‘Mayor Of Kingstown’ Season 2, Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Is Mike Able To Keep His Word?

Episode 3 of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2 shows all the parties in Kingstown undergoing a vacuum phase with nothing certain. The leaders are at Tent City, trying to sort their gangs and give them structure. Mike McLusky is trying to maintain the deal he made on behalf of the cops with these leaders. Iris is still missing, and so is Milo. Meanwhile, Kingstown is about to be retrofitted with better security measures. Here’s a full recap of Episode 3.

Spoilers Ahead

Uncertainty Principle

Iris explains to Milo how she thought he had died in the riot, and with nowhere else to go, she ended up in Mike’s custody. She also drops the name, Candace. From the way Iris explains herself to Milo, it seems that their relationship and Candace, whoever this person is, go way back. A SWAT squad led by Robert breaks into Bunny Washington’s household looking for illegal drug activity based on some intel they received. Ian and Stevie are also present, and they speak to Bunny’s grandmother without any kind of force.

Mike arrives in front of his office and finds federal agent Song (to whose custody Mike left Iris in Season 2, Episode 1) in front of him. Naturally, Iris’s escape from Mike’s home makes him answerable. However, he doesn’t know of Iris’s whereabouts, and neither do the feds. Once in his office, he gets a call and finds out about the raid at Bunny’s home. He drives to the Kensington Police Department, enraged, and makes Ian and Stevie understand the gravity of the situation and how what they have done can spiral into a bloody mess. Mike had made a deal with the leaders that involved not attacking the parties while the leaders were inside. Breaking down doors and barging in will not be tolerated at all by Bunny, who has been working for Mike at Tent City. Mike then decides to check on Bunny.

Kyle returns to the Kensington Police Department. He has been suspended due to his actions (Season 2, Episode 2) pending further investigation. He tells Ian about it and that he needs to get back in, but Ian tells him that he has to lay low until his Internal Assessment report comes clean. This will take at least a couple of months.

The Drama

At Tent City, Bunny tells one of his members to wait for Mike to work on his plan, and that if the plan doesn’t work, they shall have it their way. When Mike arrives to meet Bunny, Mike assures him that he will get him a release date by the coming week. He also tells Bunny that his family is being looked after, hiding the fact that the cops just breached his house. Meanwhile, Bunny gives Mike a date and a time during which he needs the guards to turn their backs. Some inmates need to be dropped from Tent City. In other words, killed. Mike takes care of Bunny’s request and leaves.

Kyle meets Mike and tells him about his issue. Kyle needs money to take care of his pregnant wife, so Mike gives him a chore. He needs to search for Iris, looking up bus and taxi depots, train stations, and shelters. The farther she is from Kingstown, the better. If she is in Kingstown, she is in trouble. Mike then pays Joseph, Milo’s right-hand man, a visit at a bar to find out Milo’s and Iris’ whereabouts, but Joseph pretends that he doesn’t know anything. Mike gives him another beating, promising to return, expecting some info. Outside, he sees a woman with a baby drive off. In his car, he calls Evelyn to find out if she has made any progress on the release dates of the leaders. Evelyn, however, wants him to join her at the Warwick Detention Facility, the only prison that recorded zero violence during the arrest.

Joseph walks into a building that seems to be a brothel. There, in front of him, Iris is injected with something, probably a tracker, so that she can be traced in case she decides to run away. Joseph tells Iris that this brothel is henceforth her new home, where she has to earn money or face harsh consequences.

Mike reaches the Warwick Detention Facility, where he, along with Evelyn and Kareem, is given a tour of the facility by their tour guide Wendy. Apparently, the Warwick Group will take over every prison in Kingstown in the coming five years, thanks to its unbending rules and uncompromising system. Mike finds Wendy’s statement absolute nonsense, but Evelyn tells him things have already begun changing. When the days of the inmates at Tent City are over, some of them will be transferred here.

Tatiana, the woman Mike saw leave Joseph’s bar, comes and sits beside Iris and offers her some drugs to help her take everything in without giving it much thought. She also tells Iris to tell her if she gets into any trouble. It seems that Tatiana is trying to establish a relationship with Iris, but when Iris asks her about Milo, she declines to answer, saying that one can only meet Milo when he wants to.

Season 2, Episode 3: Ending Explained – Does Bunny Get Out Of Prison?

Mike meets Tatiana outside his office. She offers him info about Iris, telling him that she knows where Iris is. If he wants, she can help him find her and gives him the address of a club in the alley. Mike arrives at the club at night and enters it through the backdoor. As he searches for Iris, a hit to the head knocks him out. He opens his eyes and finds Joseph standing in front of him with a handful of men. Upon being asked about Iris, Joseph tells Mike that she is probably dead. This enrages Mike, and he questions Joseph about the baby he saw the last time he visited him. Joseph hits him in the head with a gun the first time, and he is about to go again when Mike pulls the gun from his hand and holds it to his face, reminding everyone in the room about his days as a convict. He tells Joseph to let Milo know that he is coming for him. Saying this, he leaves.

The next day, sharp at 5, guards turn their back to Tent City. What follows is a brutal brawl, just as Bunny had told Mike the previous day. However, Bunny takes a few blows before everything gets back to normal. That night, Mike arrives at Tent City and finds Bunny all bruised up. Bunny has found out about the raid at his house and warns Mike of the repercussions unless he is out of prison in the next 48 hours. On his way out, Mike tells the guard to ensure that nobody puts a hand on Bunny. By involving family, the cops at Kingstown Police Department have taken things too far. Now, if Bunny’s words come true, vengeance will hit their home too. The only way for Mike to stop this is to make sure that Bunny is safe on the inside, and so is his family, until he gets a release date for Bunny. Meanwhile, Mike also has to find Iris before it’s too late. We also do not know what Milo is planning to do. Everything is in the dark as of now, and Mike is all by himself. Episode 4 of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2 will show if any of his plans work out the way he wants.

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