‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Killed Deirdre?

The previous episode of “Mayfair Witches” gave us a deeper insight into Rowan’s encounter with her family. Her arrival in New Orleans had brought her a step closer to Lasher. Charlotte tried to bind Lasher with Delphine, but it didn’t work, resulting in her death. Eventually, Lasher and Rowan met each other, and she found it extremely uncomfortable. So, Ciprien and Rowan agreed to enhance her powers, as he was the only person Rowan had faith in. The fourth episode of “Mayfair Witches” began with Aoife’s death, and an old lady stood next to Suzanne. At midnight, she took Suzanne to a secret place inside the jungle, where she found various people mourning and dancing at the same time. While Suzanne was about to leave, a random girl emerged from the crowd and invited Suzanne to Aoife’s funeral, which she termed a “true funeral.” So, without any second thoughts, Suzanne joined them in grieving. Well, these scenes signified that Aoife had some kind of connection with the supernatural, and this might have led to the origin of the Mayfair family. Every episode provided a little glimpse of the past, and maybe the upcoming episodes might reveal everything in detail. Even though Suzanne found it to be very strange, she didn’t hesitate to join them. This might take the viewers a step closer to Aoife’s death. She claimed that a boar attacked her, but there was a high chance that Aoife lost her life from supernatural causes

In the present time, Rowan had woken up from a very strange dream. She found herself being intimate with Ciprien, who later transformed into Lasher, and both of them were wearing Deirdre’s locket around their neck. Rowan stepped out of her room and started talking with Ciprien, as both of them had strange dreams the previous night. In the foregoing episode, Rowan shared her life with Ciprien, and now she had been wanting to know about him. Meanwhile, Carlotta went into the basement to see if her plan worked. But binding Lasher to Delphine had been a bad choice since Lasher had killed her brutally. Delphine’s face was destroyed as she’d spent the entire night banging her head on the wall. Carlotta reached out for her neck to get the necklace, but it was gone. Carlotta realized that Lasher was coming for Rowan. Cortland’s daughter urged him to reach the funeral before Rowan arrived since it was her first time visiting the Mayfair home. It was revealed that Cortland’s daughter had a vision that Deirdre’s murderer would be punished. He arrived at Deirdre’s funeral and managed to steal a few strands of her hair. At the same time, Rowan and Ciprien had arrived too, and she was very skeptical about meeting her family this way. But, Ciprien had promised to be with her always. 

Rowan stepped closer to Deirdre’s coffin, and everyone started whispering things about her. Suddenly, the doors of the church opened as flower petals came flowing inside. There was a possibility that it was Lasher, but “Mayfair Witches” Episode 4 didn’t reveal anything. Ciprien got an urgent call from his boss, and he had to head down immediately since they found the man who was present in the elevator with Deirdre. Well, Rowan decided to stay back until Deirdre’s burial ceremony was over. Carlotta had a gathering in her house, but none of the family members were invited. She invited Rowan over, and she agreed. Carlotta showed her Elena’s childhood pictures, and Rowan demanded answers from her. She wanted to know the reason behind hiding her past and Carlotta told her that the women of the Mayfair family always suffered. Carlotta told her that many people would lie to her about Lasher. They would try to convince her that Lasher was a gift, but in reality, he wasn’t. When Carlotta was eight years old, Lasher visited her and expressed his infatuation with her. But Carlotta knew about him, and she refused to accept his offer. Moreover, Rowan got to know that Deirdre was not strong enough to reject Lasher, but Carlotta knew that Rowan was.

Soon, Cortland attended the gathering against Carlotta’s will. Rowan associated with all the family members and found her cousin Tessa. Moreover, Tessa revealed that Rowan was a designee to the Mayfair family. Before she could explain herself, Cortland’s daughter had stopped her. Rowan asked Cortland’s daughter about the term “designee.” So, she showed Rowan around a room filled with photographs of the 12 “Mayfair Matriarchs.” Deirdre was also a designee, and this made her the owner of the Mayfair mansion. Now, with Deirdre gone, the mansion belonged to Rowan. Rowan had noticed that all the women wore the same necklace, so she wanted to see it since the necklace belonged to her now. All this time, Cortland had been looking for the necklace around the entire house but couldn’t find it. Rowan spoke to Cortland and found out that he referred to Lasher as a gift. He coerced Rowan into talking with Lasher since she wanted to know more about him. Before Cortland could say anything else, Carlotta arrived and distracted Rowan. Cortland and Carlotta got into a huge fight because they blamed each other for all the problems. So, Cortland decided to leave, but before leaving, he handed over his card to Rowan and told her to visit anytime.

After leaving the funeral, Ciprien arrived at his office to meet Albert and Samir. They caught the same man that Ciprien saw in his visions when he touched Deirdre’s corpse. He was spotted running around the street maniacally in pain. They tied him up to a chair, and Ciprien went ahead and touched him. Ciprien envisioned that he killed Deirdre with a wire around her neck. Before Ciprien could help him, his neck snapped, and he died. All this time, Ciprien failed to notice that Lasher was present inside his body. So, Lasher was the one who’d killed Deirdre. Ciprien knew that Rowan was about to land in huge trouble, so he headed back to the main office and started reading documents and books related to the Mayfair family. Here, he noticed that the book contained information about Deirdre’s locket, and the woman who wore this locket belonged to Lasher. At the same time, Ciprien received a text message from Rowan where she sent him the picture of the same locket around her neck. So, Ciprien rushed to look for her at the Mayfair mansion.

Meanwhile, Carlotta wanted Rowan to stay for dinner, and she wanted to stay too. Rowan looked around the entire house and found her mother’s bedroom. Here, she spotted Deirdre’s locket and wore it. Carlotta noticed that Rowan removed the rosary around her neck, and it scared Carlotta. At the dinner table, Carlotta revealed how Deirdre made things difficult for her. Now, the cycle was about to repeat with Rowan. Carlotta stood up and started praying for Deirdre. Suddenly, she attacked Rowan with a fire lamp, and the room caught on fire. Luckily, Ciprien arrived and tried to save Rowan. Carlotta wanted to stop Rowan from leaving, so she rushed toward her with a knife, but Ciprien got in the way. The knife pierced through his stomach, and although Rowan managed to walk towards the door, Lasher closed it. He slowly appeared next to Carlotta and whispered that Rowan already belonged to him.

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At the end of “Mayfair Witches” Episode 4, Rowan and Ciprien were not able to leave the mansion as Ciprien is gravely wounded. Lasher shut the door behind them, and now they will have to find a way to survive inside the house. Despite all her efforts, Rowan will not be able to open up a single window around the house. Well, Carlotta has been saved, and wearing this locket will confirm her bond with Lasher. She tells Rowan that things will get dirtier soon. The ending of episode 4 also provided a glimpse of Rowan and Lasher’s union. Rowan will have to figure out a way to save herself, but she still meets Lasher. Rowan is dressed in a beautiful gown while Lasher waits for her downstairs. Now, Ciprien is the only person who can save Rowan. It looks like Ciprien has fallen in love with Rowan, but Lasher will never allow him to take Rowan away from him. In the end, Rowan will have to choose the right path because if she keeps encountering Lasher, he will haunt her till the very end of her life. The episode also showed us that Rowan has been chosen to be a designee, even though Lasher has killed all the twelve women in the family, who’ve been designees before.

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