‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Rowan And Deirdre Meet?

The foregoing episode of “Mayfair Witches” showed us how Rowan discovered her true powers. Her powers were beyond her understanding, and it had been an episode of multiple revelations. There was no doubt that Rowan was Deirdre Mayfair’s daughter. Her association with Lasher, the monstrous entity, had been a strong link to Rowan’s birth, and their union would destroy everything around the world. Just Rowan’s anger was enough to kill a person as she could accidentally rupture their arteries. Moreover, Rowan witnessed the death of her adoptive mother, Elena. On the night of her mother’s death, Rowan saw a glimpse of Lasher, and that’s where the episode ended. The second episode of “Mayfair Witches” begins in the past, as a young woman named Suzanne and her sister Florie roamed around the woods to find medicinal herbs for treating patients. Suddenly, a man approached them, and Suzanne told Florie to recite the names of all the medicinal herbs. Now, with her eyes closed, Florie began to recite everything. Meanwhile, Suzanne and the stranger stood below a tree, and it was clear that he had forced Suzanne into being intimate with him. Soon, Suzanne realized that someone had whispered her name around the woods, which stopped her. This series had multiple connections around Rowan, as she served a very significant role in the lives of Lasher and Deirdre. Maybe, Suzanne signified the future of the Mayfair family.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Rowan Find Out Her Real Identity? 

Currently, Rowan has been grieving over the loss of her mother, Elena, and she contacted the South Bay agency to know about her closed adoption procedure. They denied any involvement in her case, as this particular agency had been founded in 1995, and Rowan was adopted in 1991. Rowan was shocked by this revelation, and her mind demanded answers regarding her true identity. On the other hand, Lasher and Deirdre had been communicating with each other, and he had told her that Rowan was alive. Deirdre wanted to see her, but this would only be possible if Deirdre woke up from her delirium and if Lasher had motivated her to do the same. The next morning, Rowan’s name was not included in the hospital schedule, so she was told to meet Dr. Keck. Luckily, the last time his arteries were ruptured, it didn’t kill him. Even though Elena passed away, Rowan didn’t stop working, but Dr. Keck wanted her to take a break. To get back on the schedule, Rowan would have to meet Dr. Davis for a counseling session.


Dr. Davis ended up asking her questions related to Daniel Lemle’s death, and Rowan did not appreciate it. She started losing control over her mind, and soon, Dr. Davis suffered a sharp headache, followed by a nosebleed. Rowan left the room to avoid any more problems. Rowan stepped outside and found that her car had been covered in bird poop. Rowan looked up and found several crows on the tree, and some of them had died. Rowan believed that their deaths had something to do with her powers, so she buried them on a beach. Meanwhile, Ciprien followed her throughout the day. Ciprien had visited her boathouse, and he had this strange ability to see into the past if he touched an item. So, Ciprien touched a few of her belongings, and this revealed how Rowan had been suffering due to her powers. Ciprien even discovered Daniel Lemle’s death. Ciprien noticed that Rowan had lost consciousness on the beach, and in her unconscious state, Rowan envisioned herself at Deirdre’s house.

A Step Closer To The Mayfair Family

Ciprien was scared for Rowan because her past played a very important role in her life, and she needed to know everything about it. Ciprien contacted a man named Samir and explained the whole situation to him. But Samir had advised him to keep Rowan’s past away from her for a while because Elena had given up 30 years of her life to keep Rowan away from her history. On the same night, Ciprien approached Rowan and tried to talk with her. But the moment Ciprien tried to stop Rowan from running away, his mind showed him multiple visions, and he blacked out. Ciprien was taken to the hospital, and Rowan carried all his belongings. Rowan checked his phone and found multiple photos of her. Moreover, she found photographs of Elena and Deirdre at the Mayfair mansion. Soon, Rowan arrived at the hospital and found out that Ciprien had removed his IV and escaped from the hospital. Rowan checked the photos again, and noticed they carried the mansion’s address on them.


Back at the Mayfair mansion, Deirdre woke up from her daze and pretended to be sick. On the same night, Rowan took a flight to New Orleans. Deirdre and Lasher made plans to leave the mansion, and she was worried about the whole situation. But Lasher had convinced her that Rowan was on her way back to New Orleans. Both of them spent a night together, but for some bizarre reason, Rowan experienced everything that Deirdre did. The next day, Deirdre eloped from the house, and Delphine did nothing to stop her. By this time, Rowan had arrived in New Orleans and checked into a hotel. She tried to get more information about the Mayfair Mansion, but the hotel receptionist couldn’t recognize it. She overheard an old tourist guide who shared insights on various historic places in New Orleans. So Rowan followed her and showed her a picture of the mansion. She gave Rowan the details and also told her that this house was no longer included in the tourist guide since the old Mayfair mansion was famous for its witches.

Did Rowan And Deirdre Meet?

Meanwhile, Deirdre had arrived at Uncle Cortland’s house, and she told him about Rowan’s arrival in New Orleans. Deirdre sat on the ground and chanted some spells as she held onto her locket. Suddenly, Lasher appeared in Rowan’s hotel room, and this spell connected their visions. Deirdre was delighted to know that Rowan was already there. Meanwhile, Ciprien had called Rowan and explained that Elena had tried to protect her from her past. Rowan couldn’t believe him at first, but Ciprien had assured her that they would find a way together. Besides, when Deirdre arrived at the hotel and Carlotta spotted her, she commanded Deirdre to leave with her, but Deirdre refused to listen. She immediately rushed to the hotel elevator and stepped in. At the same time, Rowan waited for the elevator to arrive. The moment they saw each other, Rowan recognized her since she had found Deirdre’s pictures on Ciprien’s phone. But, before Deirdre could respond to Rowan, her throat was split open, which killed her on the spot, and just like that Deirdre couldn’t meet her daughter, instead she fell to the ground, dead.


What Will Happen In Episode 3?

In the third episode of”Mayfair Witches,” Aunt Carlotta spotted Rowan with Deirdre’s corpse and took her to the mansion. Carlotta told her that she would be safe in the mansion. Meanwhile, Ciprien warned Rowan about Lasher since he would follow her everywhere. The next episode will also highlight Lasher and Uncle Cortland’s union. Since Rowan is in New Orleans, the officials are conducting a murder investigation into Deirdre’s death. Rowan would also learn about Deirdre and her connection, but things had been getting tougher with each passing day as Lasher had been following her everywhere. Maybe Lasher had something to do with Deirdre’s death, but the investigation might draw some conclusions. Similarly, Ciprien had been trying to find clues using his abilities, which showed a glimpse of him at the elevator. Rowan had to face multiple challenges until the details of Deirdre’s death were truly revealed.

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