‘Master Peace’ Ending Explained & Series Recap: Why Did The Parents Have A Fallout?

Master Peace is a brand-new Malayalam-language slice-of-life miniseries that takes the audience through a day in the life of a married couple going through a rough patch. It is not that often that Malayalam cinema explores dysfunctional family dynamics and Master Peace is one of the few that made a decent attempt at exploring the theme. This Disney+ Hotstar Special will help the audience understand what led to the argument between the couple and if there are any solutions to their marital woes.


Spoilers Ahead


Master Peace begins with the concerned parents of Riya and Binoy speaking to each other about the quarrel the couple got into. The parents believe that their children are having a hard time with each other, and they take it upon themselves to resolve the matter. The parents are getting involved without the consent of their children. The couple are clueless about sinister plans forged by their mothers and fathers. Both the respective parents of Riya and Binoy invite themselves to their home in the hope of finding a solution before both take any extreme steps regarding their relationship.


What Caused The Argument Between Riya And Binoy?

Riya and Binoy fight over plenty of issues; top of the list is the reduced income stream coming into the household. Binoy’s company is struggling financially, forcing Riya to be the breadwinner. Her start-up, a dating app for all spectrums and genders, is being delayed due to branding issues. Riya also doubts if Binoy is having an affair with his colleague. One thing led to another in the scuffle when the couple tarnished every object that was part of their wedding and smashed all the personal souvenirs. Riya and Binoy are probably going through a phase that could be easily sorted out. Riya’s father and Binoy’s mother’s keen interest in their marital matters makes the situation worse.

What Is The Respective Parent’s Opinion Of This Situation?

Riya’s father believes that his daughter should take up the role of a housewife and obey her husband instead of venturing down avenues that will possibly ruin their marriage. Riya, being a woman, is expected to make sacrifices just because her mother had to give up on her love for singing right after she got married to Riya’s father. Riya will not let anyone make any decisions for her, including her father. Her interest in learning classical dance is also being questioned by Binoy and her father for many different reasons.


Binoy’s mother, Anniyamma, was under the impression that Riya would be the perfect daughter-in-law, but she turned out to be the opposite. Anniyamma is willing to overlook the flaws in her son and point out Riya’s mistakes to place the onus of the marriage going through tough times on her. Inadvertently, all their parents start speaking about the issues in their marriages, which opens a box full of emotions that has festered over the years. Tiredness, remorse, anger, regret, and resentment are somehow being projected onto their children, especially by Binoy’s mother and Riya’s father.

Did Aparna Act As A Catalyst?

Aparna, a friend of their neighbor, is unexpectedly embroiled in Riya and Binoy’s marital woes because of their parents. Aparna, a married woman herself, advises the couple to resolve matters by keeping outsiders at bay and not letting them interfere. A third person’s opinion will cause further rifts that will be fought based on ego and not facts. Aparna’s words help Riya make a firm decision of asking all the parents to leave them alone. Riya and Binoy have issues to worry about, but they can put it behind them if the couple has heart-to-heart conversations instead of involving their loud-mouthed parents, who seem to be making matters worse by the minute.


What Is The Big Revelation Binoy And Riya Make?

Binoy’s mother goes on a crusade against her daughter-in-law in a bid to prove her to be an inadequate addition to the family. Anniyamma is a conservative woman, and she was raised to believe that a son and his wife are supposed to carry the legacy of the family forward. Riya’s father is having a tough time letting go of his urge to control his daughter. He is willing to believe all the outrageous statements made by Binoy’s mother, which essentially question the choices his daughter is making for herself and Binoy.

Binoy and Riya are cornered by his mother, and they are forced to reveal their intentions of not having kids at all. Binoy and Riya are adamant about this decision because they feel parenthood is a job that requires a lot of attention, something they can’t’ spare currently. Both are on the path to making their careers and marriage work, and a kid in the equation might worsen their relationship. Binoy and Riya are an example of a modern couple who are aware of each other’s expectations. There are no mind games or emotional blackmail required to sustain their marriage. Both respect the professional goals they have set for themselves and are keen on working towards them.

Binoy, despite having flaws, is an understanding husband, and the same could be said about Riya as well. There is love and respect for each other, and the argument probably happened on one of their bad days. We believe Riya and Binoy do not want to become replicas of their parents. Riya seeks independence in the marriage because she has seen her mother sacrificing her true calling. Binoy, on the other hand, wanted a partner who communicates and does not resort to emotional blackmail.

What Is The Aftermath Of The Fallout For The Parents?

The aftermath of this revelation culminated in an upheaval between the parents, who ended up having to confront themselves as people and their mindsets. Binoy’s mother is unwilling to accept her son choosing a different life for himself than she had expected. This led to a clash of opinions between her and Binoy’s father, who is the non-interfering kind. He is willing to accept Binoy and Riya’s decision. We feel this is a case of culture shock, and the mother is realizing people do not follow older societal norms anymore.


Riya and Binoy made the decision based on their choices and preferences. His mother is having a tough time accepting it because she is a product of another generation. Binoy’s father always believed in giving their children space to grow as individuals to make decisions for themselves. The shared experience of facing the pressures of the family made him empathize with his son’s choices.

Riya’s mother, Lisamma, takes inspiration from her daughter and confronts her husband about the life she led under his dictatorial shadow. Riya’s father is in shock when she makes some startling revelations about her life, which are against his religion. Lisamma received strength from watching her daughter stand up for herself against societal pressures. Riya’s mother was willing to take a break from her husband, who is adamant about the decision he made for his wife years ago without her consent.


As Riya and Binoy have declared a ceasefire owing to the escalating clashes between their parents, matters are only about to get complicated. The young couple did not expect their parents to have such extreme reactions. They believe it is they who should find resolutions after plenty of uncomfortable truths are now out in the open. Riya and Binoy refuse to let anyone meddle in their affairs, including their parents. They chose to stay away from their parents’ distresses. The children eventually want all of them to stay happy. We believe Riya and Binoy turned out to be a lot more mature than all the elders around them.


Master Peace ends with Riya’s and Binoy’s mothers walking out on their respective partners owing to a major difference of opinion. Lisamma requests Binoy’s father drop her off at home, and Aniyamma asks Riya’s father to do the same. The mothers probably did this to achieve some clarity of thought on how to handle their marriage from this day on. Riya’s father understands Aniyamma’s concerns from a religious point of view. Meanwhile, Binoy’s father could understand Lisamma’s pain of being oppressed by her husband all life up until now. We feel the respective mothers will find an ally and friends in these men. The story of Riya and Binoy’s parents is far from over, and there is more that might have transpired. Riya and Binoy’s arguments ended up exposing the flaws in their parents’ marriage. The couple plans to learn from the mistakes the parents made and begin communicating. The couple strongly believes in letting people live the way they intend to. This solves matters quickly, and there is no scope for any friction. The arrival of a new neighbor, Adam Michelangelo, acts as a contributing factor in helping the couple find the right brand name for the product Binoy will be overseeing. The arcs involving their parents are incomplete, and this prepares the viewers for the next season.


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