then either delete the footage or get rid of the tapes.

Season 2, Episode 5: Ending Explained – Does Mike Get Bunny Out Of The Prison?

Captain Moore pays a visit to the inmate who had a seizure. He is now on life support. He is told that the warden at Anchor Bay is saying that the guy is his responsibility. This is indeed true, as the guy was under Moore at Tent City. If he dies, Moore will come under scrutiny.


Mike pays Bunny a visit at Anchor Bay and tells him that he will be offering something to the DA in return for the leaders’ release. He also tells Bunny to convey this to the others. Meanwhile, they better not do anything stupid that can compromise the entire thing. But Bunny’s face makes it clear that he has something cooking of his own, something that he isn’t going to tell Mike, and Mike knows it. Things are about to get worse. Right after the conversation, Bunny is overpowered by a group of guards and put in a kill room under orders from Gunner. Mike has barely made it out of the place when he gets a call from Carney, who tells him that things have gone south and it’s about to get a lot messier. And it is not up to Carney to get Bunny out of there. Mike decides to call Moore, but he doesn’t pick up the call. Back inside the prison, Big Hush, Bunny’s acquaintance, sets Luis on fire after another guy throws inflammable liquid on him. Episode 5 of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2 ends with Mike, who is outside, hearing an alarm go off and noticing smoke rising at a distance from Anchor Bay.

Luis’s death, accompanied by Bunny being sent to solitary confinement, might just be the beginning of another gang war, the ripples of which will also be felt on the outside. Mike has to make that deal with the DA or at least talk to Moore and figure something out if he wants to prevent Kensington from drowning in conflict. 


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