May And Drew In ‘The Dive,’ Explained: Sisterly Bonds Beneath The Surface

In the heart-pounding survival thriller The Dive, directed by Maximilian Erlenwein, the true depth of human connection surfaces amidst the struggle for survival. The film portrays the complex relationship between the two protagonists, May and Drew, painting a poignant portrait of their individual personas while exploring the unbreakable bond that emerges in the face of imminent danger. As the sisters navigate the treacherous waters of isolation, the nuances of their characters come to life, breathing humanity into a narrative that oscillates between desperation and hope.

Spoilers Ahead


May, a figure of meticulous caution, emerges as the stoic counterbalance to her sister’s effervescence. Portrayed as aloof and rigid, May’s demeanor echoes her diligent nature. Armed with state-of-the-art gear and an arsenal of oxygen tanks, she symbolizes the archetype of preparedness. From the outset, her apprehension is palpable, as she carries the weight of not only their equipment but also an unspoken burden that shrouds their past. Flashes of May’s discontentment with their annual diving trips punctuate the narrative, casting a shadow on her commitment. She seems to hold several unresolved and possibly negative feelings toward her mother and Drew. Though her actions paint her as a reluctant participant, the film’s subtext suggests a deeper layer of emotion. The audience catches glimpses of May’s struggle to reconcile her present self with her past, which she seemingly left behind. Her rigid facade, it becomes clear, masks a wellspring of unresolved feelings, particularly towards her domineering father, who once guided her and Drew in their underwater escapades. As the rocks trap May beneath the unforgiving sea, her sense of responsibility and expertise come to the forefront. Her calm and calculated guidance serves as a lifeline for Drew, even as she navigates her own dire predicament. The juxtaposition between May’s external toughness and her internal vulnerability adds depth to her character, making her journey of survival a testament to her resilience not just against nature’s forces but against her own emotional turmoil.


In stark contrast to May’s calculated demeanor, Drew emerges as the sunny soul of the duo. Eager and vivacious, Drew’s sunny disposition seems almost incongruent with the dire circumstances they find themselves in. Her genuine desire to spend time with her sister is evident, a yearning that’s become a yearly tradition of scuba diving trips meant to rekindle their bond. The flashback sequences offer a glimpse into Drew’s unwavering commitment to their sisterly escapades, a commitment that speaks volumes about her love for May. These windows into their childhood present the sisters as inseparable, highlighting Drew’s persistence in maintaining their special connection despite May’s evident resistance. When the landslide disrupts their idyllic outing, Drew’s initial panic serves as a stark reminder of her fragility. Struggling to cope with the sudden turn of events, Drew’s journey becomes a race against both time and her own anxiety. She transforms from a carefree sister to a determined rescuer, battling her own demons while fighting to free May from her underwater prison. As Drew faces the daunting task of salvaging their dire situation, her determination overshadows her perceived naivety. Drew’s resourcefulness is highlighted when she uses unconventional methods, such as inflating her BCD jacket to shift the rock that is entrapping May. These moments underscore her tenacity, a testament to the strength she discovers within herself when faced with the ultimate test of survival.

The heart of The Dive lies not just in the sisters’ struggle for survival but in the evolution of their relationship. The cataclysmic events serve as a crucible that melts away the emotional barriers, allowing the sisters to rediscover the threads that bind them. May’s steadfast guidance and Drew’s unwavering determination converged to bridge the emotional chasm that had grown between them. As May urges Drew to abandon her in favor of her own survival, the sentiment speaks to May’s deep-seated desire to see her sister live a full life. Drew’s refusal, in turn, symbolizes the transformation she has undergone—from a carefree spirit to a fighter willing to brave every challenge. Drew’s resolute return to the depths to rescue May underscores her newfound courage, a testament to the depths she’s willing to plunge to to protect the person she holds closest to her heart.

In the end, The Dive is not just a tale of survival; it’s a tale of redemption, reconciliation, and rediscovery. May and Drew’s journey through the murky waters of danger and desperation emerges as a reflection of their own journey toward healing and reconnection. The film’s climax, where the sisters share an emotional embrace, encapsulates the transformation that takes place beneath the waves—a transformation that binds them closer than ever before. In The Dive, the ocean’s depths become a canvas upon which the intricate strokes of May and Drew’s characters are painted. With May’s guarded vulnerability and Drew’s unwavering determination, the film becomes a testament to the power of sisterhood, reminding us that even in the darkest waters, the bonds of love can shine through and lead us back to the surface.

Sophie Lowe, who embodies Drew’s character, shoulders the brunt of the physical demands, while Louisa Krause, portraying May, anchors the emotional gravity. Of the two, Lowe distinctly shines through. Their performances, although not extraordinary, resonate with an earnest endeavor to infuse vitality into their respective roles. Yet, the screenplay’s inconsistency and occasionally mundane dialogue erode the tautness of the narrative. The absence of a palpable connection between the sisters dilutes the emotional impact, leaving the audience poised on the brink rather than immersed in the core of their predicament. It’s regrettable that the source of the sisters’ conflicts remains shrouded in ambiguity. The film leaves us yearning to comprehend the origins of their discord, the lingering impact of their father, and especially the reasons behind May’s profound aversion to her mother. Drew’s disclosure about their mother only hints at the surface of a deeper, unresolved issue, leaving us adrift in a sea of unanswered questions.

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