‘Mathagam’ Episodes 6 And 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Will Sekar Find The Mole In His Team?

Part two of the gripping police drama Mathagam is out, and the show is far from over. A lot is going on when it comes to a party being thrown for Padalam Sekhar’s oldest associate, Choolai Babu’s birthday. But this party is just a guise for Sekhar’s plans to commit a major financial crime, which involves truckloads of money being transported into the farmhouse. Mathagam Part 1 ended with the police finally closing in on the party. Meanwhile, Sekhar gets a whiff of the presence of the force in the vicinity and uses his only contact, minister Veeraval Nalangilli, to put the operation on hold. He transfers Commissioner Sayanthika and replaces her immediately. Her replacement allows her to carry out the operation because she has a few hours to relieve her seat. The plan to capture Sekhar is still on, thanks to the Kancheepuram SP, who makes it a point to come forward and offers aid.


The next few hours of Mathagam Part 2 will be about getting started with the party. Moreover, the criminals Sekhar had gathered from around the city are keen to know what he has planned for all of them because all of them are aware this party is just a ruse. We wonder if Sekhar had not realized that if he were to gather so many people under one roof, it would ruffle some feathers.

Spoilers Ahead


What Is Aswath’s Plan?

Aswath and the Kancheepuram SP are preparing a massive plan that could help them gatecrash the farmhouse compound. They come across a water tanker and are initially unable to find anything in it. Aswath has the bold idea of taking inspiration from the Trojan Horse story and using the tanker to enter the farmhouse. By the looks of it, Aswath is impatient about ending this saga as soon as possible. He believes he has all the ammunition and motive to go ahead, disperse the party, and arrest everyone present. Aswath has two informants inside, Guna and Seyone, who help him gather enough intel about the plans Sekhar has for everyone.

Aswath has everything in place to make sure their operation is a success. The situation is tense, and anything could go wrong, but Aswath is sure about having everything under control as per his informants. His team is given a shock when he learns from Sayanthika about Sekhar holding the commissioner’s son hostage at the party. It is implied that Sekhar and his team preempted the police’s intervention, which led to a plan B that would help them smoothly get away from the farmhouse. Aswath is forced to stand down on her orders, but he is livid because he knows he is very close to catching all of them red-handed.


Is Sekhar Willing To Part With The Money He Gathered?

Sekhar talks about having gathered enough money from a source and his willingness to help all the criminals gathered here at the party form small-scale companies  so that they can become resourceful people and won’t have to rely on carrying out illegal activities at all. Sekhar has yet to reveal how he gathered so much money that he could fund these people’s ideas and ambitions. This is probably Sekhar’s way of giving away what is his because he does not want any of them to be tied up in activities that could land them in jail.

It seems this is the front of the massive game plan Sekhar has constructed, for he has not spoken in detail about how he gains anything from this generous plan. There has got to be a bigger plan behind this. It could be his boss, Jambuk Sait’s way of converting black into white so that there is no trail left. Sekhar will be leaving the country as well, which makes it confusing to understand how he aims to execute this plan without any chaos. With so many criminals in this place now, there is a possibility of an anarchical situation that might erupt because everyone will be greedy for money. Only the end of this show will reveal the real faces of Sekhar and his boss, Sait. They probably have a massive plan because they couldn’t possibly be as generous as they proclaim themselves to be.


Will Vaidehi Take Up The Job Offer?

Vaidehi, Aswath’s wife, takes her job seriously, and she is willing to put herself out there as a consultant. She is successful in presenting and formulating a good plan for the startup she is working for. Vaidehi realized she could not rely on her husband for the happiness and contentment she wasn’t receiving. She was tired of expecting empathy from a man who did not try to understand the sleep cycle of his daughter. Her decision to take up work from home will help her gain some confidence in herself. The presentation she laid out was the first of the many plans she came up with to push her career forward. Her team, based in the US, offers her a project to lead, much to her boss’ shock. Vaidehi seems to have created quite the impression, and it leaves her confused.

What Is Thirumaaran’s Game Plan?

Thirumaaran, the confessed prince consort of Sayanthika, is always on the forefront to help his wife get out of a murkier situation. There is no savior complex in this scenario. We only get to see one IAS officer helping an IPS officer get rid of a corrupt minister who has suddenly become a liability. We wonder if Thirumaaran has the backing of the chief minister because he wouldn’t have been able to confidently go after an influential minister like Veeraval Nalangilli if not for powerful backing. Thirumaaran makes sure the minister backs away from supporting Sekhar by revealing his knowledge of the corruption case around the clearance of a protected forest area. Thirumaaran has gathered information that could be used as incriminating evidence. Along with that, Thirumaaran plans to blackmail the minister so that he gets what he wants eventually.


Thirumaaran forms a fantastic game plan, and as expected, the minister is willing to hear the man out so that he is not put behind bars. Thirumaaran is a smart man, and he knows which buttons to push to get his work done. As an IAS officer, he must pluck out corrupt ministers such as Veeraval Nalangilli. The minister himself is an intelligent person, for he would not have reached this stage if he entertained any delusions about invincibility. Thirumaaran’s evidence is strong, and we believe the minister might give up on Sekhar to save his seat and power.

What Happens To The Rogue Team?

Since the news of police in the vicinity is out to the people at the farmhouse, many want to get out before all of them are killed by the force. Sekhar tries to calm the situation down, but nothing goes in his favor. A lot of factions are formed out of fear, and they try to confront Sekhar himself.


The municipal councilor himself is one of the many who want to get out of the situation and are willing to give up the money. His fear was justified because the police would want to neutralize all of them instead of arresting them because Sekhar and his men would surely rain bullets on the police themselves. Thanks to Guna and Seyone, the police received a bag full of ammunition earmarked for the full-throttle attack.

The municipal councilor walks away discreetly with his supporters but is inadvertently taken by the police on the way. The councilor and his men would be questioned to understand the gathering and probably know more about the hostages as well. The police now have a bigger worry, which is to make sure the hostages are not killed in retaliation.


Will Sekhar Find The Mole In His Team?

Sekhar is sure there is a mole in his team, who led to the mess of the situation he is now put in. Sekhar was initially attacked at the farmhouse, but he killed all his attackers. He is sure they could not be the mole because they attacked him instead of going behind his back and leaking the secrets.

Gananathan was quick to find out that it was Guna, one of the moles from their team. It was Guna’s phone that was giving away all the intel from inside the party. Gananathan and Sekhar are desperate to find the other rat because it will allow them to close the connection between the police and the said person. It will also give Sekhar’s team the leverage to do anything with the hostage from here on.


We wonder if Thirumaaran’s plan will be affected by this new revelation that has happened in Sekhar’s team. To trace the second mole in the team, they plant a bag full of money inside a small outhouse, which is followed by Seyone. As Seyone is speaking to Aswath about the contents of the bag, it is too late to comprehend that this was a trap, and Seyone will probably not be alive.

Mathagam Episode 7 ends with Sekhar threatening Aswath about killing Seyone for his part in betraying Sekhar. Seyone sadly became collateral in this cat-and-mouse chase between the police and hardcore criminals. This is just the beginning of the long tussle that will begin to end the reign of Sekhar. We will also probably get to know why Sekhar became the person he is and his relationship with Safia. Sekhar is a ruthless man, and he would not stop at killing only Seyone. Sekhar was used to being challenged by authorities like Aswath, and he has managed to get away from jail time as well. We wonder if this time all his plans will go wrong with Thirumaaran getting close to making a deal with the minister.


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