‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Lasher And Rowan Meet?

The previous episode of “Mayfair Witches” provided an insight into Deirdre and Lasher’s relationship. Deirdre woke up from her sedated state and learned about Rowan’s arrival. While Deirdre had been planning to leave the Mayfair family with Lasher, Rowan was already on her way to New Orleans to discover more about her true identity. Rowan knew that she possessed unexplainable powers, and with Ciprien’s help, things would become even easier to follow. Deirdre arrived at the hotel where Rowan had been staying, and the duo finally saw each other. But before Deirdre could speak to Rowan, her throat got slit, and she fell to the ground. Rowan couldn’t make sense of the whole situation since was all alone in the elevator. Despite all her efforts, Deirdre couldn’t meet her daughter. The third episode began with a glimpse of the past, where the story moved to Suzanne’s timeline. Aoife was gravely wounded by a wild boar, and Suzanne rushed to treat her with the medicinal herbs. Aoife had told her to use Black Henbane and Feverfew on her wounds. Suzanne didn’t want to use it since these herbs would kill her mother, but Aoife was already on the verge of dying. Aoife wanted Suzanne to help her with this, and she refused. Suzanne had been afraid to face death, and she neither believed in heaven nor hell. Suzanne and Rowan’s lives were somehow connected, and the upcoming episodes will reveal the deepest secrets of the Mayfair family. Suzanne walked toward the bottle of poisonous medicinal herbs, and the episode moved back to the present.

Rowan held onto Deirdre’s dead body as the elevator reached the bottom floor. Everyone around the hotel was terrified of this sight, and their reactions traumatized Rowan. Aunt Carlotta took Rowan along with her, and the cops began their investigation process. Aunt Carlotta spoke to Rowan and told her about Deirdre’s identity. Rowan was heartbroken to know that she had lost her mother before she even got to know her. Carlotta tried to take Rowan back to the Mayfair house, but she spotted Ciprien outside the restaurant and rushed to meet him. Rowan had decided to stay the night at Ciprien’s place, and the duo talked about all the photographs and information that Rowan had found in Ciprien’s phone. Ciprien told her that he had been collecting information about her past to protect her. Ciprien introduced himself as a part of the Talamasca, saying they had been around since the middle ages. Their job was to protect people from supernatural existence. In the previous episode, Rowan spotted Lasher in one of the pictures, so she decided to find out more about him. Ciprien had explained to her that Lasher was an entity that visited Deirdre. He further explained that Elena had been scared that Lasher would have tried to reach Rowan as well.

Rowan couldn’t believe Ciprien’s claims, and she was extremely disturbed by all of this. Suddenly, Ciprien’s doorbell rang, and it was Samir. Ciprien knew that Rowan would have been safe with him, so he had cleared this with Samir. But Samir had visited him with different intentions. Samir had assigned a team around Ciprien’s house to protect him and Rowan. The team members began sprinkling a mysterious liquid and cast a protection spell around Ciprien’s place. Meanwhile, Carlotta was heartbroken by Deirdre’s death, and now she knew that Lasher had been trying to get his hands on Rowan. So, Carlotta decided to bind him with Deirdre’s necklace. She knew that Rowan was a strong-headed woman, but she needed Carlotta’s help. The following night, Ciprien and Rowan talked about Uncle Cortland, and she suddenly remembered that the hotel bell boy approached Rowan to tell her about Mr. Mayfair’s arrival. Ciprien told her that the Mayfair family had been very private about their personal lives. Rowan was shocked to know that Elena had known about her past life.

Ciprien left for the hotel and instructed Rowan to stay home since it was not safe for her to step outside. At the same time, Uncle Cortland arrived at the hotel, and Lasher approached him. He was heartbroken by Deirdre’s death, and Cortland told Lasher that his time had arrived to get the 13th witch. Back at Ciprien’s place, his sister Odette had arrived to grab her belongings. Rowan and Odette had a quick talk with each other and  she realized that Odette was pregnant. Rowan congratulated Odette, to which she responded that she had been a surrogate and it was her first time. Suddenly, there was a fire at Ciprien’s place, and Rowan stepped outside his house. Rowan asked for the address of the Mayfair mansion, and she walked down the street to get there. Aunt Carlotta had been trying to fool Delphine because she wanted to bind Lasher with her. So, Carlotta made her wear Deirdre’s necklace and locked her in the basement. While walking towards the street, Rowan came across a parade and stood across the street watching them. Rowan met an unknown lady, and they talked about losing their loved ones. Suddenly, a woman from the parade approached them with potions. Rowan initially declined the offer, but the unknown lady forced her to have some.

Rowan consumed the potion, and it was revealed that the unknown lady had been Lasher all along. He invited Rowan to dance, and her head started spinning. Soon, the duo shared a conversation. The duo danced with each other, and somehow Rowan was completely under his spell. Gradually, all the people around her changed their appearances, and Lasher revealed that the dead had always been around them. He didn’t reveal his true identity and told Rowan that his name was Adonis. Rowan followed his commands, and the duo ended up kissing each other. Meanwhile, Ciprien arrived at the hotel and used his powers to see the past. For some reason, it didn’t work out. Ciprien visited the forensic doctor to examine Deirdre’s body. She touched Deirdre’s forehead and saw her past. Gradually, Lasher took her to the Mayfair mansion, and Rowan was shocked to see Deirdre at the entrance. Rowan was very happy to meet her mother, and the duo embraced each other. Deirdre told her to connect with her blood through Lasher, and Rowan immediately realized that it was not Deirdre. Nonetheless, Rowan woke up from her daze and found herself back on the street.

Ciprien came back home and touched the walls of his building. He envisioned Lasher at his place, and Rowan arrived at the same time. Ciprien asked Rowan if she was fine, to which Rowan replied that she was not sure. They talked about the investigation, and Ciprien told Rowan that someone had already removed all the previous memories of Deirdre’s murder from the elevator. When Ciprien touched Deirdre’s body, he saw an unknown man in the elevator with Deirdre. He further revealed to Rowan that Deirdre never gave up on her, as she was taken away by the Mayfair family. Rowan told him about the potion’s effects, as it swept her away from reality, and she couldn’t stop it. So, Ciprien instructed Rowan to concentrate on her true powers. This time, Rowan trusted him, as he was the only person who had been truly trying to help her. Back at the Mayfair mansion, Delphine had been banging her head on the wall. Lasher didn’t like that she had Deirdre’s necklace around her neck. The series ended on an ambiguous note since Rowan couldn’t find any answers about her life. This episode was a little more disappointing than the previous ones, and maybe the next episodes will reveal the best way to stop Lasher.

What Will Happen In The Next Episode?

Rowan will arrive at the Mayfair mansion to attend Deirdre’s funeral, and speak to Aunt Carlotta. She will hand her Deirdre’s necklace, making it pretty clear that Carlotta couldn’t bind Delphine with Lasher. Moreover, Rowan will be introduced to her predecessors, and she will learn that they were the witches who lost their lives to Lasher. Here, she will meet Uncle Cortland, and they will talk about Lasher; where Rowan would want to know about his true identity, and Uncle Cortland will instruct her to ask Lasher directly. On the night of the parade, Lasher had certainly established a connection with Rowan, and this time he won’t stop following her until he kills her like the other witches. Lasher knows that Rowan will be different from the others and that establishing a bond with her might be very difficult. Meanwhile, Uncle Cortland was connected to Deirdre’s death, and all this time he had been helping Lasher to get his hands on Rowan. Rowan might learn new things about her powers, and maybe she’s the final key to ending Lasher’s life.

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