‘Marry My Husband’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: What Is Ji-Won’s Plan?

By the second episode of the series Marry My Husband, the protagonist, Kang Ji-won, had already started pre-calculating things. She was desperate for someone to steal her fate and wanted to ensure that it would be Su-Min who would do it. There are a lot of romantic twists that the course of events in this episode hints at. There are several questions that come to mind after watching the episode. Will Ji-won be able to make sure that Su-min and Min-hwan end up together? Will she be attracted to Ji-hyeok eventually? There are many possibilities in the plot of the series! Let’s find out what eventually happens.


Spoilers Ahead

Is There Already A Spark Between Ji-Won And Ji-Hyeok?

It is just the second episode of the series, and there is already a romantic tension that we see building up between Ji-won and Ji-hyeok. Ji-hyeok tries to safeguard her from her toxic manager and calls her to finish her coffee with him on the rooftop when the manager criticizes her for wasting her time. Ji-won also seems to be able to open up quite easily to him. She shows him the allowance money that her father had given her, with a hand-painted heart on it. She showed him her emotional vulnerabilities and was not afraid to do so. She also told him that she had been missing out on a lot of things in life and wanted to catch up on them. Just when Ji-hyeok was about to ask her out on a date during the weekend, Su-Min jumped in and told him that she would not be free as they both had some plans. Ji-hyeok’s interest is intrigued, and he is seen doing some background checks on Ji-won. He also went to the extent of meeting one of her batchmates, Baek Eun-ho, who was now a chef. It is possible that he was trying to dig up some truths about Ji-won. There are also chances that he was into her secretly. He must have never been able to tell her, which could have resulted in her eventually ending up with Min-hwan in her past life.


Why Does Ji-Won Ignore Su-Min And Min-Hwan?

Ji-won intentionally tries to avoid Min-hwan and Su-min because she does not want the same fate to befall her again. Min-hwan tried to talk to her and persuaded her to get intimate with him, but she was adamant. He was also seen getting jealous over Su-min and Ji-hyeok’s closeness. When she tried to break up with him, he did not listen to her and kept trying to woo her. Just when he was trying to get too close to her, Ms. Yang came over, disrupting Min-hwan’s intentions. In her previous life, Ji-won was also seen to endure Su-min’s bullying to a certain extent, as she thought that she was her only friend. This time she was aware of the tricks that Su-min used to sneakily play on her, as she was now aware of her motives. On one occasion, she remembered that Su-min had intentionally tripped her on the ground, spilling all the food on her. This time, Ji-won got revenge by intentionally tripping her and making her fall on Min-hwan, with food spilling all over him. She tried her level best to make sure that Su-min and Min-hwan came closer, and she kept praising Su-min before him. She also made sure that she kept herself engaged so that Su-min and Min-hwan could enjoy each other’s company. She wanted to pass on her ill fate to Su-min, as she was responsible for wrecking her marriage and causing her death in her previous life.

How Does Ji-Won Bond With Ms. Yang?

After Ms. Yang saw that Min-hwan was almost on the verge of forcing himself on Ji-won, she became concerned. Later, she told Su-min that physical intimacy by force was not something that she should encourage. It is possible that Ms. Yang had a sort of liking for Ji-won, which she could never express to her. Ji-won further bonded with her over a proposal that she had made. When she presented it to the manager, Mr. Kang, he severely criticized it. Later, she went up to Ms. Kang and told her that the proposal was good, but they could just change the designs of the leaflet and present the same ideas to Mr. Kang again. When they did so, they were surprised to find that Mr. Kang could not understand that the content of this proposal was completely similar to the previous one. Su-Min, however, takes notice of the incident and tries her luck at becoming a permanent employee in the office by asking the manager out on a date. It is possible that she would use Mr. Kang as a stepping stone in the company and would also let him know about Ji-won and Ms. Kang’s secret about the proposal when it would be suitable for her.


What Does Ji-Won Plan?

Ji-won is determined that she will somehow pair Su-min and Min-hwan. She wanted to divert his attention to her throughout the course of events. Su-min had planned to go to Goseuljung, a restaurant, along with Ji-won. However, Ji-won gathered from her previous experiences that she would take her to the gathering, which would result in the other classmates humiliating her publicly. She never bonded well with anyone in the classroom, despite knowing that Su-min had wanted to take her to the gathering so that she would be put to shame. She had also gifted her a fake pair of earrings so that she would wear them to the party and get herself called names. Ji-hyeok had observed that the earrings were fake and had warned her against wearing them. He had also warned her in the past, but back then she thought that he was just being rude. However, this time she could gather that his intentions were something different.

Ji-won was aware of the experiences that she would have and, hence, refused to go to the gathering. That is when Su-min told her that she would come to her house to pick her up. Meanwhile, Min-hwan had also been texting her that he would come down to her place to spend the night with her. She planned to make the two meet and never ended up home herself. She got alcohol from the store and thought that she would place it in her house before they reached to heighten their lechery. However, on reaching her house, she found that Min-hwan was already there at her place, while Su-min had just canceled her plans to go to her house. She was ultimately stuck in her own house along with Min-hwan, who was desperately trying to woo her.


Personal Opinion

There are a lot of events that have happened over a short time span. Marry My Husband has an interesting plot that has been strategically planned and placed in such a manner so as not to confuse the audience. The concept of the parallel universe and the time loop has been presented in a very simplistic manner for us to get a better understanding of the events. Ji-won’s intentions and innovation to take revenge on both Su-min and Min-hwan have been made clear. Her budding romance with Ji-hyeok is likely to be explored further in the next episode. There is also a probability that Ms. Yang would also take a romantic interest in Min-hwan over the next course of events. Su-min will likely be able to become more calculative with passing time, making her think of ways in which she can save her own life in the future.

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