‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Rowan Summon Lasher Back Into Her Body?

The previous episode of “Mayfair Witches” revealed Lasher’s connection with the Mayfair family and how it started with Suzanne. When the villagers banished her from the village, Suzanne cried for help, and before the witchfinder could kill her, Lasher saved her, just like he’d saved Rowan. Suzanne went into a trance and started following Lasher’s every command. Lasher had been connected to Rowan’s maternal bloodline, and to get rid of him, Rowan would have to transfer Lasher to another witch in the family. But Lasher and the witch must choose each other for the ritual to be completed. Luckily, Rowan had been able to break the spell, and Lasher chose Tessa to be his witch. The next day, Tessa decided to meet Keith, putting herself in danger. She believed that Lasher would save her, but he didn’t show up. In the seventh episode, Ciprien is still stuck in Suzanne’s timeline, and despite all his efforts, he can’t find a way to come back to the real world. Meanwhile, the kidnappers were causing huge trouble for Tessa as they had trapped her inside a cage with a blindfold across her face. Tessa tried to use her powers to manipulate Keith, but despite all her efforts, she couldn’t control him. With each passing hour, things began to complicate even more. Rowan had been getting worried about. But Rowan had become even more worried because she was pregnant.


Spoilers Ahead 

Did Lasher Save Tessa?

Tessa had been waiting for Lasher’s arrival desperately. Even though she’d tried to contact him the whole time, Tessa couldn’t reach him. She had wanted to know why Lasher wouldn’t save her, and it seemed there was a huge chance that Lasher was still connected to Rowan and wanted to be with her always. At the same time, Tessa’s family realized that Tessa hadn’t come back home. Somehow Tessa managed to get a hold of Keith, but he would immediately get distracted by someone else. Keith and the others wanted to expose the truth behind the Mayfair family to the world. They had been in the legend, and Keith had been appreciated for his work since he’d managed to steal Deirdre’s heart. Tessa’s attempts to call Lasher didn’t work out, and gradually she started to lose hope. Lasher was heartbroken because Rowan had chosen to send him away from her body, and there was no doubt that Lasher was attached to Rowan’s bloodline. Lasher had been with Rowan’s family for several decades and he would not let her go unless the prophecy was fulfilled which Rowan was unaware of. On the other hand, the other members of the Mayfair family had started blaming Rowan for Tessa’s disappearance. They then tried to force her to call Lasher.


But she knew that calling Lasher would be a huge mistake because he might possess Rowan’s body again. The other family members tried to locate Tessa with her mother’s blood. But the ritual had been of no use because of too many blood ties in the family. So, Rowan decided to come forward for the ritual and offered her blood to look for Deirdre’s heart; since she was the only child, things would be much easier. They had to hurry because Keith and the others had been torturing Tessa to bring out her true magic, which they wanted to record to show the world. Now, Rowan accepted that it had been her fault and decided to find Tessa. While they took her blood for the ritual, Dolly Jean realized that Rowan had become pregnant and informed Cortland of the same. Cortland had tried to force Rowan to call Lasher, but she was adamant about her decision. One thing was clear: Lasher had been with Ciprien in the past while the Mayfair family tried to locate Tessa. He had been waiting for Rowan to call out his name, as that would be the only way for him to possess Rowan’s body again.

What Happened Between Lasher And Ciprien? 

Ciprien found out that the only way to come back to the real world would be to find Deirdre’s locket. He started to look for it and realized that Florie had been there all the time. She told Ciprien that Suzanne wanted to see him, and Ciprien followed her to the house, where Suzanne waited for him near the fireplace. Ciprien moved towards her and tried to get the locket, and that’s when Lasher stepped out of the shadows to reveal himself. This had all been part of Lasher’s plan; he wanted to trap Ciprien in the past because Lasher had found out that Rowan was pregnant. Ciprien begged him to let him go because he wanted to take care of Rowan, but he simply rejected his offer and told Ciprien that Rowan had never needed him. Lasher couldn’t bear the idea that Ciprien had been trying to control her powers and make her a mother at the same time. But Ciprien had no intentions of doing that; he had been trying to protect Rowan all this time. Ciprien knew that Lasher had been playing with Rowan’s mind because her powers had been the only way to provide strength to Lasher. But Lasher thought otherwise; he believed that he had been serving his true purpose by granting Rowan’s wishes. According to Lasher, they were meant to be together, and he would go to any lengths to get Rowan back.


Ciprien would have to find a way to step out of this world because Lasher had been trying to trap him inside his memories. Gradually, the world of memories began to fade, but Ciprien consumed Henbane and killed himself in the memory to bring himself back, and it worked!

‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – Did The Mayfair Family Find Tessa?

Tessa had tried to use her powers on one of the ladies who accompanied Keith in the movement. Tessa realized that the lady had been working for the Mayfair family for more than seventeen years and that they had neglected her needs and failed to support her financially. At the same time, Cortland and Albrecht communicated with each other about Rowan’s pregnancy. Albrecht and Ciprien visited the area where Tessa had been kept. But Albrecht had fooled Ciprien and told him to stay away from Rowan. Ciprien realized that Albrecht had been supporting Lasher all along. Rowan had been a part of an ancient prophecy, and with Lasher, Rowan would give birth to a new era. Keith and the others had tried to burn her, as they had wanted Tessa to confess all the secrets about her family. Luckily, Rowan had arrived at the same time, but she managed to attack them with her powers before they could light the fire. Even though she managed to kill them, Rowan was shot in the shoulder. But Keith shot Tessa in the neck, and Rowan had no choice but to call Lasher to save her.


It was clear that it was all Lasher’s doing; he hadn’t saved Tessa because he knew that Rowan would try to save her. All this time, Lasher quietly waited in the shadows for his turn to be summoned because Rowan would have no choice left. Lasher had been the only person who could revive Tessa, and Rowan had to do this because the Mayfairs had been blaming her for Tessa’s disappearance. This proved that Lasher had been the mastermind and knew how to get what he wanted. Even though the ending didn’t reveal whether Lasher had arrived or not, there was no doubt that he was seeing everything from a distance.

What Will Happen In Episode 8? 

In “Mayfair Witches” Episode 8, Lasher will be summoned back to Rowan’s body, and this time she will use him to kill Keith. Lasher will be very happy and will help Rowan fulfill all her wishes. Meanwhile, the gunshot will badly injure her, but there is no doubt that Lasher will save Rowan. At the same time, Ciprien is nowhere to be found. Odette will try to contact his office, but they will straight up deny that Ciprein exists. Somehow, Rowan will be stuck in the past, and this time in Lasher’s memories. Even though Ciprien knew the right way to get out of there, Rowan didn’t. Again, she will have to depend on Lasher to rescue herself and her baby. Lasher will try his best to keep Ciprien and Rowan away, and the duo will have to find a way to destroy him for the sake of their unborn child. But killing Lasher will be a tough job because he is adorned with magical and destructive powers that will easily kill any being.

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