‘Marry My Husband’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened At Goseuljung?

The third episode of Marry My Husband has been quite eventful! Ji-hyeok has been trying his level best to safeguard Ji-won from all the traps set by Su-min. There is a possibility that the incomplete love story from her past life will gain meaning in Ji-won’s life. This episode also highlights Ji-won’s epic transformation. She would also ensure that the mistakes that she had committed in her past life would not be repeated again. Will Ji-won be able to make sure that she shows Su-Min’s real face to everyone? What happened at Goseuljung? Let’s find the answers to these questions!


Spoilers Ahead

What Were Su-Min’s Plans?

Su-Min had been demeaning Ji-won ever since their school days to make sure that everyone else would favor her over Ji-won. She always had her eyes on Min-hwan and wanted to seek his attention all the time, and she would even go as far as to intentionally misguide Ji-won with the wrong fashion tips all the time. Su-Min could not give up on her old habits of demeaning Ji-won, so she bought her a rip-off of an earring from a famous fashion brand. She wanted Su-Min to wear those to the reunion so that she would make a fool of herself in front of others. She wanted to make sure that Ji-won would be insulted at the reunion. 


Su-Min wanted to get a permanent position in Ji-won’s company, and hence, she wanted to change-up Ji-won’s office proposal and present it to the manager. This would give her leverage and make her a permanent employee of the company. Ji-won, however, refused to make any amends to her proposal, as she knew what would happen next. Su-Min did not hesitate to approach the manager, Gyeong-uk, and get him to do her personal favors. Su-Min wanted to invade Ji-won’s personal space and intrude in her personal and professional spheres.

How Did Hui-Yeon Help Ji-Won Transform Her Appearance?

Hui-yeon did not forget the favor that Ji-won had once done to her. Ji-won decided to meet Hui-yeon on the weekend to catch up with her so that they could get to know each other better. When she told Hui-yeon about the reunion and showed her the earrings given by Su-Min, she immediately recognized it to be a cheap knock-off. Ji-won also told Hui-yeon that she was not sure if she would go to the reunion as she was not on good terms with her friends, and they bullied her. Hui-yeon advised her to find out the exact reason why her batchmates hated her so much. She took Ji-won to get a makeover that would impress all her friends at the reunion. She also told her to wear her own authentic earrings to the party so that she could turn heads. One act of kindness by Ji-won had caused her to garner a true friend. This time, she did not make the same mistake of sticking only to Su-Min as a friend. She made sure that she had a bigger circle this time so that she could get their insights into critical matters.


What Happened At Goseuljung?

After Ji-won reached Goseuljung, her batchmates were stunned by her appearance. They saw that she had undergone an amazing transformation. Su-Min had thought that she would come unprepared at the reunion, as she had lied to her, saying that only the two of them would go for lunch. She did not expect her to deck herself up so much. This time, however, Ji-won was prepared, as she had already faced humiliation at the reunion in her past life. She had dolled-up and gone all prepped just to ensure that she would not be targeted. When Ji-won went to the lavatory, she could hear the other girls talk ill about her from a distance. She came out and tried to confront them, asking them why they hated her. They told her that Su-Min was extremely kind to her, even after she stole her boyfriend, Min-hwan. They also told her that it was Su-Min who had helped her get a job in her company, yet she chose to backstab her. Ji-won clarified their doubts by showing them her card as a manager in the company, and she told them that it was she who had referred Su-Min as a part-time employee in the company. She also told them that Min-hwan had never been with Su-Min and that he was her boyfriend. Later, they also accused her of stealing Su-Min’s childhood love, Eun-ho, to which she said that she surely had a crush on him but was not aware that Su-Min was in a relationship with him. The revelations brought to the forefront how Su-Min, in the guise of a true friend, had backstabbed Ji-won over the years.

In What Ways Did Ji-Hyeok Try To Safeguard Ji-Won?

Ji-hyeok was already in love with Ji-won and was always looking out for her. When Min-hwan tried to force her to get physically intimate with him at her house, a delivery man arrived, saving the moment. Later, we got to know that Ji-hyeok was the one who had caused the misdelivery to make sure that Ji-won was safe. He also went to Eun-ho to make sure that he would go to Goseuljung for the reunion and reveal in front of everyone that he had never dated Su-Min. This would make sure that the batchmates would get to know that Su-Min had only been trying to frame Ji-won as a boyfriend snatcher. However, when Eun-ho saw Ji-won at the reunion, he couldn’t control his emotions and told her that he had had a crush on her since the school days. Meanwhile, Min-hwan is seen confronting his father about how much he liked a woman at his office, indicating Ji-won. This twist in the plot introduced a new love triangle in the series. There is a possibility that Ji-hyeok had also reincarnated just like Ji-won and wanted to make sure that no perils befell her in this life, as even he was pre-calculating the events from his past life in his mind.


What Will Happen In The Next Episode?

The next episode is likely to bring out a dramatic turn in Ji-won’s life. A conflict related to their common love interest may arise between Eun-ho and Ji-hyeok. There is also a possibility that Min-hwan will try to pursue Ji-won more after seeing her drastic transformation and lack of interest in him. Su-Min will also come up with her strategies to demean Ji-won further after an open conflict with her. Ji-won lacked confidence in her past life, but the way she has been able to completely change her personality this time is sure to bring about some positive changes in her life. We are left anticipating whether she would have to meet the same fate as she had already met previously. However, this time, she is sure about the consequences she might face if she ends up with Min-hwan, and hence, she is likely to make wise decisions. Knowing the real faces of the people around her would help her to consciously avoid them this time!

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