‘Marry My Husband’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Was Ji-Hyeok Living A Second Life?

The 4th episode of Marry My Husband brings out a lot of new twists in the series. The obsessive love that Ji-Hyeok has for Ji-Won rings through the episode. He is keen on safeguarding her, as he has also been living his second life and does not want to lose her this time. He regretted not having done his best to express his love and save Ji-won last time. There are, however, certain miscommunications that arise in the series when Ji-won misinterprets Ji-Hyeok and Hui-yeon’s relationship. She also consciously avoids Min-hwan and Su-Min so that some chemistry might form between them and they end up getting married.


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How Does Ji-Hyeok Express His Feelings?

When Ji-hyeok saw Eun-ho trying to pursue Ji-won, he became possessive and called her. He told her that he wanted to discuss something very important with her. When she went there, he told her that he had called her to discuss the shift of marketing expenses online and an increase in online marketing. He told her that the board was not agreeing to it, and hence he wanted her opinion and support for it. He praised Ji-won in front of Wang Heung-in, the ’Mole” executive of U&K, when he tried to undermine her capabilities.


After the meeting was over, he also asked her if she was interested in going out to have a meal with him, and she agreed. They exchanged many of their opinions on several things, and it became quite evident that the feelings were mutual. When Ji-Hyeok gave her a few compliments, she told him that he should stop wearing glasses and wear contact lenses instead. When she told him that she wanted to learn a self-defense mechanism, he told her that he would teach her. He was later seen practicing self-defense skills with friends to ensure that he could teach Ji-won. He was also seen changing his style just to impress Ji-won and win her over. She had also mentioned the meal-kit proposal to him, and he assured her that he would look into it.

What Happened To Su-Min?

After the batchmates got to know Su-Min’s real face, they humiliated her, saying that she had always tried to demean Ji-won. On coming back from the washroom, she saw that all her friends had already left without informing her. When Min-hwan saw Su-Min sitting in the middle of the road, he took her along with him. He tried to enter Ji-won’s apartment, but he saw that she had changed the passcode. When he and Su-Min tried calling Ji-won, she ignored their calls. Min-hwan then decided to take Su-Min to eat, and there she was ranting  about how Ji-won had become distant from her. Later, however, when Su-Min confronted Ji-won about the misunderstanding at the reunion, she seemed to agree with her points. Ji-won told her that Eun-ho was now showing interest in her and that she would meet him soon. Su-Min was tense, as she was the one who had intentionally created a distance between Eun-ho and Ji-won during school days.


What Chemistry Was Formed Between Eun-Ho And Ji-Won?

Eun-ho tried to approach Ji-won again after he saw her at the reunion. They exchanged numbers after the party, and when he called her, many secrets were unveiled. He told Ji-won that he was upset with her because she had rejected him in school. He also told her that he had put in a lot of effort to write her a love letter. Ji-won realized that, being a mediator, Su-Min had played a game in between. She did not hand over Eun-ho’s love letter to her and had written a fake rejection letter from Ji-won to Eun-ho. She realized that it was Su-Min who was responsible for the fact that her love story with Eun-ho was incomplete, which only aggravated her anger.

What Happened At The Office?

When Ji-won went to the office, many people said that she looked pretty in her new attire. While all the eyes were on her, Ji-Hyeok got insecure and criticized her outfit, saying that it was not suitable for a workspace. Min-hwan seemed to be baffled by her new appearance and tried to pursue her even though she kept ignoring him. He told her that he was suspicious that Ji-Hyeok had developed feelings for her. When he tried to get too close to Ji-won, she intentionally dropped coffee on him.


When Su-Min approached her at work, she told her that she would soon meet Eun-ho. She tried to dissuade her by saying that Min-hwan wouldn’t approve of it. Ji-won told Su-Min that Min-hwan was open-minded and wouldn’t mind it. She also told Su-Min that since his stocks did well, he was in a very good mood and would allow her anything. Telling her about his stock wins was intentional. It was to make sure that Su-Min would get interested in him.  

What Misconception Did Ji-Won Have About Ji-Hyeok?

After work, as Ji-won was waiting for a cab, she saw Hui-yeon with Ji-Hyeok. She saw that he had shopping bags in his hands and realized that he had taken her shopping. She misunderstood the entire scenario and thought that Hui-yeon was in a secret relationship with Ji-Hyeok. She had also heard rumors about her in her previous office. She had been transferred from that branch because she was having an affair with a high-ranking official there. However, it was later revealed that Ji-Hyeok and Hui-yeon were actually cousins when she went to meet Ji-Hyeok’s grandfather and also referred to him as her grandfather.

Was Ji-Hyeok Living A Second Life?

Ji-Hyeok knew everything about the future and was seen contemplating telling Ji-won that she would be betrayed by Min-hwan and Su-Min. It is revealed in this episode that Ji-Hyeok has also been living his second chance at life. In the past, when Ji-won had lost her life, he regretted not being able to do anything for her. Eventually, after Ji-won’s death, Su-min and Min-hwan were arrested on charges of her murder. While Ji-Hyeok was returning home with the burden of not being able to help Ji-won in any way, he met with a fatal accident and lost his life. He was, however, given a second chance at life, just like Ji-won. This time Ji-Hyeok wanted to make sure that Ji-won was kept safe from all the perils, and hence he had become overly protective of her.

Final Words

It is evident that Ji-Hyeok had been in love with Ji-won since his previous life but had not been able to express anything to her. This time, he wanted to make the most of the second opportunity that life hurled at him. He did not want to let go of Ji-won’s hand this time. There is also a connection between the heart drawn from the allowance that Ji-won’s father used to give her and the heart that appeared on Ji-Hyeok’s chest when he started living his second life. It is probable that in an attempt to keep Ji-won safe, Ji-Hyeok would get into an open conflict with Min-hyuk and Su-Min. He would go to any extent to keep her safe! The humiliation that Su-Min faces in this episode has been a relief for the audience. Ji-won was able to give her a taste of her own medicine, as she was already aware of her ill motives. It is possible that Ji-won and Eun-ho will confront her about her misdeeds in school in the next episode.


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