‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Ciprien And Rowan’s Ways To Eliminate Lasher

In the previous episode of “Mayfair Witches,” Rowan and Ciprien had been caught in Lasher’s mysterious spell, and they couldn’t wake up from their delusional world until the spell had been broken. Rowan had managed to notice the scar on Ciprien’s stomach, and it helped her to regain her senses. Rowan had tried her best to disinfect Ciprien’s wound, but she noticed that he was dying and that the only way to save him was to beg Lasher for his life. Once Ciprien had been saved, Rowan had no choice but to spend the whole day with Lasher, and Rowan seemed to enjoy her time with Lasher until she noticed Aunt Carlotta. She was floating in the air, and Rowan chose to save her, but Carlotta had other plans. She tried to manipulate Rowan into killing herself, but Rowan couldn’t stop herself and used her powers to kill Carlotta. The moment she had died, all the doors and windows in the Mayfair mansion had opened, and Rowan made her escape.


The sixth episode of “Mayfair Witches” started with Suzanne’s story again. While Suzanne and Florie had breakfast together, the witchfinder and his men stopped by her house and commanded her to leave. Suzanne knew that she did not commit any crimes and refused to obey them. The witchfinder’s men dragged her out of the house, and Suzanne begged them to leave her. The witchfinder must’ve linked Suzanne to the witches that he had been looking for, and he had been very cruel to the ones that he had found. Now, Suzanne had to protect herself for the sake of her and Florie’s lives.

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The Connection Between Rowan And Lasher

Even though Rowan escaped the Mayfair Mansion, Lasher didn’t leave her side. He followed her everywhere and claimed to stick by Rowan’s side. It was pretty clear that he had become a part of her life, and there was no way that Lasher would leave Rowan so easily. No matter where Rowan went, Lasher would have conversations with her, and now she had gotten used to his presence and didn’t get scared of him either. Lasher would pretend to care for her and have control over Rowan’s mind in some way. He would mesmerize with the smallest of tricks, and Rowan would bounce back into Lasher’s world. Lasher knew the right way to play with her mind. Rowan had always wanted to feel loved and happy, and he gave her a sense of happiness and contentment while making her feel like she had been powerful and special all the time. Meanwhile, Ciprien would bring Rowan back to reality and try his best to keep her mind away from Lasher’s spell.

Even though Lasher had been around Rowan, she would often lie to Ciprien, and he had noticed a few times that Rowan had Deirdre’s locket around her neck, but Rowan pretended that she didn’t remember putting it on. Ciprien didn’t understand how Lasher stepped inside his apartment despite all the protective charms around it. Lasher had been using the necklace as a key to enter his house, and the moment she removed it, Lasher would disappear since it had been impossible for him to break the spell around Ciprien’s apartment. Lasher had complete control over Rowan’s mind, and she would never allow Ciprien to take the necklace away from her. The only way to keep Rowan safe was to take the necklace to Talamasca, but Rowan was completely against it. Rowan knew that she had been under his control and that he had been controlling her every move.


Even though Rowan wanted the necklace to be gone, Lasher manipulated her to behave according to his wishes. At the same time, everyone was quite worried about Deirdre’s heart being stolen from her grave; the episode showed how Keith Murfis had been a strong follower of people who wanted to eliminate witches from society. He had created a fake social media account with photos of Deirdre’s heart. Tessa came over to meet Rowan and addressed this issue with her; Tessa wanted Rowan to prioritise this problem because Rowan was already dealing with Lasher’s presence around her.

The next morning, Rowan met Uncle Cortland since she wanted to get rid of Lasher, but he didn’t take her seriously. Rowan’s powers helped her realize that Cortland had been diagnosed with ALS and that his daughter Jojo was not aware of it either. He had no other choice but to opt for stem cell therapy because his bodily functions had already started to deteriorate. Cortland revealed that it was difficult to get rid of Lasher, but there had been a similar case in the past where Lasher had been transferred from Katherine Mayfair’s body to Cortland’s father, Julien. He and Katherine were siblings, but he didn’t know much about it either. Cortland was sure that his cousin Dolly Jean knew about the entire process. Cortland and Dolly Jean found information about the transfer in Julien’s diary, but Rowan would have to risk her life to carry it out. To work out this spell, the family needed Deirdre’s blessing, which was impossible to achieve. Meanwhile, Cortland carried a piece of Deirdre’s hair around him to call Lasher whenever it was required.


‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Ciprien And Rowan’s Ways To Eliminate Lasher

Ciprien had connected himself to the locket to find out the prime connection between Lasher and the Mayfair family. He went back to Suzanne’s life, where she had been forcefully taken away by the witchfinder. Suzanne begged the villagers to understand her while she claimed that she had been using medicinal herbs to cure people through God’s will, but things didn’t work out. Meanwhile, Rowan and Jojo visited the Mayfair mansion with Dolly Jean, and the other witches gathered inside the mansion to commence the transfer process. Lasher had always been connected to Rowan’s bloodline, and removing him from her life might have some negative consequences for her. There had been a chance that Rowan might lose some of the abilities that she had carried around for several years.

Rowan found the bones of all the designees placed inside a coffin in Julien’s room, and these bones were an essential part of the ceremony that would ensure that the ceremony would work. Now, a strand of Deidre‚Äôs hair was the final piece to complete the spell. Once the ceremony had been completed, Rowan had to call for Lasher using an ancient spell; the same spell had been used by Suzanne in the past, and Ciprien witnessed it all too. He noticed that Lasher had heard Suzanne’s prayers and appeared to save her, and now history had repeated itself.

But this time, Lasher was called out to be bound to another witch. Suddenly, Rowan began to choke, and she vomited Deirdre’s necklace out. Lasher had chosen Tessa to be the next designee. Somehow, the other witches and Tessa had been happy to have Lasher as a part of their lives. In the past, Ciprien was about to witness Lasher’s origin, but he was knocked out by Lasher. He saved Suzanne and secured his presence with a necklace that hung around Suzanne’s neck. With Lasher gone, there was a possibility that Rowan might have lost her medical abilities. In the final scene, Tessa meets Keith, but he tricks her into believing him. Tessa tried her best to call Lasher, but he didn’t arrive, and there was a huge chance that she had been trapped by Keith and the other men. Even though Keith had been trying to approach her through social media, Tessa should’ve kept herself safe instead of meeting him. This time, it was clear that Tessa had believed that Lasher would save her, but things didn’t work out in her favor. Maybe Lasher was still connected to Rowan and wanted her to be his witch at all costs.

What To Expect In Episode 7? 

The previous episode showed how Tessa confidently met Keith, believing that Lasher would be saving her, but things went the other way as she was trapped. In the next episode, Rowan will try to communicate with Tessa and visit the Mayfair mansion multiple times. But Tessa will never come back to her house, and the episode will show how she will be kidnapped by Keith and the other men. Tessa will be trapped inside a warehouse, and she will have to find ways to save herself since Lasher will not be saving her. Rowan and Cortland will try to look for him because if he is not with Tessa or Rowan, Lasher will be looking for ways to get back to Rowan again.


Meanwhile, Keith and the other men in the community will be using Tessa as proof of witchcraft, Rowan will be looking for ways to communicate with Lasher, and Ciprien will have to find a way to find his way back to the current world because Lasher will have planned to trap him in the past, as it will be the only way to claim control over Rowan and her mind.

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