‘Marry My Husband’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened At The Workshop?

The uncertainties that the Korean drama Marry My Husband brings out keep us hooked. The 7th episode of the drama showcases the free-flowing hearts of the protagonists. Finally, they manage to open up to each other about their previous lives. The uncertainty of life is a major theme that has been experimented with, particularly in this episode. Even through all the ongoing events, Ji-Hyeok’s care for Ji-won remains the same. He makes sure that he is able to protect Ji-won in this life, now that he has seen the future! Some questions may arise after watching this episode: What did Ji-Hyeok’s tattoo signify? Why did Ji-Hyeok meet Eun-ho often? What happened at the office workshop? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Did The Tattoo On Ji-Hyeok’s Body Signify?

We noticed that a heart-shaped tattoo had appeared on Ji-Hyeok’s body after he had started living his second life. While he was returning from Ji-won’s funeral in his past life, he found that his car had stopped functioning. He took a cab back home, and while returning, the cab driver told him that he looked like he had lost someone precious. He had expressed his feelings about Ji-won to him and how he would give up his own life to save hers. It was revealed that the driver was Ji-won’s father, who had already died a long time ago. He had come back to take Ji-Hyoek’s life so that he could travel to the next life and ensure that his daughter would lead a longer and healthier life there. Whenever Ji-won’s father used to give her any allowance, he used to draw a small heart on it. He had also given Ji-Hyeok’s life to his daughter as an allowance, and hence, when he was reborn, a heart-shaped tattoo appeared on his body. Later, when Ji-Hyeok told Ji-won to cut all her ties with Su-Min and Min-hwan, she told him that she couldn’t avoid the inevitable and that someone else had to be hurt in her place. She had to give her doomed fate to someone so that she could survive. It is quite evident that Ji-Hyeok wouldn’t think twice about taking away her physical pain and letting her live a longer life if such a situation came.


What Was Mr. Lee’s Motive?

Ji-Hyeok’s grandfather thought that he was having an office affair and, hence, was not thinking about what was best for the office. He thought that he was giving the meal kit project to Ji-won as he was engaged in a relationship with her. Therefore, he sent Mr. Lee as the new head of strategic planning to the office. He told Ji-Hyeok that his affair with Ji-won would be investigated, and if they came clean about it, then the project could be handed to her. He further added that until the results came out, Ms. Yang would be in charge of the team. Mr. Lee wanted to make sure that the interests of the office were not hampered as a result of personal preferences towards some employees.

How Did Ji-Won Try To Harass Min-Hwan?

When the Roijental stocks flew high, Min-hwan accused Ji-won and told her that he had sold off the stocks because of her. She had advised him to sell off the stocks, as she knew that the price of the company’s stocks would skyrocket later on. However, Su-Min found out that Ji-won had bought stocks from Roijental and thought that she was sly enough to hide them from Mi-hwan. Su-Min also bought stocks of Roijental without informing anyone about it, as she believed Ji-won’s insights on the stock market.


Later, when Min-hwan asked for the money that he had given Ji-won after selling his previous stocks, she lied to him and said that she had invested it in insurance. He lashed out at her and told her that it was stupid of her to invest in insurance, as they were scams the majority of the time. She later told Min-hwan that he could recover his money if he didn’t sell his stocks in RKU, as its share prices would go up. She, however, knew that the stock price of RKU would crash soon. She wanted to make sure that she ruined Min-hwan financially!

Why Did Ji-Hyeok Visit Eun-Ho?

Ji-won decided to go on an outing with Min-hwan and Su-Min, just to ensure that they got closer. While they were seen enjoying their time together, Ji-won lied to them that she had important work and left. Meanwhile, just to kill some time, Ji-won decided to meet Eun-ho. He gave her flowers, and Ji-Hyeok saw them together. Ji-Hyeok would then often go to meet Eun-ho at his restaurant just to ensure that he was not just fooling around with Ji-won. He wanted to make sure that Eun-ho would take care of her even if he was gone in the future. He would often go to meet Eun-ho and drink a lot, and once when he passed out, Hui-yeon came to take him to the restaurant. When she met Eun-ho, she praised him, saying that Ji-won had made her taste the food that he made. It is possible that a spark will be seen between Eun-ho and Hui-yeon in the future.


What Happened At The Workshop?

A marketing workshop was held at the office to enhance teamwork. Hui-yeon was approached to prepare for the workshop, and many games were arranged there. A treasure hunt was also arranged, where Su-min cheated and won the competition. Ji-won visualizes the entire scenario from her past life, where Su-Min manipulated Min-hwan to win the game. However, this time Ji-won decided that she would not let Su-Min win.

When Ji-won came across Ji-Hyeok, she told him that he was the only one who could understand her true emotions. He showed her the heart that was there on his body, and she realized that her father had played a part in sending him into her life as an allowance. He asked her to use him in any way that she wanted. Later, when Ji-won dove into the water to find the hidden treasure, she mistakenly went to the deeper side of the water body. Ji-Hyeok managed to save her and told her that she should ask for his help rather than take up all the risks herself. Ji-won refused, saying that she could not take advantage of men like Su-Min just to win all the races in her life. Ji-Hyeok told her that he wanted to give her the stability that she had never gotten in her past life.

What To Expect Next?

The next episode is likely to take several sharp turns! Su-Min and Min-hwan would probably not be able to control their feelings and engage in a full-fledged affair. Min-hwan is likely to hide it from Ji-won, but she would somehow get to know about it. Will Ji-won finally be able to pass on her ominous fate to Min-hwan? It is likely that Min-hwan would not easily give up on a wife material like Ji-won for a mistress like Su-Min. Ji-Hyeok will, however, not give up on his endeavors to try to protect Ji-won from all the perils and ensure that she has a good future.

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