‘Marry My Husband’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Did Min-Hwan Propose To Ji-Won?

The eighth episode of Marry My Husband brings out several twists in the series’ plot. Su-Min will get into a full-fledged affair with Min-hwan, which will eventually be fueled by Ji-won. However, Ji-won will see her plan failing when Min-hwan will ask her to marry him, even after cheating on her with Su-Min. Ji-won would come up with certain strategies to make sure that she would not have to marry the person she despised so much. Would Ji-won be successful in her endeavors? What fuels Su-Min’s jealousy towards Ji-won? Would she try to disrupt Ji-won’s marriage? Let’s find out through the recap of Marry My Husband episode 8.


Spoilers Ahead

What happened in the camp?

Su-Min and Min-hwan were seen to grow significantly closer during the camp, as pre-planned by Ji-won. She had flashbacks of how, in the past, Min-hwan had borrowed money from her to buy her an expensive necklace. She saw Su-Min wearing the same necklace this time and realized that Min-hwan had gifted her that. Later, during the match, when Su-Min tried to snatch the flag from Ji-won to win the game, she refused to give it to her. They were seen getting into an altercation for not letting Su-Min win the game. Ji-won told her that she could not let her take everything away from her and let her win all the time.


It was announced that the winner of the game would sleep in a camper, whereas the others would sleep in sleeping bags. When Ji-won got the chance to sleep in the camper, Su-Min was furious. She confronted Ji-won about having to sleep in the cold and then was told off. Ji-won told Su-Min that she had started hating her as she was very whiny and always tried to get the things that she wanted. Ji-won told her that she could not keep yielding to her forever.

How did Su-Min plan to get her revenge?

After Ji-won gave Su-Min a taste of her own medicine at the camp, she tried to take revenge on her. She planned to seduce Min-hwan and get intimate with him so that she could snatch him away from her. Little did she know that this was exactly what Ji-won had planned! Su-Min managed to seduce Min-hwan and share an intimate moment with him. When Ji-won saw it from a distance, she initially felt bad but later realized that this moment was what she was waiting for. The next day, when Min-hwan blamed Ji-won for having slept in the camper alone while he was sleeping in a sleeping bag, she told him that she went to give him hand warmers but didn’t find him there. He gave her excuses and said that he must have gone to the bathroom at that time. 


Why was Su-Min jealous?

After sharing an intimate moment with Su-Min, Min-hwan asked her to remain quiet about the incident. This seemed to push Su-Min a bit over the edge, and she started getting possessive about Min-hwan. She wanted him to choose her over Ji-won, but when that did not happen, she devised numerous ways to seduce him. She was extremely jealous of Ji-won and was hell-bent on snatching Min-hwan away from her. When Su-Min saw Min-hwan giving Ji-won more attention even after that night, she felt that he was using her as a side chick and was not taking her seriously. The kind of person Su-Min was, it is possible that her obsession with hurting Ji-won would drive her to the extent of trying all means to get married to Min-hwan, as she thought he was the closest person she had.

What Happened at the Office?

At the office, Su-Min gave Ji-won a card, stating how much she loved her and also asking her for her forgiveness. Meanwhile, she also seduced Min-hwan in the office while they went to the food testing event together. She gave him notes where she gave him hints that she wanted to get physically intimate with him. She later took Min-hwan to the store room, and right before she was going to seduce him, she asked him to leave Ji-won for her. He, however, refused her offer and told her that he would keep both friends happy.


While they were busy conversing in the storeroom, a man fell sick after tasting a food product, as he was allergic to pine nuts. Min-hwan and Su-Min were summoned, and the old couple told them that there was no board for the allergen signs near the stalls. The man was immediately taken to the hospital, and Min-hwan decided to pay them off so that they would not reveal anything to their higher authorities.

When Su-Min asked him where he was getting so much money to pay off everyone so easily, he said that his stocks were giving him good monetary returns. Just as he said this, he got to know that the stocks of TKU had crashed, as its owner had fled overseas after a political issue. Min-hwan lost all his economic backing as he had invested in buying stocks in TKU after taking credit and a private loan. Ji-won had ensured that he’d be ruined financially, by advising him to buy shares in the wrong companies!

Why did Min-hwan propose to Ji-won for marriage?

Min Hwan asked Su-Min to keep her mouth shut about the intimate moments that they had had at the camp. When Su-Min realized that Min-hwan was not considering her for marriage, she tried blackmailing him. Meanwhile, Min-hwan was seen taking Ji-won out on a date and proposing to her. He was in need of her money, as he had lost all his own savings. Ji-won knew that she had to get rid of Min-hwan, as she had flashbacks of her past life, of how he had first robbed her of her money and then of her life. He had been responsible for putting her in a huge debt of half a million previously. She also complained to Ji-Hyeok about her immature life choices in her previous life. She, however, told Ji-Hyeok that she had different plans to get rid of Min-hwan this time!

Later, Min-hwan was seen making an official proposal for marriage to Ji-won on her birthday. He gave her a false ring and wanted to make sure that she did not find out that it was not original. Su-Min thought to herself that she would not let Min-hwan get married to Ji-won so easily. This was absolutely what Ji-won had wanted! She wanted Su-Min to try her level best to make sure that Ji-won wouldn’t end up with Min-hwan. Ji-won wanted Su-Min to be so jealous of her that she would do anything to stop their marriage!


What To Expect Next?

There is a possibility that in Marry My Husband episode 9, Su-min will be seen getting more obsessed with Min-hwan. She will try to seduce him further because that is the best way she knows to steal someone’s man. She will also try blackmailing Min-hwan further when he doesn’t want to give up on his relationship with Ji-won, as he thinks that she is the best wife material that he could ever get. It is likely that Ji-won will try her best to dissuade Min-hwan from marrying her in the next episode.

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