‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Rowan Escape The Mayfair Mansion?

The foregoing episode of “Mayfair Witches” revealed Carlotta’s intentions to kill Rowan. She attended her mother Deirdre’s funeral and met all her relatives at the Mayfair mansion. Carlotta invited Rowan to a gathering even though family members were not allowed. At first, everything was fine until Carlotta spotted her wearing Deirdre’s necklace. Moreover, shocking revelations were made as Ciprien figured out that Lasher had been responsible for Deirdre’s death, and that he now wanted to claim his control over Rowan. Ciprien understood that the necklace was a key to inviting Lasher into Rowan’s life. As long as she wore it around her neck, Lasher and Rowan’s connection would grow stronger. Carlotta tried to stab Rowan, but Ciprien got stabbed instead since he was trying to save her. The room caught on fire, and Lasher locked all the doors using his powers.

“Mayfair Witches” Episode 5 began with Suzanne’s story, where a man had been waiting for his wife while she delivered their baby. The woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy, but he had webbed fingers. The father refused to believe that it was his child, and he blamed Suzanne for poisoning his wife. The man abruptly left Suzanne’s house and never came back. The next morning, the mother and the baby went missing. Suzanne and Florie noticed that a crowd had gathered around the house. A stranger spoke about his experience as he’d captured a woman who was about to sacrifice her soul to the Devil with a dance. Suzanne figured out that he was the King’s witchfinder, and he wanted to free the village from all the witches. The moment Suzanne turned her head around, she noticed that the man who had left yesterday had been staring at her continuously.

Spoilers Ahead

Lasher’s Thrall Over Rowan 

The fifth episode was called “The Thrall,” which signified the oblivious scenarios throughout the whole episode. After the fire, Rowan and Ciprien woke up on the bed together in Deirdre’s room. Well, it was difficult to understand how they landed up there despite all these problems, but it was pretty clear that Lasher had a part to play in this. He’d cast a spell around the house, and everything seemed to work perfectly. Ciprien stood up from the bed to grab some breakfast while Rowan patiently waited for him in the room. He still had the stab wound around his stomach, and that was enough to signify that whatever they remembered happening last night had actually happened. Ciprien started making breakfast and brought it back to the room, and the cycle repeated. Ciprien made breakfast multiple times until Rowan woke up from her spell and noticed the stab wound on Ciprien’s stomach. Every time, Cipren grew more and more tired since his wound was draining him. They didn’t remember anything about the wound, and that’s when Ciprien and Rowan realized that they had been on the bed for hours. Rowan gazed around the room and found the knife in the bathroom, which made her think that she had stabbed Ciprien.

Ciprien touched the knife and saw everything that had happened in the past. He realized that Carlotta tried to kill Rowan, and he got stabbed instead. They quickly dressed up to leave for the hospital, but the phones around the house didn’t work either. So, both of them went downstairs and tried to open the front door, but it wouldn’t budge. All this time, Carlotta was nowhere to be found. Ciprien knew that Lasher had been doing this to eliminate him and get him out the way. Luckily, Rowan was able to break the spell, or else they would have spent days without noticing, and Ciprien would have lost his life. Rowan tried to break the windows, but nothing changed. Suddenly, Rowan noticed that Ciprien had come back with breakfast, and he was completely fine. Rowan couldn’t understand anything and noticed that Ciprien didn’t have a wound either. He told Rowan that she had hit her head and suffered a concussion. All this time, Ciprien had been trying to open the door, and he noticed that a stranger had emerged from the other room, calling for Antha. Ciprien recognized him as Stuart Townsend, and it turned out that he was an agent like Ciprien, who had been assigned to protect Antha. Stuart asked Ciprien if he had fallen in love with Rowan.

Lasher did not like that, so he eliminated Stuart as it was pretty clear that Stuart had fallen in love with Antha, Rowan’s grandmother. Lasher had killed Stuart by trapping him inside the house, and now he had been doing the same thing to Ciprien. Before leaving, Stuart warned him that he had to make it out alive. All this time, Rowan was busy having breakfast, and she suddenly noticed that it was not Ciprien but Lasher. She rushed downstairs and found Ciprien on the stairs. Ciprien told her that Lasher wanted him out of the way, and Rowan decided to treat him herself. Rowan managed to find some medical supplies and noticed that someone was crying in the bathtub while her body was on the verge of disappearing. But Rowan didn’t wait and rushed to save Ciprien; she disinfected his wound. Rowan was determined to to save him and requested Lasher to let him out safely. Immediately, Ciprien was sent back home, and Rowan was stuck in the house. She walked around the house and noticed a beautiful dress in her mother’s room. She understood that Lasher wanted her to dress up, so she did. When Rowan came downstairs, she noticed that Lasher had been waiting for her.

‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 5: Ending Explained – Did Rowan Escape The Mayfair Mansion?

Lasher told Rowan that he didn’t create anything around her. Whatever happened was Rowan’s fantasy, and it was her mind that made it possible for her to fantasize about everything. Rowan told him that she wanted to leave, but Lasher coerced her into dancing with him, and for some reason, Rowan followed all his commands and was blinded by his charms and spell. Lasher read Rowan’s mind and fulfilled all her wishes, even the basic wish of eating a cake. He immediately got her different types of cake, and Rowan was interested to know more about Lasher’s ability to read her mind. Lasher flashed memories of her childhood, and Rowan was instantly mesmerized by his actions. Rowan wanted to know his intentions, and it was simple as Lasher’s motive was to spend the rest of his life with Rowan. The duo shared a kiss, and for some reason, Rowan liked it. He had been playing with her mind, and Lasher showed her that the fox she couldn’t heal in her childhood was completely healed due to their union. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and noticed that Carlotta had been floating in the air. She immediately questioned Lasher about this, and he told Rowan that she wanted Carlotta to die. But Rowan knew that Lasher was playing with her mind, and she refused to follow his commands. She went up to the room and found the same lady from the bathtub. Rowan requested her to help her, so she showed her a book that included remedies to avoid Lasher. Rowan asked her to show where the herbs were, and the lady sent her down to the basement. Once Rowan had come downstairs, Lasher told her that she had been fooling Rowan, and suddenly the door was locked. Rowan knew that it was Lasher, but he made her believe that the Mayfair family always treated their daughters in this way.

Eventually, the door opened, and Rowan stepped outside and told Lasher that she wanted to free Carlotta. Carlotta fell to the ground and regained consciousness. Rowan went towards the door and cried her heart out because she didn’t want to kill anyone. Carlotta told her that she trusted Rowan and promised to show her a way out. Rowan followed her to the balcony, and for some reason, the spell didn’t work on this balcony. Carlotta told Rowan that her life was over, and that suicide was the only option left. Rowan lost her patience and realized that Antha didn’t kill herself. Carlotta was the one who forced her to commit suicide. Rowan refused to follow Carlotta’s commands, and Carlotta told her that she’d wanted to kill Rowan when she was a baby. Suddenly, Rowan lost control over her powers, and the voices echoed inside her head. Carlotta groaned in pain as she lost her balance and fell from the balcony. Back at Ciprien’s place, Odette found him on the ground. He told her to hide since he had called for help. Samir and an Indian last arrived at his house and placed a protective circle around him. Ciprien’s wound was bound with magic, and the Indian lady consumed that evil power through her body. Suddenly, the same wound appeared on her stomach, and the knife that had been used to stab Ciprien popped out of her stomach. Ciprien woke up, and the magic was finally broken. The next morning, he talked to Odette about his profession, and she promised to keep it a secret. Odette wanted him to stay away from Rowan since she was too dangerous for him to be around. As soon as Carlotta died, Lasher opened the doors for her, and Rowan escaped.

What To Expect In Episode 6? 

In the finale of “Mayfair Witches” Episode 5, Rowan killed Carlotta because she’d wanted Rowan to kill herself. But killing Carlotta helped Rowan escape the Mayfair mansion. Lasher opened all the doors, and Rowan came back home. The ending of this episode revealed a few glimpses of “Mayfair Witches” Episode 6 as Lasher follows her everywhere, and Rowan doesn’t seem to hate it either. Moreover, people will be gathering around to kill the witches, and now, Rowan will meet other witches to become a part of the Mayfair family. Suddenly, it is shown that Rowan will be manipulated by a strong spell, but Lasher will come to her rescue. At the same time, Suzanne will be captured for being a witch as well. This episode will provide more insight into Lasher and Rowan’s bond. Lasher will gain more control over her mind, and it looks like he will be controlling Rowan’s actions completely. At some point, her actions will be influenced by Lasher and his mind-bending spells.

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