‘Marry My Husband’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Ji-Won React To Ji-Hyeok’s Confession?

The fifth episode of Marry My Husband is full of fluttery romance and revelations of love. After Eun-ho had talked about his feelings to Ji-won, she turned him down, saying she had a boyfriend. Ji-Hyeok is also turned down by Ji-won after he confesses his feelings for her. Meanwhile, Ji-won’s so-called best friend Su-Min has been devising strategies throughout to make sure that she feels humiliated. Will Ji-won ever find her true love or will she end up with Min-hwan? Will Su-Min succeed in her evil plans? Will common love interests raise conflicts? Let’s find the answers to these questions!

Spoilers Ahead

What Happened Between Ji-Won And Ji-Hyeok In The Past?

We are taken back in time to when Ji-won and Ji-Hyeok were both students. One day, while returning home alone after a lot of drinks, Ji-won bumped into Ji-Hyeok. He could not leave her alone on the street out of concern for her safety. After he had gained her trust, they went to sit in a park, where they shared their life stories with each other. She told him that she had lost her father three months ago and that she just had a breakup. She also shared that she had one close friend, Su-Min, and that she always felt inferior to her as she was a lot more attractive. Ji-Hyeok told her that if her closest friend made her look like a loser, then probably she shouldn’t be friends with her. He also shared with her how his father had remarried after his mother’s death and how sad he was about it! While talking, they slept in the park, and the next morning, when Ji-Hyeok woke up, he saw that Ji-won had left.

Ji-Hyeok regularly followed Ji-won and found her feeding a stray kitten. He secretly admired her purity of heart and even helped her take care of the kitten by building it a small house to keep it safe from the snow. Many years later, when Ji-Hyeok finally had his own company, he saw that Ji-Won had come to work there. He immediately recognized her, but she failed to recognize him. Therefore, we can conclude that Ji-Hyeok’s feelings date back to a long time ago, when they were just students, and he did not suddenly develop feelings for her at the office.

What Happened At The Office?

After Ji-won asked Ji-Hyeok to change his dressing style, he changed his attire and came to the office. He was trying his level best to impress the woman he had been after for such a long time. After seeing Ji-won and Ji-Hyeok’s closeness, Min-hwan started guessing that something was going on between them. When he confronted her about it, Ji-won said that he was just misunderstanding the situation. Meanwhile, Ji-Hyeok was seen buying stocks in Roijental, as he knew beforehand that the stock values would increase in the market.

While Ji-won and her friends were talking about the meal kit proposal, Su-Min popped in and started discussing how she was her only friend. She also told the others that she would visit Ji-won in Seoul even though she studied at Busan School. Su-Min was just trying to take advantage of Ji-won to become a full-time employee at the office. When Su-Min asked Ji-won for her proposal, she refused to give it to her. Later, Ji-won learned that Kim Gyeong-uk had stolen her proposal and added Su-Min’s name to it to help her gain leverage in the office. He called in Ji-won and told her that her proposal was overlapping with his own, and therefore she should step out of the task.

What Happened After Ji-Won Went To Meet Eun-Ho?

Ji-won went to meet Eun-ho to clear out some of the doubts that she had for a long time. She asked him to show her the letter that he thought she had written to him in high school. When she opened the letter, she saw that someone had written obnoxious things to Eun-ho on her behalf. She told him that she did not write it or intend to turn down his proposal in high school. She realized that it was Su-Min who had copied her handwriting and written that letter to him on purpose to ensure that they did not end up together.

Later, when Eun-ho confessed his feelings for Ji-won, she told him that she already had a boyfriend. He asked if her boyfriend wore glasses and had a classic style. Eun-ho told him that the man had approached him to go to the reunion and seemed to be quite concerned about Ji-won. She immediately thought of Ji-Hyeok when Eun-ho gave the description and thought to herself as to how Ji-Hyeok had so much information about her. Meanwhile, when Eun-ho and Ji-won were talking, Ji-Hyeok noticed them together, thinking that maybe something was going on between them, and decided to follow her.

How Did Min-Hwan React To Ji-Won’s Aloofness?

Min-hwan wanted to take Ji-won out on a date and was worried when he couldn’t get through on her phone. He called Su-min for Ji-won’s update and was told that Ji-won had gone out with someone on a date. Su-Min also let Min-hwan know that even Ji-won’s mother had an affair, making him think that she would also turn out to be like her mother. After he learned that Ji-won had gone out with someone, he became suspicious of her and started following her, as she was avoiding his calls. When he came face-to-face with Ji-won, he asked her what she was up to. He also told her that “an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” making Ji-won realize that Su-Min must have told him about her mother’s affair. While Min-hwan was physically abusing Ji-won for not maintaining transparency with him, Ji-Hyeok came in to save her and beat him up. After escaping the scenario, he called up Su-Min. He was probably planning to plot something with her to teach Ji-won a lesson.

How Did Ji-Won React To Ji-Hyeok’s Confession?

After Ji-Hyeok confessed to Ji-won that he liked her a lot, she tried turning him down by telling him that his feelings made her uncomfortable. She told him how wrong he was in trying to cheat on his girlfriend, Hui-Yeon. Ji-Hyeok was amused at the confusion that Ji-Won was in about him being in a relationship with Hui-Yeon. He revealed to her that Hui-Yeon was his sister, making Ji-won feel ashamed for telling him that she was his girlfriend. After Ji-Hyeok had dropped her home, he suddenly collapsed. It is possible that he had some terminal illness that he was hiding from everyone.

What Will Happen In The Next Episode?

The next episode is sure to be full of a lot of new thrills, adding more depth to the plot of the series Marry My Husband. It is likely that Ji-Hyeok would get into an open fight with Min-hwan, as he was worried that he might hurt Ji-won. The conflicts are going to become more intense as three men, Eun-ho, Min-hwan, and Ji-Hyeok, get into a fight to win over Ji-won. She would be spoiled for options! The preview of the next episode showed Min-hwan getting closer to Su-Min after being shooed away by Ji-won. It is likely that Min-hwan and Su-Min will now plot something ominous together against Ji-won. We would also see Ji-Hyeok teaching Ji-Won some self-defense skills to prepare her for a situation where she might have to fight for her life. He was probably preparing her for such a scenario beforehand, as he had seen the future and knew what would befall her if she chose to stay with Min-hwan.

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