‘Mathagam’ Season 2: Is It Renewed? What Can We Expect Next?

Mathagam is nothing short of an explosive police drama. The performances and premise come very close to feeling real. The subjects of the mafia, crime, corruption, and killings are discussed at length in this nine-episode saga about Padalam Sekhar.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Season 1 End?

Mathagam Season 1 ended dramatically. The police force headed by Sayanthika and her junior Ashwath gatecrashed into the farmhouse that was sheltering more than half of the criminals from around the city. Sekhar offers capital to all his associates to start businesses and encourage entrepreneurship. Chaos is unleashed as Sekhar and his close friend Nathan locate two moles in his circle who leaked information to Ashwath and his team. The attack on the farmhouse by the police had begun when Sekhar was close to killing both his moles.


Seyone and Guna were rescued, but Sekhar lost the truck that contained all the cash. Since the plan went haywire, Sekhar and Nathan plan to either hide or abscond. Nathan is arrested by Ashwath; meanwhile, Guna escapes with the truck that had the money. Ashwath and his team, including SP Senthil, close in on Sekhar’s location. The cat-and-mouse chase between Sekhar and Ashwath ceases after Safia’s brother is killed by a police bullet that was meant to hurt Sekhar. Sekhar decides to give up as Safia convinces him to surrender his arms and leave his life of crime so that he remains alive.

SP Senthil is revealed to be the mole in the force who had planned to kill Sekhar. As Ashwath nabs Senthil, he discloses the presence of a bigger mafia network that overshadows the minister and Jambuk Sait himself. Even though Sekhar will be alive by the end of Mathagam Season 1, there is speculation about his longevity.


Is The Show Renewed For Season 2?

The makers and the streaming platform have not released any public statements regarding Mathagam Season 2. How the first season ended indicates that the makers want to continue the story that involves Sekhar and his nemesis, the police. Through this article, we will try to speculate on what we can expect in the next season of Mathagam and how the story can move forward.

What Will Be Padalam Sekar’s Status In The Next Season?

Padalam Sekhar will be shifted to a high-security prison in the hope of safeguarding him and making sure there are no more attempts on his life. Having said that, Sekhar will soon become a target of Jambuk Sait and his superiors, who would want him dead at any cost. The police are keen on knowing the details behind the running of the operations from Sekhar. He might strike a deal with Ashwath and his team. Sekhar might agree to speak about his operations, and in return, he would expect high security and the liberty to meet his associates.


Sekhar’s mafia ring will keep functioning even while he is in prison, and he will be updated on the workings on a time-to-time basis. His business might not be as flourishing as before. Jambuk Sait probably stopped all the funding and alliances with Sekhar after his arrest. The makers might finally reveal who Jambuk Sait is. Sekhar’s boss will likely turn out to be a lot scarier than him, while the makers will try to put forward a narrative that will explain Jambuk Sait’s predicament. Hopefully, the makers of the show will also present the history of Padhalam Sekhar to understand why he became a hardened criminal who, at one point, faked his death.

Will Thirumaaran And Veeraval Nalangilli’s Conflict Become Worse?

Thirumaaran and the minister will go against each other in the battle of power. Thirumaaran will not back down on the corruption charges against Veeraval Nalangilli. Meanwhile, the minister will try his best to discredit Thirumaaran and his wife. The minister will probably have nothing to back his claims. Thirumaaran might get attacked in his pursuit to do the right thing. He might also be backed by the state chief minister. The CM might want to remove Veeraval from his cabinet, but he would need strong evidence to do so, and Thirumaaran will be able to provide that.

What would Ashwath’s arc be like?

Ashwath might receive a promotion after Sekhar’s arrest and nabbing Kanchipuram SP Senthil under corruption charges. Ashwath will most likely spend most of his time questioning Sekhar. Just like before, he will neglect his wife and child. Vaidehi, as mentioned in the first season, will take up the job offer and keep the nanny around for her kid. Vaidehi and Ashwath might opt for a separation followed by divorce following their fallout over marital differences. Ashwath would want Vaidehi to be a stay-at-home parent for their daughter, while as a husband, his emotional contribution to the upbringing of his child is practically nil. Ashwath will witness professional growth and success, but on the home front, he will be struggling without Vaidehi around.

The interrogation with SP Senthil will bring to light a lot of parts about the criminal syndicate that the police were not aware of. The boss above Jambuk Sait will also want Sekhar dead, but none of them will be able to carry out that deed. Sekhar might have a catharsis moment, as Safia might get to see him frequently. She will not stop her attempts to make Sekhar change his mind about his profession.


Will Sekhar give up the life of crime by the end of Season 2?

Sekhar might eventually end up choosing the path of reform and agreeing to make a deal with the police. This might cause an uproar amongst his loyal supporters and Jambuk Sait. The attempt on his life will be imminent. As cliche as it sounds, there is a possibility of Sekhar finally being killed by his associates and allies. He will most likely make a move against the mafia he worked tirelessly for, but defiance might cost him his life. We expect the makers of Mathagam season two will not glorify Sekhar and the crimes he has committed in the past. This season should only focus on the history of two criminals. Viewers are hoping the second season will be as gripping and engaging as the first one. It should be a great extension to the saga as well. 

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