‘Marry My Husband’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Ji-Won Fight Back?

The sixth episode of Marry My Husband points to several significant events that are to happen eventually. The relationship between Su-Min and Min-hwan gets deeper, signifying that they will eventually come close. Ji-won is seen sorting her career while giving a taste of his own medicine to Mr. Kim. She ensures that she uses Director Wang Heung-in unknowingly to make a public announcement in her favor. There is a great revelation between Ji-won and Ji-Hyeok: they both belong to the future! Will Ji-won and Ji-Hyeok be able to accept each other’s truths? Will Ji-won be able to gain back her position in the office? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Chemistry Was Seen Between Su-Min And Min-Hwan?

When Min-hwan was beaten up by Ji-Hyeok for having assaulted Ji-won, he immediately called Su-Min. Before going to meet Min-hwan, Su-Min was seen applying makeup to her face, indicating that she wanted to impress him. It was evident that she had started liking him and wanted to snatch him away from Ji-won. After they met, Min-hwan broke down in front of her and got really close to her. She kissed him on purpose to provoke him further. When they arrived at the office the next day, Ji-won could tell from their expressions that something was going on between them. Meanwhile, Ji-won had thought that Min-hwan would break up with her for the incident, but to her amazement, he didn’t. He thought to himself that he wouldn’t get better marriage material than Ji-won. Just to fuel the fire between Min-hwan and Su-min, Ji-won told them that they should go out to get a meal together as she would be busy for the day. She also gave Min-hwan her credit card to make the payment for the food from there. Min-hwan took Su-Min out to a very expensive restaurant just to impress her. It was evident that, on the one hand, Min-hwan was looking at Ji-won as a marriage prospect and was enjoying Su-Min’s companionship. It seems as if he wanted to have the best of both worlds!


How Did Ji-Hyeok Show His Concern For Ji-Won?

After dropping Ji-won home, Ji-Hyeok passed out. When Ji-won took him to the hospital, the doctor told them that it had happened due to excessive stress. It was evident that he was stressing over Ji-won’s safety. Later, Ji-Hyeok revealed his feelings to Ji-Won again and asked her to think things through. Ji-Hyeok was also seen getting jealous when Eun-Ho came to meet Ji-Won outside her office and offered her food. Ji-Hyeok wanted to ensure Ji-won’s safety, and therefore he confronted Min-hwan. He told him that he had banned dating someone in the office. He asked him to break up with Ji-won. He confessed to Min-hwan that he had feelings for Ji-won. He also assaulted him physically for having assaulted Ji-won the previous night and asked him to stay away from her. He was so worried that some peril might come over her that he took her to take Judo classes with him. He wanted to make sure that she could defend herself if necessary. 

What Did Mr. Kim Plan?

Mr. Kim called in a meeting with Ji-won and Ms. Yang about the proposal. He told them that Director Wang Heung was his father-in-law’s cousin, and they would have to work extra hard to impress him. He told Ji-won that if she gave her best, then he would give her credit for the proposal that he had made. This infuriated her, as she knew that Mr. Kang was trying to take all the credit for her proposal. When she did not agree with Mr. Kim’s ideas for the proposal, he threatened to throw her out of the project. She later redid the meal-kit proposal at the office but Mr. Kim told her there was no space for her name on the proposal anymore as he had already fit Ms. Yang and Su-Min in it. He also told her that the proposal was originally his idea and that Ji-won had planned to get a credit card unnecessarily. Later, Ji-won told Hui-Yeon that Mr. Kim had underestimated her worth and that she was soon to flip him over!


How Did Ji-Won Fight Back?

When Ms. Yang asked Ji-won for the marketing strategy that she had prepared for the project, she immediately gave them a brilliant idea. She told them that she wanted them to promote the product using Director Wang’s name. She wanted to use him as a brand ambassador for the product. After Director Wang saw how well the goods were selling with his face as a representation of the brand, he was very happy with Mr. Kim. He summoned him and asked him whose idea it was to make him the face for the product. Mr. Kim took all the credit, saying that it was all his idea.

Ji-won had known that Director Wang would be taking a business trip the next day and planned something that would ruin Mr. Kim’s career. While the director was on the flight, Ji-won called him and infuriated him, saying the meal-kit proposal was her idea. She threatened him that she would complain about her credit being stolen. He was so infuriated by the call that he started misbehaving with the cabin crew. He physically assaulted the crew members, and another passenger made a video of it, immediately making it go viral. The incident was called the Mole Director incident, and he was arrested for it. Later, the director was dismissed from his post, and it was announced on social media platforms that the products of U&K that endorsed the director would be discontinued. The media channels also highlighted the director’s words to Mr. Kim on the phone: “Tear Kang Ji-won to pieces.” This incident brought to light that Ji-won was the actual mind behind the proposal. Ji-Hyeok promised Ji-won that he would punish Mr. Kim for his actions. Through this plan, Ji-won also ensured that Su-Min would not be able to acquire a permanent position in her office!


How Were Ji-Won And Ji-Hyeok’s Realities Exposed?

The reality that Ji-won and Ji-hyeok belonged to the future was eventually exposed to them. When Ji-won was spending some lonely time on the terrace, listening to some songs, Ji-Hyeok approached her. She told him that she was listening to BTS and said that she liked their song ‘Dynamite.’ Ji-Hyeok also told her that his favorite was Spring Day. After a while, they both realized that the songs that they liked had not been released yet. Dynamite was released in 2020, and Spring Day was released in 2017, whereas the current year that they were both living in was 2013. They both realized at the same time that they had been transported from a parallel universe to the present world in the same physical form!

What To Expect Next?

The next episode is likely to bring out a detailed confrontation about the realities between Ji-won and Ji-Hyeok. The next episode is also likely to bring on more evil plans by Su-Min to make sure that she can demean Ji-won. However, Ji-Hyeok will continue to safeguard her against all evil eyes. He will also get possessive when someone else tries to approach her but won’t show his vulnerable side to her. There is a possibility that Ji-Hyeok’s possessiveness would lead him to get into a serious feud with Eun-Ho. There are a lot of revelations and a sharp turn of events that we are likely to experience in the next episode!


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