‘Marui Video’ (2023) Ending, Explained: Were The Dongsungjang Case & Ami Family Massacre Connected?

We are often skeptical about the existence of unseen or supernatural forces. However, when unusual and unsettling events do unfold around us, we are compelled to acknowledge the presence of a malevolent entity or force. The film Marui Video explains the same phenomenon as it revolves around a mysterious murder known as the Dongsungjang Inn case. In this event, a young man recorded the brutal execution of his girlfriend on videotape. The murder itself seemed to be an act of a mentally disturbed individual. Due to the extreme gore and violence depicted on the tape, the authorities decided to conceal it in a secret location.


However, the story takes a strange turn when reporter Hong Eun-hee stumbles upon the tape. From this point on, something sinister and captivating unfolds. As the hidden truths behind the murder and the eerie video tape begin to surface, it becomes a catalyst for uncovering the secrets of the Dongsungjang murder. The unfolding of this mystery becomes increasingly intriguing as it explores the unexplainable elements surrounding the case.

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What Was The Real Reason Behind Hiding The Dongsungjang Murder Video Tape?

The Dongsungjang murder case and the subsequent hiding of the videotape created significant turmoil in 1992. Although, it is commonly believed that the tape was concealed due to its violent content, there is more to the story. The video gained immense notoriety, earning the reputation of a cursed tape among prosecutors and investigators. One of the most striking aspects of the video was a young man’s image appearing in the mirror at the scene of the murder. This phenomenon captured people’s attention and fueled speculations. Even today, the context surrounding this eerie occurrence remains unexplained, leading many to choose to avoid the video and its mysteries to prevent potential problems.

Numerous theories have emerged to interpret the young man’s appearance in the video. One theory suggests that he might be a restless spirit or a ghost seeking help or attention from the living. This theory implies that the young man’s spirit might be trapped in a state of unrest, possibly seeking justice or resolution for the crime committed against him or his loved ones. However, another theory speculates that the videotape itself may possess a supernatural quality, acting as a conduit for paranormal energy. This theory suggests that watching the tape could potentially open doors to otherworldly dimensions, explaining the curse associated with it. As a result, the prosecutors refrained from watching the tape again.


How Is Cho Yong-Tae Involved In The Dongsungjang Case And The Ami Family Massacre?

The connection between the Ami family massacre and the Dongsungjang case in Marui Video unfolds through multiple instances and revelations. One significant connection is Cho Yong-tae’s involvement. As the owner of the Dongsungjang Inn, he has a direct link to the murder case. Additionally, he is connected to another infamous murder known as the Ami family massacre. During an interview, Cho Yong-tae falsely claimed to be a distant relative of Cho Kyung-ho, who was known to be the perpetrator of the Ami family massacre. He committed the gruesome act of killing his mother and sister before taking his own life by setting himself on fire. However, when Eun-hee discovered photographs of Kyung-ho at his own house, where he killed his family, she noticed a striking resemblance between Kyung-ho and the boy seen in the mirror. This discovery raised suspicions, and Yong-tae subsequently refused to participate in further interviews.

As the story progresses, Eun-hee begins to exhibit mysterious and erratic behavior. She finds herself drawn to Kyung-ho’s house, where she behaves delusionally and appears mentally unstable. This prompts her partner, Kim Su-chan and the other colleagues, to seek the assistance of a shaman to help Eun-hee. Eventually, Su-chan discovers Eun-hee in a deranged state inside Kyung-ho’s house, where she seems to be experiencing intense sensations of burning. A breakthrough occurs when they find a hidden photograph of the entire family, revealing Cho Yong-tae’s missing twin brother, Cho Byung-sun, who suffered from a mental illness. It becomes clear that Cho Byung-sun had been impersonating his brother, Yong-Tae.


Further evidence emerges from old footage, revealing a burn mark on Byung-sun’s hand, indicating his involvement in the murder of Cho Kyung-ho. As events begin to connect, Eun-hee manages to escape the shaman’s grasp and ventures deep into the forest, where she encounters Byung-sun. It is revealed that Kyung-ho was using Eun-hee as a vessel to seek revenge on his father, knowing that his father would visit the secret shrine where he prayed for Kyung-ho every year on the anniversary of his death.

‘Marui Video’ Ending Explained: What Happened To Cho Byung-Sun?

In the final unraveling of Marui Video, the haunting truth behind the interconnected events emerges. Byung-sun, who resided at the Nuri Welfare Center, returned home after its closure and brutally killed his family shortly after his arrival. Meanwhile, Kyung-ho achieves his ultimate objective by using Eun-hee to kill his father. The police eventually discovered the remains of Cho Yong-tae concealed beneath the stairs in Kyung-ho’s house. However, things did not turn out well for Eun-hee, as she found herself arrested for the murder of her colleagues, while Su-chan’s whereabouts remained unknown.

The ending of Marui Video reveals a profound sense of injustice that persisted within Kyung-ho even after his death. His father’s merciless act of killing him continued to torment his spirit. Desperate to reach his father, Kyung-ho orchestrated a series of events, utilizing Eun-hee as a means to an end. Rumors surrounding Byung-sun’s mental illness suggested a possible motive for the gruesome murders. Speculations arose that he might have become aware of his wife’s affair with Yong-Tae and that the extreme depths of his insanity might have driven him to harm his beloved child.

Meanwhile, the motive for choosing Eun-hee as a pawn in Kyung-ho’s revenge plot could be attributed to her deep fascination with uncovering the truth behind Kyung-ho’s murder. Kyung-ho identified her as the ideal person to carry out his vengeance, despite her lack of full recollection regarding the events. This incident likely took a significant toll on her mental health, even though she did not remember all the details. This explanation also sheds light on Su-chan’s disappearance, as there are various possibilities to consider.


One scenario is that Su-chan, driven by fear and the weight of the supernatural events surrounding the Dongsungjang case, chose to go into hiding to protect himself. The relentless pursuit of truth and the proximity to malevolent forces might have overwhelmed him, prompting him to sever ties and retreat from the dangerous path he had embarked on. Another possibility is that Su-chan encountered a tragic fate. The dark forces at play could have consumed him, leading to his demise. The mysteries and dangers surrounding the cursed tape might have proven to be more potent than anticipated, with Su-chan paying the ultimate price for his investigation.

If Eun-hee had never taken the case, Kyung-ho’s soul might have continued to roam in a state of acute agitation. Firstly, Kyung-ho’s thirst for vengeance would have intensified, leading him to seek out other vulnerable individuals who could have aided him in his mission. Without Eun-hee’s involvement, he might have found another way to manipulate someone into carrying out his revenge, perpetuating a cycle of violence. However, the uncertain fate of Kyung-ho would have remained, leaving open the possibility that he still posed a potential threat to anyone who dared to watch the cursed tape more than once. Additionally, Kyung-ho’s lingering anguish and desire for retribution would have showcased the enduring psychological impact of a tragic and unjust death. The narrative would have highlighted the potential consequences of suppressing or mishandling grief and trauma, as they can manifest in dark and vengeful ways.


Overall, the final revelations in Marui Video paint a chilling portrait of how the past can haunt the present and the dire consequences that may await those who delve too deep into the mysteries of the supernatural realm. While the film captivates audiences with its suspenseful storyline and intriguing plot, the ending could benefit from more depth and explanation. The resolution of the story yearns for deeper understanding and exploration of the intricacies that surround the characters and their fates. Additionally, expanding upon the ending could have provided greater insight into the psychological and emotional aspects of the characters’ experiences.

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