‘Mask Girl’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Chun-Ae Able To Help Mo-Mi?

Mask Girl keeps getting better with each episode. The K-drama uses familiar tropes and previously seen plot twists in a more original manner. As the story of Mask Girl progresses, we get introduced to new characters who contribute to Mo-Mi’s plot. Mo-Mi has had a rough life, but she’s also a serial killer now. Chun-Ae and Mo-Mi’s story is almost like that of the princess and the pauper, but with plastic surgery and poor lifestyles involved. They find sisterhood in each other, but what makes them connect so much? Let’s find out in episode 4 of Mask Girl.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

Remember the girl who was almost killed by Kyung-Ja? Her name is Chun-Ae, and she’s actually Mo-Mi’s friend. Chun-Ae found herself in the worst spot possible when Kyung-Ja tried to kill her, thinking she was Mo-Mi. To distract the woman, she fabricates a story about how she met Mo-Mi. Her story began when she was in high school and found a guy named Bu-Yong very handsome. He wanted to be an idol, so the attraction made more sense back then. Chun-Ae’s infatuation grew when Bu-Yong, who switched schools, started visiting the convenience store she worked at. Chun-Ae was naive at the time, so she allowed him and his friend to buy booze from the store. Soon, he started borrowing money from her and never returning it. Chun-Ae slogged day in and day out to make sure she had the money for both herself and the guy, but in the end, he debuted as an idol without even saying a word to her. Chun-Ae’s faith still didn’t waver, and she visited him with the rest of his fans. One night, she makes it into the apartment building, and before she can leave a gift at his door, she hears people coming out of the flat and hides. It’s Bu-Yong and one of his bandmates, and she overhears them talking about her. Bu-Yong always intended to use Chun-Ae and never cared about her. He called her a personal bank among ten other similar girls.


In frustration, Chun-Ae decided to post about Bu-Yong’s boozing and partying in school, which led the agency to throw him out of the group he was part of. Chun-Ae, on the other hand, decides to get surgery and become pretty, so guys like Bu-Yong can’t take advantage of her. That’s when she became a dancer and performed at marketing events in local stores. On one of these days, Bu-Yong appeared in front of her, looking like a sad, homeless puppy. Because Chun-Ae was beautiful now, Bu-Yong looked at her differently, which is why she felt the need to take him in. Chun-Ae decided then that she needed to take care of both of them, so she got a job at a local club. She was under the impression that Bu-Yong would actually try to find a job, but soon she realized he didn’t care at all and was just living off of her again. You must be wondering how all of this is relevant to Mo-Mi. Kyung-Ja thinks the same and threatens to shoot Chun-Ae again. Chun-Ae quickly tells her that the next day is the important part.

Now’s when she fabricates a tale about how she hates Mo-Mi because she came into the club and stole all her clients. Mo-Mi was clearly more talented, so the boss also chose to take her side, and this made Chun-Ae super frustrated. One fine day, they had a huge fight because Chun-Ae stood up for herself. After it was over, Mo-Mi’s necklace fell to the floor, and Chun-Ae stole it. That’s how Kyun-Ja recognized her. Chun-Ae tells Kyung-Ja that she wants revenge too, and she’ll help her find Mo-Mi. In reality, Chun-Ae tells everyone who knows Mo-Mi not to tell Kyung-Ja her whereabouts because she wants to take money from her. After doing this for a bit, Chun-Ae gets dropped off at Mo-Mi’s building and tells her everything that’s happened. She tells her to escape, but Mo-Mi says she has nowhere to go.


Chun-Ae and Mo-Mi had become really close friends at the club, and unlike the story she told Kyung-Ja, they had actually started performing together because they were like twins in both appearance and talent. Mo-Mi became really sick one day, and when Chun-Ae visited her, she tried to take her to the hospital. Mo-Mi refused and finally told Chun-Ae everything she did. The story that nobody else had heard before Back in her own house, she finally gets tired of Bu-Yong’s shenanigans and asks him to get out. She calls him trash, but he tells her that he knows that she’s the one who posted pictures of him online and ruined his career. For revenge, he will stay in her house for as long as he likes and beat her up as much as he wants.

On the other hand, Mo-Mi heads out to get some medication and stops by to get some food from a street vendor. She’s interrupted by a schoolboy who happens to be a member of the Mask Girl fan club. He’s the one who has been chatting with Kyung-Ja all this time. Mo-Mi pretends she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but he doesn’t leave her alone. Finally, she tells him to get away from her before she kills him. As expected, this enrages the boy, and he puts up her new look on the internet. He then shares all the information he has with Kyung-Ja, thinking she’s Oh-Nam. He says that Chun-Ae (the person they thought was Mask Girl) is actually friends with Mo-Mi (the real Mask Girl).


Does Kyung-Ja Die Trying To Kill Mo-Mi?

In the meantime, Chun-Ae visits Mo-Mi. She has already packed her bags and is trying to escape. Chun-Ae asks if she can join, and they head back to her house to get some stuff and her dog. Unfortunately, Chun-Ae accidentally steps on a squeaky toy and wakes Bu-Yong up. He knows she’s trying to escape and begins to assault her again. Mo-Mi comes in at the right time and tries to hit Bu-Yong from behind. They fight for a little bit, with Bu-Yong being the stronger of the two. Chun-Ae just lies still because she’s been beaten up so hard. Finally, Mo-Mi is able to hit Bu-Yong on the head and make him bleed from his temple. She then grabs the rope he’s been using to whip Chun-Ae and wraps it around his neck. He’s still much stronger than her, and she’s barely holding it together, but that’s when Chun-Ae wakes up and grabs one end of the rope. They are able to choke him to death by tightening the rope around his neck from both sides. They pack his body in a suitcase and drive off in his car to a secluded lake. In the car, Mo-Mi tells Chun-Ae that she’s pregnant with Oh-Nam’s baby. Before they’re able to go on with their plan. Kyung-Ja, who has been following them this whole time, appears with her car.

Kyung-Ja points her gun at them, and Chun-Ae pretends to be Mo-Mi and confesses to killing her son. Mo-Mi, of course, counters Chun-Ae and says it was she who did everything. Kyung-Ja doesn’t care who did it because she plans on killing both of them. The gun doesn’t work, though, and this gives the girls time to run up to Kyung-Ja to try and steal the gun from her hand. Instead, it goes off, and Chun-Ae gets shot in the stomach. Mo-Mi fights Kyung-Ja, and it looks like she might actually die, with Kyung-Ja holding the gun to her neck and choking her. At that moment, Chun-Ae hits Kyung-Ja on the head with a rock and kills her. Mo-Mi hugs Chun-Ae and asks her to escape with her, but it’s too late, and Chun-Ae dies in her arms. Mo-Mi places them both in Kyung-Ja’s car and releases them into the water. The scene cuts to 2011, where Mo-Mi wears a face mask and sits in a police car. It seems she’s living her dream with paparazzi all around her and a huge crowd. Two years later, Mo-Mi was caught, but did she have the baby? How did she survive two whole years? Let’s find out in the next episode of Mask Girl.


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