‘Mask Girl’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Will Mi-Mo Become A Murderer?

As you keep going with Mask Girl, you’re given new and unexpected twists by the episode. We were wondering why the show was set so far back if our protagonist was in her prime in 2009, but we’ve finally reached the present day. Episode 5 follows Mo-Mi’s daughter, Kim Mi-Mo. The effect of generational trauma is explored in this episode, and we can see the phrase like mother, like daughter play out. It’s an interesting depiction of the thought process of a child who doesn’t know anything about her parents and lives with a grandmother who essentially hates her own daughter. Let’s find out why Mi-Mo hates Mo-Mi so much.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

In 2011, Mo-Mi finally had the chance to live her dream life by becoming a popular public figure. The outfits she chose became iconic, and people wanted to know what kind of changes she made to her face so they could do it too. In the trial, Mo-Mi was given life imprisonment for murder, even though her lawyer said it was self-defense. It’s seen how society takes the side of the man who tried to rape a woman because he was murdered, while on the other hand, Mo-Mi is completely disregarded as a murderer. Mo-Mi found herself in a difficult spot after having her baby. She finally went back to her mother and told her that she’d figure out a way to get out of the country and then come take her back. Mo-Mi never returned, and so her daughter Mi-Mo had to grow up with just a grandmother. Mi-Mo, too, was like Mo-Mi as a child, loving to dance and perform. Her grandmother stopped her from doing anything fun, but she would try in her room. Sometime in elementary school, she was found out to be the Mask Girl’s daughter, and all her friends’ parents forced them to ostracize her.


Mi-Mo became alone and violent because she thought that her best friend was the one who spread the rumors about her. Mi-Mo looks up Mask Girl and finds all the details about her mother. She starts reenacting her mother’s videos, and her grandmother finds her. She throws her out of the house for the day but later brings her in at night in the pouring rain. Mi-Mo asks her grandmother about her mother then, but her grandma tells her not to talk about her anymore. In 2023, Mi-Mo will be 17 years old and in high school. She’s been transferred from school many times because she’s a delinquent who beats up her peers. It’s all because they somehow find out who she really is and then make fun of her. In her new school, Mi-Mo happens to sit next to a girl named Ye-Chun. Ye-Chun is one of those kids who gets bullied herself and has no friends. She tries to become friends with Mi-Mo, but at first, Mi-Mo completely pushes her away. Then one day, Mi-Mo sees Ye-Chun get bullied and uses a shard of  glass to threaten the other kids. Ye-Chun then thinks that Mi-Mo is the only friend she needs and starts to butter her up.

She notices scratches on Mi-Mo’s wrists and pretends to cut herself too. She then lies to Mi-Mo, saying her dad is drunk, and assaults her mother at night. She tells Mi-Mo that she wants to know more about her too. It starts to rain, and Mi-Mo finally tells Ye-Chun that her mother is in prison and she doesn’t even know who her dad is. They bond over each other’s trauma. Ye-Chun pretends she has a terrible life at home when it’s the exact opposite of that. Her parents are extremely fond of her and do everything in their power to give her a nice lifestyle. Mi-Mo finally has a friend in her, though, and she seems to be getting along well in school. They make plans to run away and start collecting money by selling things, and Mi-Mo ends up stealing a laptop. She gets caught, and her grandmother tells her to get out of her house. On the other hand, Ye-Chun is called out for being a pathological liar by an old friend. The previous night, Ye-Chun had found out about the Mask Girl and who Mi-Mo’s mother really was. In her anger, she tells the girl that she will be murdered by Mi-Mo if she continues to harass her because she’s a serial killer’s daughter. Soon the rumors spread to the whole school. Mi-Mo doesn’t go back to school that day, and Ye-Chun gets tense. She doesn’t know that the rumor has spread and that Mi-Mo would be mad about it.


Will Mi-Mo Become A Murderer Like Her Mother?

Mi-Mo sees Ye-Chun head back home from school, and it’s possible she wants to talk to her friend, but she sees how happy her family is and realizes it’s she who most likely spread the rumors. In school, Mi-Mo’s grandmother had visited and said she hadn’t come back home the previous night. Unfortunately, at that time, Ye-Chun didn’t know where Mi-Mo was. In the evening, Mi-Mo finally turns her phone on and gives Ye-Chun a call, asking her to meet her in an underpass. Ye-Chun, who was worried sick for her friend, rushes to the spot. Mi-Mo pushes her away when she tries to come close to her. Mi-Mo confronts Ye-Chun about the rumors, and Ye-Chun is extremely confused. Mi-Mo pushes her friend to the floor and starts to get violent. That’s when, on the other side of the tunnel, we see Kyun-Ja smiling and walking away. She has gray hair now, meaning it’s possibly not a ghost, but actually Kyung-Ja, who survived the car drowning all the way back in 2009.

Will Kyung-Ja get revenge for her son by watching Mo-Mi’s entire life be ruined because of her daughter? Kyung-Ja probably doesn’t know that she’s Mi-Mo’s grandmother too.


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