‘Masters Of The Air’ Episode 6 Recap Summary: Did Egan Reunite With Cleven?

Masters of the Air is into its second act, it seems, as there was a clear shift in storytelling in the sixth episode. There were no missions shown, and for good reason. World War II had many facets, and it did not include just airmen flying their planes and dropping bombs on planned sites. The sixth episode took a different route and showed how some became prisoners of war, while a few became dignitaries at overseas conferences about the war. There was an attempt to isolate Egan’s experience as he tried to escape from Germany. In the previous episode, he had parachuted down to a farm, and it was hinted that he would be caught. Rosenthal had his own struggles, as after three missions he had seen a lot of his pals die and was sent to some sort of relaxation center. Crosby, on the other hand, got a chance to go to Oxford, representing the American Air Force. 


Spoilers Ahead

How Was Egan Captured?

Egan had the misfortune of landing in an open field. He was noticed by a bunch of gun-crazed farmers who seemed like they were prepared for this day. Before he could escape, the farmers were onto him, and thus began the hunt for the American airman. For a brief moment, it looked like Egan could get away, but as he dodged the first farmer, another was there to hit him in the head and end all his chances of escaping. The next thing you know, he was being taken to a prisoner camp by the German soldiers. But something happened on the way. Egan saw the destruction that the Germans had to suffer as the area had been bombed by the British fighter planes. Whether or not he thought that had anything to do with the futility of war, he was in a lot of danger, as the Germans could see only the enemy in him. He was almost mob-lynched, and once suspected to have died, he was taken to a burial spot in a forest, but Egan escaped only to be found later by another group of German soldiers. This time, his luck had run out. He was put in a train to be taken to one of the many prisoner camps in Germany, but before all that, he was interrogated by a German soldier trying to get confidential information out of him. Egan was bruised and battered, but that was something he wasn’t going to share. The Gestapo was mentioned as an intimidation tactic, but Egan was unphased. He didn’t know it, but soon he was going to meet his buddy Buck, Cruikshank, and a few others in the prisoner camp that he was being transferred to. On the way, however, Egan saw the horrors of war at their most extreme when he saw a train full of Jews, taking them to their deaths, while they could only scream from inside the bogies.


Why Was Rothenthal Not Allowed To Go Back To His Service?

Rosenthal and his crew had seen the most horror in just three missions, and a decision was made to rest the crew and send them to a facility where they could get an opportunity to take their minds off of war. The facility had gyms, spas, billiards, and all other recreational activities that would help the soldiers blow off steam for a few days. Rosenthal, however, did not feel at home at such a place. Perhaps he was being stressed out by the fact that there was a war going on, and instead of fighting for his country, he was there trying to relax. Doctor Huston was to look after Rosenthal, and he knew that Rosenthal was a bit anxious about the whole ‘relaxation’ ordeal. When Rosenthal asked if he could go back, Dr. Huston declined, so he must have had the authority to cancel Rosenthal’s stay and send him back. But Dr. Huston didn’t do so because he knew that Rosenthal was at a point where he desperately needed to take his mind off the missions, even if he himself didn’t know about this fact about his psyche. 

Sure enough, Rosenthal felt a lot better after spending a few days at the facility. He had not come alone, and there were other officers he got to mingle with and discuss what they had been through while up there fighting the German planes. The incident where Rosenthal had started to hum a tune while the counterattack from the enemy was at its most intense was the highlight of the discussion, which just goes to show how one small instant of courage incident in such nerve-wracking moments has such an impact that it gets talked about for days and perhaps decades. Rosenthal came back with a relaxed attitude, but before stepping on the plane for another mission, there was that moment where he had to brace himself for whatever fate awaited him. 


How Did Crosby Deal With The British Soldiers At The Conference?

Due to the fact that Crosby had come to represent the American Air Force, especially the 100th Bomber Group, he had to carry his conversations with grace and dignity. The British soldiers had some beef with the American soldiers about how they behaved. Their behavior was seen as bombastic, and the insinuation was that the Americans were a little less disciplined than the British soldiers. Crosby heard all this, and his roommate for the conference, a woman named Sandra Westgate, a subaltern in the British army, could feel that Crosby was feeling uncomfortable by the discussion and was trying hard not to retaliate with a harsh reply. Crosby had a good time with Sandra, as they got to talk about their feelings regarding the friends they had lost. Crosby talked about losing Bubbles, his pal. Crosby was starting to blame himself for Bubbles’ death, and Sandra rightly stopped him from wallowing in that kind of reasoning. The war meant that lives were going to be lost, and Hitler was the only person to be blamed for the soldiers’ deaths. 

Thus, in this episode, we saw how three soldiers were dealing with their circumstances. None of them was spared the trauma of having lost someone. When Egan saw Cleven in the prisoner camp, there was a moment of joy, for Cleven was supposed to have died. But he was alive, and together they could plan an escape. It’s highly unlikely, though, as escaping from the clutches of the German army seemed impossible, but for all the heroics we have seen from the duo of Buck and Bucky, we can expect that they will definitely try to escape, and who knows, they might succeed. 


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