‘May It Please The Court’ Episode 9 & 10: Recap And Ending – Who Is The Real Serial Killer?

Si Baek was arrested as a murder suspect in “May It Please The Court,” but he had an explanation for each and every suspicious activities for which he was accused. The detectives believed they had caught the right person this time, but they couldn’t get a warrant against him. Si Baek has become Jang Gi Do’s policy advisor, and no one can come close to him as long as he has Jang by his side. 


Spoilers Ahead

Who Turns Himself In As The Serial Killer? 

Si Baek and Chak Hee go out for lunch after Si Baek comes out of custody. Chak Hee gets a call from Jang’s secretary, Dae Hyeong, right away, and he asks Chak Hee to bring Si Baek to Jang’s election campaign. Si Baek declares that he won’t go since he got the documents that he wanted, but Chak Hee thinks that he is just joking. She goes first and asks him to come as soon as possible.


Chak Hee kept on calling Si Baek as Dae Hyeong waited for him, but he didn’t show up. Instead, Si Baek visited Jang Byung Chun for a game of Go. Si Baek had been searching for his brother and saw him at Byung Chun’s house. As the game went on, Byung Chun suggested to Si Baek that he had a fake smile. He enigmatically asked Si Baek whether he would let him live. After their game, they ate Mung Beans pancakes made by Shin Chi Sik, a sponsor for the children’s house. He is none other than Si Baek’s brother.

Jang was busy all day with his election campaign; he received a call from his father’s caretaker at night that his father had passed away. When Jang reached home, he found his father tortured to death like previous victims. He cleared the murder site and laid his father on his bed. The caretaker almost informed the police about the murder, but Jang stopped him. Jang taught a fake story to the caretaker that he had  to recite if the police officers asked him.


As expected, the police arrive at Jang’s father’s house, and the caretaker recites the fake story. The police were dubious initially but left after they found out who Jang was. Jang informs Chak Hee about his father’s demise and asks her to bring his daughter, Yi Yeon, with her. Yi Yeon is least interested in attending the funeral and talks so disrespectfully about her grandfather that Chak Hee slaps her.

During the funeral, the police officers arrive and inform Jang that they have to postpone the funeral because the funeral director has found wounds on Byung Chun’s body and has reported them to the police. Jang didn’t want to reveal that his father was murdered, but it couldn’t be kept hidden for long. Other election candidates start slandering Jang for his father’s murder and the motive behind it.


Chak Hee is already upset about Byung Chun’s death, and she gets a call from Park Duk Man from prison. He tells her that he hasn’t done anything, but the call gets disconnected. Chak Hee’s father informs her that Duk Man has been arrested for Byung Chun’s murder. The very next day, Duk Man is found dead in prison. Jang tells Chak Hee that Duk Man was trying to steal from Byung Chun’s house and accidentally killed him.

However, the truth is now gone with Duk Man. Chak Hee finds it hard to believe that Duk Man could murder anyone. Si Baek has been watching Chak Hee getting upset and goes to the police station. He turns himself in for murdering CEO Cho, Yoon Seok Gu, Park Kangil, and Jang Byung Chun.


How Is Chi Sik Using Dong Pil?

Detective Kyung Ji arrives at the police station and starts interrogating Si Baek. He doesn’t speak anything other than confessing that he murdered all those people. Kyung Ji asks him about his motive for the murders, but he doesn’t say a word and asks for his lawyer. The detectives needed Si Baek to speak because they had no evidence against him and, hence, didn’t understand why he confessed suddenly.

Jang finds out that Si Baek confessed to having murdered his father but doesn’t believe it. He thinks that Si Baek is doing it intentionally to hurt Jang’s reputation. Chak Hee finds out about someone turning himself in for all the serial killings but doesn’t know who it is. She gets a call from the court that she has been assigned as a defender for the suspect in the serial killings.


Chak Hee requests the judge to not give her the case as it involves her grandfather, but she doesn’t get to make a choice. Out of curiosity, she meets the suspect and gets devastated to see Si Baek. She cannot believe that someone as kind and righteous as him would be a serial killer. The detectives think that only Chak Hee can make him speak, but after looking at  her condition, they wonder if she will meet Si Baek again.

Jeon Jae Ho is still alive, and he had mentioned to a doctor that Lee Dong Pil was alive. Chi Sik has been taking care of Lee Dong Pil as he has been suffering from dementia. It turns out that Chi Sik has made Dong Pil murder all the people, but Dong Pil doesn’t remember any of it. Chi Sik has decided to close down his restaurant as he comes close to fulfilling his purpose. He needs to murder one more person, and Dong Pil is going to do it for him as usual.


Chak Hee was heartbroken, but she showed up at the police station, and Si Baek spoke up. He tells the detectives that he tortured Byung Chun with electricity and water and that the evidence can be found present in the basement of his home. Jang gets frustrated when he hears this news because he has already gotten rid of the evidence. He becomes more certain that Si Baek is trying to trap him. 

‘May It Please The Court’ Episode 10: Ending 

The detectives have also started to become suspicious of Jang as he was the last person near Byung Chun. They visit Jeon Jae Ho to tell him about Si Baek, but he keeps on mentioning Lee Dong Pil. The detectives don’t understand him because, to them, Lee Dong Pil died three years ago. They didn’t provide Jeon Jae Ho with extra security when he asked for it.


Dong Pil enters Jeon’s hospital room and starts calling him Dong Pil. Chi Sik told Dong Pil that the person who ruined his life was named Dong Pil, and he killed all those people thinking they were the ones who ruined his life. However, Jae Ho knew Dong Pil personally in the past. Chi Sik was a police officer known for his water torture techniques, and Chi Sik was one of his victims in the past.

Si Baek and Chi Sik have been playing a big game of revenge in “May It Please The Court,” and Si Baek’s sudden confession is because either he wants to save his brother or they have planned it together to destroy Jang.


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