‘Mayfair Witches’ Finale Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Lasher Take His Mysterious Form?

In the previous episode of “Mayfair Witches,” Tessa had been kidnapped by Keith and the other men who wanted to bring an end to the Witches’ clan. But, with the help of Rowan’s blood, Deirdre’s heart was tracked, and she managed to save Tessa on time. But Keith shot Tessa and Rowan at the same time. Even though Rowan had been shot in the shoulder, Tessa was badly hurt in the neck. She was on the verge of dying, and Rowan had no choice but to call Lasher back inside her body to save Tessa and seek revenge on Keith. Rowan knew that the entire family would blame her if something happened to Tessa. Moreover, Lasher could have easily saved Tessa from the problem all along, but he’d chosen to wait until Rowan had called him out again.


The final episode of “Mayfair Witches” season 1 began with Keith and Rowan’s cat and mouse game. She had been chasing him around the forest, but Keith knew that Rowan had been a powerful witch all along, so he was doing his best to keep his distance. Rowan commanded Lasher to find Keith, and he did so instantly. Soon, Rowan began to see everything from Lasher’s perspective, and Lasher followed her orders and burned the shack in which he had been hiding. For some reason, Rowan was delighted to see Keith in pain, and Lasher fulfilled this wish for her. Rowan held supernatural powers, and her position as the designee provided her with a higher position amongst all the other witches. Lasher had been trying to bring out her true powers, and there could be catastrophic changes around the world if Rowan recognized the extent of her abilities.

Spoilers Ahead 


Is Tessa Alive? What Happened Between Rowan And Lasher?

Jojo got to know that Tessa was dead, and that all the people who had tried to kill her were dead too. But it was not Tessa Cortland was worried about, it was Rowan. Jojo couldn’t understand the true reason behind her father’s obsession with Rowan. She wanted him to tell her the truth, but Cortland refused to tell her anything. Keith had been burned to death, but Rowan was still bleeding profusely. Lasher tried to manipulate her again, and this time Rowan got drawn out to a mysterious place that had been supposed to be her ancestors’ memories. Noises whispered around her ear, and they spoke a different language. He took her to Suzanne’s place and showed her, giving her a glimpse of his origin. With Lasher’s help, Rowan got to know about Suzanne’s profession since she was the first designee among all the designees. Lasher revealed that Suzanne had made a pact with him. Suzanne had left some markings for Rowan, and they included all her knowledge. Rowan was kind of mesmerized to witness Suzanne’s powers because, somehow, these powers had helped her heal herself.

Rowan realized that she could heal other people. Rowan was the thirteenth, and she was destined to have Suzanne’s powers. Suddenly, all her wounds were healed, and Rowan couldn’t wrap her head around Suzanne’s powers. Rowan and Lasher ended up getting intimate with each other, and somehow their connection had been linked to the entire prophecy. The following day, Rowan woke up, and Lasher was nowhere to be found. She walked around Suzanne’s room, and her womb began to grow uncontrollably. Suddenly, Lasher’s voice echoed in the distance, and he told her to follow her ancestors, and that was her only way to get out. All the rooms were getting engulfed in darkness while Rowan tried to seek help from her ancestors. One by one, Rowan saw her ancestors in every room, all of whom were petrified for some reason. Rowan couldn’t find the right answer to escape, and with every ancestor, the time went on moving.  Meanwhile, someone was dragging her body into the jungle, but Rowan couldn’t feel it because she was in an entirely different realm.


Did Cortland Kill Deirdre? How Was Cortland Connected To Rowan’s Prophecy? 

Ciprien used his abilities to read Albrecht’s mind. Ciprien believed that Albrecht had no special abilities, but he held the special power to erase memories around him. Ciprien realized that Cortland had been responsible for Deirdre’s death, and all the memories had been erased by Albrecht when Deirdre had been murdered. Albrecht tried to erase Ciprien’s memory, but he had an important part to play in the prophecy since Rowan had been pregnant with Ciprien’s child. Without Ciprien, the prophecy would be incomplete. All this time, Odette had been trying to contact Ciprien because he hadn’t communicated with her for a very long time. All this time, Ciprien was at the Mayfair house, trying to look for Rowan.

Back at his place, Arjuna and Albrecht had arrived to erase Odette’s memories about her brother. Ciprien began to look around the house and made a shocking discovery. All this time, Cortland had been the main antagonist; he’d killed Patrick and raped Deirdre to impregnate her. So, Rowan was his child and Jojo’s half-sister. Jojo noticed that Ciprien had this vision, and she couldn’t believe it. Moreover, he wanted Rowan to gain all her powers to complete the prophecy, and to fulfill that, Deirdre had to be killed.


Cortland had never provided Jojo with the right explanation for Deirdre’s death because she had been wearing her dress on the night she had died. Now, Jojo knew that her father had fooled Deirdre into believing him. Jojo and Ciprien had arrived at the Mayfair mansion to find Cortland. Ciprien had realized that Rowan was a doorway to Lasher’s unfound power, and Suzanne had been the first to begin this prophecy. According to Dolly Jean, the awakening of Lasher’s powers was marked by hours, not months. Lasher would take a form that could make him the most powerful entity in the entire universe.

‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 8: Ending Explained – Did Lasher Take His Mysterious Form? Was The Prophecy Fulfilled?

Ciprien didn’t have much time left since Lasher was already on his way. It was revealed that Cortland had been dragging her body through the mud. He managed to get her inside the car, but because of his health condition, Cortland’s hands had been shivering all along. The baby that had been growing uncontrollably was Lasher, and every time Rowan passed an ancestor, she noticed that she didn’t have much time left. This showed that Lasher was close to achieving his goal.


Finally, Rowan had reached Deirdre, and it was already twelve on her clock, which was the “Witching Hour.” Deirdre revealed the truth to Rowan, and she realized that she was caught up in Lasher’s game. Meanwhile, Cortland brought her back and dressed her up while he waited for Lasher’s awakening. When Rowan woke up, she realized that she was inside Deirdre’s grave. Suddenly, Suzanne’s spirit emerged from the shadows to help Rowan with the labor. All this time, Ciprien had been searching desperately for Rowan. Rowan gave birth to a baby boy, and the baby matured rapidly with each passing minute.

Rowan understood Cortland’s intentions, and she took the baby away with her. Rowan tried to kill Cortland, but she couldn’t hurt him because Lasher had given himself the gift of mortality. But Rowan knew Lasher’s thoughts and petrified Cortland. She stepped out of her mother’s grave and wanted Ciprien to stay in the Mayfair Mansion, while Ciprien wanted to take Rowan back to his place. Rowan refused to give up on the baby, and she was ready to protect him at all costs. But Ciprien knew that Lasher had been messing with her mind. Rowan wanted to bring him back to power and didn’t want him to experience what she had experienced in her childhood. Rowan wanted her son to be with her forever, but she didn’t understand the consequences of nurturing Lasher.


Ciprien knew that Lasher was only using Rowan, but despite all his protests, Rowan chose to save the child.

Will There Be Season 2?

On an ambiguous note, it was clear that Rowan had been used as a vessel to make Lasher more powerful. His powers would help Rowan dominate the entire universe, but she failed to realize that Lasher’s powers were destructive and could destroy her. In the end, Rowan is blinded by Lasher and her love for the child. So, there was no way that she would allow anyone to hurt her or the baby. The Mayfair Witches was one of the most popular shows on AMC+.


Anne Rice’s trilogy had a lot of sections to cover up, which might provide us with more information on Lasher’s powers and Suzanne’s pact. Anne Rice made sure that the entire story had different characters and plots that could ignite a viewer’s interest. This could be indirectly connected to Lasher’s growth and Ciprien’s efforts to save Rowan; he had to get the baby to stop the prophecy. But with Rowan in the picture, she would never let anyone hurt her child.

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