‘Marry My Husband’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did Ji-Won Plan?

The ninth episode of the Korean drama Marry My Husband brings out the aspect of role reversal. Ji-won was intent on making Su-Min take her position, as she had suffered as Min-hwan’s partner in the past. Su-Min would, however, go to any length to prove her loyalty to Ji-won. Su-Min’s dual personality, however, comes out when she repeatedly approaches Min-hwan for physical intimacy. Min-hwan, however, tries his best to get married to Ji-won, as he thinks that she has a very submissive character. He was, however, proven wrong during her interaction with his family! Will Ji-won be able to get rid of Min-hwan? What will happen at the family dinner? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens At Ji-Won’s Birthday Party?

It was revealed that it was Ji-Hyeok who had paid to arrange for Ji-won’s birthday. He told Min-hwan that he did not have to worry about the expenses, as he would arrange everything as Ji-won had been wrongly mistreated by her manager. Min-hwan immediately jumped at the offer, as he was broke after his failed financial quests.


When Min-hwan proposed to Ji-won on her birthday, she said yes. The closeness that Min-hwan was sharing with Ji-won was bothering Su-Min, so she decided to do something to get his attention. She told Ji-won that she would jump in the water and commit suicide if she did not treat her like before. Later, she really did jump into the water, and when Ji-won saw that, she jumped in to save her. The two women struggled underwater, but Ji-won finally managed to save her.

Later, Su-Min was also seen sneaking into Min-hwan’s bed, and she told him that she was happy that Ji-won had risked her life to save her, and now he would have to satisfy her lust. Her narcissistic ego was so high that she did not think twice about putting her own life at stake. She just wanted to make sure that she attracted an ample amount of attention.


Later, Ji-won told Ji-Hyeok that she had seen Su-Min smiling underwater. It is possible that she had been smiling at the thought that Ji-Won still doted upon her as a friend. She told Ji-Hyeok that in this birth, she had come to see a completely different side of Su-Min that she had failed to see in her previous birth. However, the new experiences that she was having helped her grow much stronger over time!

What Did Ji-Won Plan?

After her engagement, Ji-won showed off her engagement ring in the office to let everyone know that she and Min-hwan were about to get married. She was planning to reveal Min-hwan’s real face in the office and then dump him. She told Ji-Hyeok that she would extort Min-hwan for the final time and then call the wedding off. Later, Ji-won told Min-hwan in front of her other colleagues that he had to buy her new clothes before going to meet his parents. She also asked Su-Min to buy her new shoes as a present for her engagement. Su-Min got her a pair of red shoes that belonged to her in the past. The change in the ownership of shoes signified a shift in roles. In the past, Su-Min had asked Ji-won to buy her those red shoes, but this time she was the one buying those shoes for Ji-won. Su-Min also offered to pay for a cooking course for Ji-won. She told her that since Ji-won did not know how to cook, the lesson would be useful to her now that she was about to get married. Ji-won agreed to go to the cooking class with Su-Min.


What Happened At The Cooking Class?

Ji-won and Su-Min went to the cooking class together, where Ji-won met Kim Ja-ok (Min-hwan’s mother). She had expected to meet her there, as even in her previous life, she had met Mrs. Kim in that same cooking class. When Ji-won entered the class, Mrs. Kim got into a scuffle with her about the space that she was utilizing in the kitchen. Ji-won had intentionally tried to trigger Mrs. Kim in order to get her disapproval as her daughter-in-law.

After the cooking class, Ji-won took Min-hwan shopping. She bought expensive clothes to ensure that the bill would burn a hole in Min-hwan’s pocket! She remembered how, in her past life, Min-hwan had asked her not to buy cheap clothes online before going to meet his parents. This time, she ensured that she milked him for the first and final time.

Later, when Min-hwan saw that Eun-ho was calling Ji-won, he got very jealous and picked up the call. He told him that he had heard that he was an excellent chef and wanted to take his parents and Ji-won to his restaurant. He also asked him for a discount, which made Ji-won quite uncomfortable! She called Eun-ho later and apologized for Min-hwan’s behavior. However, Eun-ho told her that she was his first love and he would arrange a family dinner at his restaurant. He wanted to make sure that she had a good time with her future family.

What Happened During The Dinner?

During dinner, when Ji-won came in at the restaurant, Mrs. Kim was shocked to see her! She recognized her from the cooking class and was more amazed to see that Ji-won had dressed up like a punk for a family gathering. Mrs. Kim tried roasting her by saying that since she had lost her parents at a young age, she must not have received proper training at home. However, Ji-won told her that she had received good values from her father but was glad that her mother had died early as she was having an affair. She also told Mrs. Kim how she had used her son’s credit card to buy new clothes, which infuriated Mrs. Kim.


Mrs. Kim further told Ji-won that she would have to learn good manners if she had to marry her son. She told her that she would have to cook and clean the house and also have 3–4 kids. Mrs. Kim also said that she would take Ji-won for a health checkup to check if her uterus was in good shape. Upon hearing these, Ji-won said that she would leave her job just to manage the house properly! Mrs. Kim, however, was cross and told her that she would also have to make financial contributions to the house. When she further went on to say how Ji-won’s father hadn’t been able to bring up his daughter properly, she seemed to have an outburst! She called the wedding off, saying that Min-hwan was not a very desirable groom! When Min-hwan went to stop her while she was walking out of the place, she told him that she was breaking up with him. When he tried hurting her, she beat him up as she remembered the Judo lessons that Ji-Hyeok had given her.

What Will Happen Next?

The next episode is likely to showcase Min-hwan going crazy over his breakup with Ji-won. He is most likely to blame Su-Min for his breakup and would try to shoo her out of his life. Ji-won is also likely to reveal the secret relationship between Min-hwan and Su-Min in front of the entire office. There is also a possibility for a love relationship to blossom between Ms. Yang and Mr. Lee, as in this episode we saw him helping her reach home quickly to her daughter by giving her a lift. A slow development of feelings is likely to happen between both characters eventually. The next episode of Marry My Husband holds a lot in store for us!


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